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TikTok has quickly become extremely popular for people all over the world, and most users are content with only browsing and watching entertaining videos.
Those who want to go one step further and download these clips can try 4K Tokkit.
Basic, easy-to-understand GUI
The app comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to enter the hashtag or the username you want to find. Once you type the keyword, a list of relevant results is displayed, and you can choose the video that appeal to you the most.
Once you identified clips that match your criteria, they are automatically downloaded as MP4 files to the folder of your choosing. You can even mention if you would prefer the oldest or the newest videos to be grabbed first.
Moreover, you can set 4K Tokkit to run in the background whenever you close its main window, so it constantly monitors the contents published by your favorite accounts.
Doubles as a TikTok browser
Even though it automatically grabs whatever videos match your keywords, you can also use 4K Tokkit to browse and view clips on TikTok, as well as copy the link or the caption of a certain entry.
Additionally, you can share the most interesting videos on Facebook or Twitter (the corresponding credentials for each platform are required) so all your online buddies can enjoy them too.
In other words, you no longer need to access TikTok via your browser whenever you want to check if your favorite users have posted new contents, or if a trending hashtag got new corresponding videos.
In a nutshell, 4K Tokkit can be used not only by PC experts, but also computer novices, as it does not need any expert skills. You only need to enter a username or hashtag in the search field, then start browsing the results.







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2.Easy to use and familiar user interface
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Effective & Easy to use, you can download all your mp4 files to the app by just finding videos on TikTok with keywords or usernames.
This program is basically same like your ordinary TikTok browser by adding a search bar.
It allows you to search TikTok videos just like a regular search engine, but the latest videos are directly downloaded to the download files section of the app.
Also you can download any content on TikTok or download the whole database (about 20GB).
This is the best solution to download thousands of TikTok videos in a super easy and fast way and save them to your computer.
Key Feature of TikTok Downloader:
● Find & download video on TikTok
● Download videos of any specific usernames and keywords
● It comes with an effective & easy to use interface
● No need to search each video one by one
● Directly Download the most recent video to the Download files section of the app
● Easy to download tens of thousands of TikTok videos in the app
● Save the downloaded videos into multiple categories such as Movies, TV Series, Subtitles, Episodes, etc.
You can not download videos via browser, because it takes too long.
Besides, it will also save the downloaded TikTok videos.
Simply, the users can directly search the usernames or keywords, then click the ‘Download’ button to download the video directly to the Download files section.
● It comes with a directory, which allows you to save the downloaded videos into multiple categories such as Movies, TV Series, Subtitles, Episodes, etc.
● You can directly search the usernames or keywords, then click the ‘Download’ button to download the video directly to the Download files section.
● It comes with an effective and easy to use interface.
● The app allows you to download the most recent videos. You can download the latest TikTok videos and save them to the Download files.
【Download Package】
● MacOS: 10.15
● iOS

4K Tokkit For Windows

– App name: 4K Tokkit
– Version: 1.5.12
– Release date: Nov 13, 2018
– Compatible OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
– Languages: English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, German, Portuguese (Brazil)
– Category: Photo & Video
– Size: 9.6 MB

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4. It takes only a couple seconds to complete the registration.
Once you have all the information ready, tap on Start.
5. You will be asked if you want to back up. If you want to save it on your phone. Tap on Save
6. If you want to back it up to your google drive or Dropbox. Tap on Share.
7. You have successfully set up your account. Now you are ready to download your photos and videos. To save the photos and videos on your phone or backup them, tap on Save
You can find your photos and videos using the search function or by just tapping on your name.
You will get an automatic notification on the top right corner of your screen, telling you that your photos and videos are available.
You can also tap on a photo to get more information.
You can also find your photos and videos by searching them by tapping on the heart icon.
You can also tap on your name to view your email or your password.
You can now choose any of the three options shown above to get the photos and videos from your phone.
If you click on the phone icon, you will see the photos and videos from your phone and from your SD card.
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4K Tokkit Activation Code With Keygen

► When you download and install the app on your mobile device, you can use it to browse and discover new TikTok contents right on your cell phone without having to open the browser on your PC.
► With one simple tap, you can directly download the video file to the folder of your choosing, copy the URL, or post it as a comment on TikTok.
► 4K Tokkit works with your browser and your device.
► You can activate 4K Tokkit to start monitoring TikTok in the background even when the browser is closed or minimized.
► It displays a list of the most recent contents found for the selected hashtag or username, as well as the most popular entries.
► The chronological order is according to the time of the original upload.
► You can even sort the list by title, view count, age, and timestamp.
► If it detects the account is disabled, it will not connect to it.
► You can even message the original account owner with your compliments.
► You can save the list of your favorites for further reference.
► Try 4K Tokkit for free.

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System Requirements:

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Hard Drive: 100 MB free hard drive space.
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Internet Connection