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BACnet Browser is as the names states a simple BACnet explorer that is currently designed to only send a Who-Is message.
Upon receiving an I-Am message, the application can start building a tree diagram featuring all the detected devices. It then allows a list of diagnostic routines to be run.









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BACnet Browser Serial Key Features:
-Browse a BACnet Networks
-Browse through devices
-Check the status of all detected devices
-List all defined objects from all devices
-List all defined processes from all devices
-Find all the devices in a network
-Browse the network
-Get the name of the network owner
-Browse the network owner
-Actions: Send I-Am, Read, Write, Execute, Log, Read Ses(Sesional), Find Unit, User group, Detect, Diagnostics, and Management

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I really love your contributions here, particularly what you’ve done with EXAM (I tend to be a little more selective about what applications I install, but EXAM is certainly one of the first things I install on a new system… it’s just so, well, helpful!).

What I find interesting is that you’re not *just* an NT4 guy, but you’re also a BACnet guy. This probably surprises a lot of people because we don’t have anything like EXAM for BACnet (yet).

I’d love to know where you got the ideas about the EXAM program from. You’ve done a great job presenting it in such a manner that it’s easy to understand how to use (i.e., you’ve done a ton of the legwork that would be involved in programming it). I’d really like to track down the source for it and see how you’ve implemented it!

That said, I do have a quick question for you: what BACnet applications have you got your hands on? I read an article in a magazine recently about using an RFID reader to monitor the stock of livestock, and noted that it would be great to use in a BACnet environment. But that just made me wonder: if the cattlemen are going to go BACnet, then how about the feedlots, dairy operations, etc? It seems like those would be ideal candidates for BACnet, and I just don’t hear anything about them.

I do an application called “BACnet Tools”. It’s not very polished, but I

BACnet Browser Activation

.NET BACnet Client app. Supports I-Am, R-Am and Who-Is, is robust and no resources will be left on the device itself.
I-Am, R-Am and Who-Is messages are supported, all messages are passed to the Server.
You can specify any of the supported protocols:
BACnet AS2
BACnet AS1
BACnet IEC 60870-5-101
BACnet IEC 60770-1-101
BACnet IEC 60517-1
BACnet RFC1662
BACnet IEC 59101-2
BACnet RS232
BACnet RS485
BACnet RS422
BACnet RS200
BACnet 46400-2-1
BACnet 46400-2-2
BACnet 46400-2-3
BACnet 46400-2-4
BACnet 46400-2-5
BACnet 46400-2-7
BACnet 46400-2-9
BACnet 46400-2-10
BACnet 46400-2-11
BACnet 46400-2-12
BACnet 46400-2-13
BACnet 46400-2-14
BACnet 46400-2-15
BACnet 46400-2-16
BACnet 46400-2-17
BACnet 46400-2-18
BACnet 46400-2-19
BACnet 46400-2-20
BACnet 46400-2-21
BACnet 46400-2-22
BACnet 46400-2-23
BACnet 46400-2-24
BACnet 46400-2-25
BACnet 46400-2-26
BACnet 46400-2-27
BACnet 46400-2-28
BACnet 46400-2-29
BACnet 46400-2-30
BACnet 46400-2-31
BACnet 46400-2-32

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The device info is saved within a XML file and imported to Outlook or a PDA to view.

The program calculates all the necessary information about a device, the Pulses, port numbers, device addresses, and also the number of devices in a single plug.

There is no security, because of the fact that devices are not a danger on the network.

Browser can be used directly or via an Applet.
Browser’s Applet has the following features:

It is compatible with BACnet Browser main version 1.0 and above

Saves device info to a BACnet DB file (can be imported with the OPC software to MS Access DB)

Allows To and From messages

Reports the state of each device to be able to run diagnostics

Port State and Current State variables are automatically updated by the applet

Charts the pulses for devices that are present in the DB

View pulse count and/or time of day history

Defines a size of the chart for the device

Charts a temperature history

It allows to use the following built-in delays for each graph:

1 sec.

5 min.

30 min.

1 hr.

2 hrs.

6 hrs.

1 Day

2 Days

It allows to display a list of only those devices that are detected (browsing method)

Or, when connected to a BACnet-equipped device

Displays device names (when connected)

Performs a sniff and sends back the data in text

Sends back data from a BACnet connected device

It allows to export the chart to an image file

Allows to save the chart to an image file

It is compatible with BACnet Browser main version 1.2 and above

Compatible with all BACnet operating system versions



56 KB

Supported Devices


System Requirements

For Windows 98/NT/2000/XP or Mac OS.

Installation Instructions

The program must be put in the Programs folder.

To start using the applet, click on the.applet file.

There should be a small X in the top left of the applet, clicking on it will cancel the current action.Q:

Unable to connect to localhost

What’s New In BACnet Browser?

BACnet Explorer is an analysis tool that allows you to browse the BACnet networks and investigate the state of the networks with no administrator privileges.
BACnet Explorer is essentially a BACnet data collector (proxy) that enables you to browse the network and view the current state of the network but with no access to control the devices that represent the nodes of a network. It is a BACnet data collector (proxy) that has the ability to detect all connected elements of the BACnet Networks.

BACnet Explorer is installed on the computer that is to be used as a data collector (proxy) for the BACnet network. The BACnet Explorer (A program that monitors all the devices that are connected to the network by, for example, sending a BACnet Who-Is message and displaying a tree diagram of the detected devices. After the network components are scanned and the tree diagram is displayed, the user is prompted to diagnose the connected devices).
BACnet Explorer will soon be provided with a graphical application as a’stand alone’ tool that will allow a WIDE variety of the BACnet networks to be operated from its sole user interface and offering all the functionality as BACnet Explorer. This is currently being planned and the program will be released as soon as it is ready.

Table of contents:

Displays the state of all the devices currently connected to the BACnet network, if one of the network devices is identified it will display the device and it’s current status.

I-Am verb: A BACnet device or network element can request status information from the data collector (proxy). The user should always ensure that the resources that control the device(s) are available to respond to the request.


Discover can respond to:


I-Am verb: A BACnet device or network element can request status information from the data collector (proxy). The user should always ensure that the resources that control the device(s) are available to respond to the request.

Pressing the Learn button with the BACnet Explorer installed on the Data Collector (Proxy) will prompt the user to enter a password, if a password is not provided, the user will be prompted to enter a password before the BACnet Browser tries to discover the sensors.

View Device History

BACnet Explorer has an option to have the devices that has been reported

System Requirements For BACnet Browser:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.30GHz (Ivy Bridge)
100GB free HDD space
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit only)
You need to know about the installation and uninstallation process
Read the instructions and complete all the steps of the installation process carefully
Make sure you are connected to the internet. The installation process can get stuck if you are not connected to the internet.
If you