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Aphalina Animator is a small tool that enables you to create various interactive SVG or GSAP animations that work seamlessly across all devices and browsers.
Enables you to create GSAP and SVG animations visually
The program comes with an intuitive and easy to navigate interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. While you have a few samples to get started, you will be happy to learn that you can create your animation from scratch.
Therefore, you can add the graphic animated element and then use the timeline editor to manage the keyframes for every property. You should know that the app does not impose any limits to the number of scenes you can add. Moreover, you have full control over the pieces' playback from the element events and you can tweak the opacity for a single piece or an entire group independently from the full visual element.
Take note that the utility does not generate canvas-based graphic elements, but rather GreenShock (GSAP) and true resolution independent SVG animations. While the first one comes with the advantage of offering the best performance across most browsers, the latter ensures a crisp look irrespective of the zoom factor and type off display.
A tool for creating easy animations with extended compatibility
The highlight of the application stems from the fact that you do not need to write a single line of code, thus making it appealing for a wider variety of users. In fact, once you are done with creating the visual part, you can export the code and obtain a clean, compact and readable JS, HTML or SVG output.
All in all, Aphalina Animator is an easy to use utility that can come in handy for anyone working with flash animations. Not only do you no need to write the source code, but according to the developer, your animations are bound to work all across devices.







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What is Aphalina Animator? – It is a simple, highly practical, hassle-free green screen software for creating basic to advanced SVG or GreenSock animations with unlimited frames. If you are looking for a completely unique and interactive GreenSock animation, you are at the right place. Simply by using our animation editor and color picker, you can create the perfect animation with your custom background, arrows, shapes, buttons, logos, and more. Feel free to use any image you want, even a 3D or 3D pack and much more – all you need is an image ready to go!

Online Viewing:
Online viewing is the most easy and fastest way to check your animation. Just click our link to visit our online studio.

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* Unlimited scenes

* Free Keyboard Shortcuts

* Clean UI & UI Design

* Search feature

* Github integration

* Configurable Max Frame Time/Duration

* Configurable Frame Rate

* Configurable FPS

* Add/remove scenes

* Randomize/Random

* Save/Load Animation

* Mouse over events

* Add elements any where in the timeline

* Add elements to multiple groups

* Add transition between scenes

* Add transitions between groups

* Add transitions between elements

* Add fade in and fade out

* Add cross fade

* Add cycles

* Apply text filter

* Add infinite loops

* Add audio file/online clip

* Add video file/online clip

* Add video background

* Add video

* Add video background

* Add video background any frame

* Add more than one video

* Add splash screen

* Add sound effect

* Add sound file/online clip

* Add transitions between elements to multiple scenes at once

* Add transition between scenes and groups

* Add 3d effect

* Add 3d background

* Zoom animation

* High resolution

* Hide negative

* Apply opacity

* Apply depth

* Play Replay

* Add loop sound

* Add

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Create Smooth and Efficient SVG Animations Using Aphalina Animator.
+ The animation code can be seen in any text editor and used in any HTML or JS environment.
+ Fully compatible with html5 canvas.
+ Uses GreenSock.js
+ Compatible with edge, IE9+ Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
+ Chrome
+ Safari
+ Firefox
* :iphone: Play / Download Video / Screen Shots
* :iphone: Sample 1
* :iphone: Sample 2
* :iphone: Sample 3
* :iphone: Sample 4
* :iphone: Sample 5
* :iphone: Sample 6
* :iphone: Sample 7
* :iphone: Sample 8
* :iphone: Sample 9
* :iphone: Sample 10
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* :iphone: Sample 12
* :iphone: Sample 13
* :iphone: Sample 14
* :iphone: Sample 15
* :iphone: Sample 16
* :iphone: Sample 17
* :iphone: Sample 18
* :iphone: Sample 19
* :iphone: Sample 20
* :iphone: Sample 21
* :iphone: Sample 22
* :iphone: Sample 23
* :iphone: Sample 24
* :iphone: Sample 25
* :iphone: Sample 26
* :iphone: Sample 27
* :iphone: Sample 28
* :iphone: Sample 29
* :iphone: Sample 30
* :iphone: Sample 31
* :iphone: Sample 32
* :iphone: Sample 33
* :iphone: Sample 34
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* :iphone: Sample 37
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* :iphone: Sample 40
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* :iphone: Sample 43
* :iphone: Sample 44
* :iphone: Sample 45
* :iphone: Sample 46
* :iphone:

Aphalina Animator

Aphalina Animator – a small but powerful tool that allows you to create and manage animated SVG or GSAP elements.
Aphalina Animator works on various platforms, is highly compatible, and does not require a single line of code to function.
Aphalina Animator Features:
Create and manage visual animated elements
Manage the opacity of a single animation element or an entire group of them
Easily change the CSS properties of the objects that you have already created
Save your project as a standalone file.
Export your file to the desired format
Adapt to high resolution displays, because the animation will keep up with the scale factor
Avoid compatibility issues caused by some of the popular devices
Add an unlimited number of elements to your files
Zoom in and out with mouse click
Create a bunch of similar elements
Create, remove and manage the markers
Manage marker’s opacity
Manage markers’s position with mouse or touch
Aphalina Animator Screenshot:

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What’s New in the Aphalina Animator?

Create your own 3D animations with Aphalina Animator. With this program you can easily create your animated background screens for any game or application. It’s very easy to use, extremely fast and cross-browser compatible. Created animations can be exported as a video file in real-time, as a GIF or to a web page. Aphalina Animator integrates with Adobe Flash Professional to help you create complex 3D animations without any programming.
– Run standalone with zero dependecies
– Unlimited scenes and layers
– Create unlimited sized shapes
– Use as an overlay in flash or create SVG
– Export as HTML5, GIF or SWF
– Save time by creating frame-by-frame animations
– Easily add and edit events, targets and keyframes
– Add, edit and remove keyframes easily in timeline view
– Apply alpha, color and scale animation to shapes
– Apply animation, alpha, color or scale animation to stroke or fill colors on the text and shapes layer
– Add a custom time event
– Works in Flash Professional CS5/CS6
– Modify the size of an object
– Adjust object rotation
– Center an object on canvas
– Grow an object
– Make image/shape/text transparent
– Make image/shape/text full opacity
– Reverse timeline
– Keep timeline visible
– You can export everything as animated GIF, SWF or HTML5 using one click
– Import SVG, SVG DOM and separate layers into Flash CS6
– Export timeline as video
– Export animation to HTML5
– Export animation as GIF
– Export animation as SWF
– Export to HTML5
– Import SVG, SVG DOM and separate layers into Flash CS6
– Project costs are for Web authors only. If you want to use the same project for desktop, you must purchase the desktop package.

RubyMotion makes it super easy to develop real-time video games for iOS and Android. With a rich feature set and a simple development experience, RubyMotion allows you to write your game once and compile it to all devices without native code.
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What’s New in this Version:
– Support for Animation API

In this 3rd part we will focus on the supporting framework (Spring, Matrix, RxJava) as well as leveraging RxAndroid with Retrolambda.
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System Requirements For Aphalina Animator:

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (64-bit version recommended)
Processor: Intel Dual-core or equivalent AMD Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia Geforce 8600 / ATI Radeon HD 2600-5200 (1 GB of VRAM recommended)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card (Windows 7+)
Hard Drive: 16 GB free space
Additional Notes: The game is optimized to run on lower-