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Add multiple values from access form to a listbox wp7

I’m trying to get the selected values from my access database to be added into a listbox. Can someone please assist me?
public void getSelectedCabin()
List cabID = new List();
this.cbCabinList.DataContext = cabID;

private void Get_SelectedCabin_Execute(object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e)
this.lstCab.SelectedIndex = 0;


I assume that List cabID = new List(); is inside GetSelectedCabin()?
If it’s inside your Get_SelectedCabin_Execute() method, then it’s not a place where your data is collected – it’s just a method that you call from the XAML Binding.
But you need to change your method, because it needs a new list:
private void getSelectedCabin()
List cabID = new List();