[Event] 2020 – 2021 EntreLink x HKPC Regional InnoTech Summit Post-Event Press Release

28th to 30th April 2021—Together with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) as the co-organiser, EntreLink organised the “Regional InnoTech Summit (the Summit)”. The Summit welcomed the participation of different stakeholders such as startups, corporates, investors and government bodies. Throughout the 3-day summit, a series of events took place to promote and bridge promising Hong Kong startups to key decision-makers of the technology & innovation ecosystem in the GBA and ASEAN cities. 

The summit featured 4 webinars which invited a number of important local and regional guests to participate as guest speakers. The guest speakers contributed their valuable insights on the respective topics of the webinar which they were part of. 

In the first webinar, the guests discussed the topic “New Normal under COVID-19: Where shall we invest and innovate? Startup opportunities and threats”. The main insights contributed by the guests revolved around the importance of “speed and quality” as summarised by the moderator Mr. Raymond Mak, Co-founder and Director of EntreLink. In terms of speed, the guests noted the remarkable agility and adaptability of Startups as they swiftly steered the development of their technology and solutions towards the rise of new challenges under the pandemic. In terms of quality, the guests emphasised the importance of ensuring the quality of the technology presented to customers to attract investment opportunities. 

In the second webinar, the guests discussed the topic “The New Normal in ASEAN—What are they looking at?” During the webinar, Mr. George Yeo, former Chairman of Kerry Logistics Network & former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore analogises that “ASEAN is 10 big boats connected with each other”, he further adds that ASEAN countries have an instinct to help each other. This captures the overall insights shared during the webinar as other guests have also echoed the importance in the sense of solidarity shared among ASEAN countries. The countries’ instincts to utilise the ASEAN network led the guests to share generally positive foresights about the opportunities for ASEAN businesses in the future despite the pandemic and the ongoing geopolitical tensions between China and the US.

In the third webinar, the guests discussed the topic “Startup opportunities and go-to-market in GBA”. The guests addressed the common concerns shared among Startups that have considered expanding into GBA such as the lack of confidence in intellectual property regulations in GBA, the perceived complexity of tax systems in GBA, cultural differences and issues concerning the adaptability of their technology in GBA markets. Overall, the guests wish to encourage actors from different industries to visit GBA in person to gain first-hand experience and information of potential opportunities. 

In the fourth webinar, the guests discussed the topic “Startup opportunities and go-to-market in ASEAN”. During the webinar, the guests established that business opportunities will certainly be different post-pandemic and the future remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the guests openly encourage Startups to be proactive. As Mr. Nicholas Ho, Chairman of HPA, Hong Kong Representative to the APEC Business Advisory Council expressed in the webinar “there is no right time to do things, if you think the world is crumbling now, it is probably the right time to do things”; the guests advised startups to continue to utilise the support offered by the HKSAR government and seek pathways to expand in ASEAN markets.

In addition to the webinars, 3 Startup presentations and business matching sessions were held during the summit. Each session had a different business type focus. Participating companies were able to acquire the opportunity to make a 5 minutes elevator pitch to corporate leaders in these sessions. Besides, an SME Reachout Funding Session was held by Ms. Karman Leung, Manager, SME Reachout, Hong Kong Productivity Council. 

Photo Captions:

1. Mr. Willy Lin, GBS, JP, Chairman of The Hong Kong Productivity Council (first from left), Mr Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (second from left) and Mr. Jim Woods, Chief Digital Officer of PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong (second from right) discussed the topic “New Normal under COVID-19: Where shall we invest and innovate? Startup opportunities and threats” during Webinar 1 of the Summit, with Mr. Raymond Mak, Co-founder and Director of EntreLink (first from right) as moderator.
2. During the EdTech Startup presentation and business matching session, Professor Cheng Kai-ming, Emeritus Professor, University of Hong Kong University of Hong Kong (first from right), Mr. Li Kin Man, Principal, Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School (second from right), Mr. Kam Wai Ming, Principal, HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School (first from right bottom of screen) and Ms. Viola Lam, Founder and CEO of Find Solution AI (second from right bottom of screen) engaged with startups and offered them advice for future steps.
3. Ms. Karman Leung, Manager, SME Reachout, Hong Kong Productivity Council held the SME Reachout Funding Session to help SMEs gain a better understanding of the government funding schemes.

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