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HyperMotion Technology is being demonstrated for the first time on FIFA 20, in advance of the upcoming FIFA 20 Championships on Monday, May 13 in Johannesburg, South Africa. A livestream of the event will be available on EA SPORTS’ social channels.

Here are the features of this new HyperMotion technology, based on data from real-world footballers:

FIFA 20 Men’s Player Ratings

On-ball Awareness and Confidence

FIFA 20 introduces a new gameplay feature that replicates the on-ball awareness and confidence of great footballers. Players who successfully perform actions within two meters of the ball will be awarded an additional “on-ball” awareness rating that will come into play throughout the game. As players receive more on-ball actions, they will build on this awareness and confidence, enabling them to defend more effectively.

Being able to closely anticipate an opponent’s next move when in possession of the ball will require an understanding of the player’s route to the ball, and insight into how he will use it. Throughout the match, players will receive an “on-ball” awareness rating based on the number of actions they successfully execute within two meters of the ball.


A new feature called “Efficient Tackling” is being added to FIFA 20 to replicate the tackling of a player who has been tasked with controlling the ball near his opponent. As players tackle more frequently in real-life football matches, they are being given the ability to tackle more efficiently. By making a more controlled tackle, players will be more successful in tackling their opponent. In the FIFA 20 video above, we see the teams that have been tasked with defending in these situations playing like they are anticipating the opponent’s next move. We will see this new Efficient Tackling feature in action next month at the FIFA 20 Championships on May 13.

FIFA 20 Tackles

FIFA 20 introduces a new line of defensive tackles. Players will see these additional tackles appear as they attempt to stop a run or pass. Players who make these tackles well will see their Tackle Rating increase. Successful tackles will earn players a Tackle Rating Bonus which will be applied at the end of the match.

FIFA 20 Tactical Defending

FIFA 20 introduces a new Defensive Tactic called “Tackle Defense”. Players will be tasked with either tackling the opponent or


Features Key:

  • Passing and shooting get a massive upgrade with new dribbling, more intelligent off-the-ball action, and at-speed-dribbling (including a variation that plays out like a crossover) all making it easier to score. The new dribbling system also lets players uses their hips to turn, so dribbling becomes even more about intelligent running and taking advantage of the space around you.
  • Counter-attack makes a powerful return, and provides a fresh angle to attack on the break or open up gaps to run at defenders. The AI also gets smarter, making it harder for players to accidentally give away the ball and making the world’s best players all look like world-beaters.
  • New ball physics deliver new options. Players can now tackle during the second part of a controlled dribble, and the new ‘turn inside’ and ‘turn outside’ dribbles make it feel like you have more choice in how you use the ball.
  • Creative moves such as Dodge Hoops and Pro Tackles provide the ability to creatively beat the best defenders in the Premier League.
  • Intelligent settings that let you dial in the game for different needs. You can raise defensive pressure, make the player more convincing, or turn on free kicks from the open play system to make it easier to score.


Fifa 22

FIFA is the leading global sports brand and the world’s most popular sports franchise. The Football franchise is the world’s #1 sports franchise and the FIFA franchise is the #1 global sports franchise.

What does it mean to be the leading global sports brand?

It means that the brand brings together leagues, competitions and leagues around the world under one common vision, while being able to produce an unrivalled experience through highly-optimized gameplay, match day atmosphere and social engagement. It means that the brand is the most trusted sports and entertainment brand in the world and a place of celebration for fans around the world.

What does it mean to be the world’s #1 sports franchise?

We are the world’s #1 sports franchise and we want to remain that. And we are proud of our position as the world’s most popular sports brand and the leading global sports brand.

Why FIFA and why the Football franchise?

The Football franchise is the world’s #1 sports franchise and the FIFA franchise is the #1 global sports franchise. We believe in the importance of innovation and are dedicated to making the game the best for our players, fans, clubs, partners and licensees.

How long has the Football franchise been the #1 sports franchise?

FIFA was the most popular sports brand in the UK in March 2009. It then held the position for the three years until April 2012.

How long has the FIFA franchise been the global #1 brand?

The FIFA franchise has been the world’s leading global sport brand for two decades.

What is new in Cracked Fifa 22 With Keygen?

There are three main areas where we have been able to bring to life the unique experience in FIFA.

First, innovative new way of managing the game.

Second, a realistic re-imagined World Cup™ and a new way of playing the game.

Third, a new way of living, training and playing the game.

(i) Enhanced game and management innovations, such as:

– Matchday atmosphere

– Pass Animation

– Unsolved off-the-ball issues.

– New Player Behaviour

– Dynamic free kicks.

(ii) Revolutionary gameplay innovations, such as:

– Physically-based offensive and defensive gameplay

– Defensive Defences



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