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Diversity and multiculturalism are core elements of EA’s FIFA series. For the 30th year in a row, the new title introduces the innovative “European Clubs International Side” content, featuring a fresh selection of clubs from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa League Qualifiers. It will add a new country to the mix for the first time in 30 years, offering international football fans the opportunity to experience the UEFA Champions League. With the UEFA Champions League Qualifiers, the game continues to support up to 24 nations entering the tournament.

The new ‘Automatic Matchday’ option for the UEFA Europa League is sure to help more players enjoy Europe’s premier cup competition. When the new ‘Quick Matches’ feature is enabled, EA can offer a few extra friendly matches to make sure the new ‘Automatic Matchday’ for the UEFA Europa League is as predictable and efficient as possible.

New Country: Norway

Players will also be able to experience a fresh and interactive FA Community Shield for the first time. England, which hosted it as part of the Premier League for the first time, will be replaced by Norway. The new “Play the Nations” feature and unique end of season ‘Nations Cup’ will support up to 24 nations playing in FIFA 22.

There is always something new to discover in FIFA, and players will be excited to see the thrill of the new “Physics In Motion” real-world technology. It will incorporate a new human-coded model to account for all of the real-life movement of the players on the pitch, as well as the finer movements that can only be experienced through the power of virtual reality.

EA SPORTS FIFA Street™ is getting even better with several new features in FIFA 22. Among them are:

New Sound: The voice of every player and assistant coach will now be heard on the pitch thanks to new crowd interaction capabilities.

Strategic & Tactical AI: Control all levels of play, from tactics to substitutions, with customisable strategies to target what’s important to you.

Re-created Gameplay: New gameplay, physics and hitbox systems bring a whole new level of responsiveness to the street ball experience.

True Player Dynamics: Experience a new level of realism and fluidity by passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling with complete player motion.

New Stage: The barcades have been relocated to the penalty box, encouraging players to get


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is a physics-enabled football game that includes all the beautiful game modes from FIFA Ultimate Team™ as well as all-new layers of strategy and tactics.
  • Online Leaderboards, Achievements, Custom Games and more!
  • All-New Hyper Motion Technology Powered FIFA Career mode and an upgraded dynamic 3D match engine.
  • The addition of PES 2012 Pro in Ultimate Team, an updated Ultimate Team Draft, brand new cards in Ultimate Team, an updated card editor, new tactics and innovations you can take part in the Global Create The Match.
  • Individual Player Performance unlocks reward more in-depth gameplay customization through the new Player Attributes and Performance Packs, and unlock new cards.
  • New Pitch physics and direct head-to-ball collisions ensure that the world’s best football action is reproduced on all platforms like no other football game to date.
  • New camera work makes it easy to switch views on the fly, and an enhanced graphical output for easier viewing on more complex displays.


Key Information:

  • Official Licensed Product of the English Football Association, the FIFA License.
  • Windows 8.1 and Xbox One support.
  • FIFA season starts in August 2015.


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Whether you’re an experienced football fan or a newcomer to the sport, FIFA is the name of the world’s most popular videogame on any platform.

Start any match and instantly you’ll become immersed in an all-new, hyper-realistic matchday experience – complete with organic player movement, comprehensive crowd physics, new football chants, new player controls and improvements to tactical gameplay.

Play any type of game – from quick-fire matches to long-form, official competitions – with a variety of realistic or customised formations, where every decision and every player has a tangible impact.

A brand-new presentation for a brand-new FIFA.

FIFA’s gritty, grounded presentation has never looked better. Newly developed ball physics mean it looks and feels even closer to the real thing, while the all-new face and body makeover continues EA’s tradition of creating the best-looking faces in sports gaming.

The biggest and deepest gameplay experience yet, FIFA offers the most authentic football in franchise history, including improvements to animations, player weights and new control schemes.

The world of FIFA is yours to discover – show your skills in action in the FIFA Ultimate Team or compete in the all-new FIFA Career mode!

FIFA on Xbox One and PS4

FIFA is the first game to support 4K Ultra HD and HDR on Xbox One X, and supports HDR on Xbox One S.

Watch video

Long-running strengths of the FIFA franchise are still at the heart of the new title. In an all-new match engine, authentic touches like crowd chants and player positioning are brought to the next level, while the all-new presentation, enhanced goal celebrations and the best-looking soccer player ever come together to deliver the most complete and authentic gameplay experience yet.

In FIFA, you’ll be able to play any tournament and complete any cup, from the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League right down to the last seconds of the FA Cup final. A new Career mode brings you all the action from the pitch, while a new Ultimate Team mode lets you put together the best team on the planet.

FIFA on Switch

FIFA is the biggest game in the franchise, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch. Fans can now play on the go with or without a TV, and make decisions and interact with the game


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With brand-new Ultimate Team modes that let you set up teams from around the world and play online, there’s never been a better time to put together the most iconic teams of the world. Build the ultimate collection by getting creative with your favorite real players from around the globe, then dominate in FIFA Ultimate Team challenges to earn packs of cards that you can use to build your dream squad – or form your own Ultimate Team from scratch.

FIFA is the most successful sports video game franchise in history, and the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise has been accessible to everyone through our efforts to address inclusivity in sports and video games. We are proud of our long-standing commitment to recognizing the diversity of players, teams, club staff, and spectators in the sport of soccer.
Re-engineered Player Intelligence
Dynamic AI
New Player Development
360° Control
Rewritten Player Traits
Enhanced Visuals
Dynasty Mode
Further expanded Ultimate Team
Find FIFA in all EA Sports titles worldwide and in other platforms on

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New FIFA Ultimate Team specific Tactics and new user interface
  • Introduction of El Clasico mode
  • 3 new Player Costumes
  • Many match day updates
  • New support documentation
  • In-depth Benchmark New features

Game Modes

  • 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 AI controlled Pro Leagues
  • El Clasico Replays

Career Mode

  • New Player Career Mode in which you pick a player and can design his potential career path in various leagues in Europe.
  • Team amalgamation, where you can form a virtual football team, mix-and-match available players to build the perfect team.
  • New team game controls with new user interface
  • Free Transfer
  • New valuable gems system
  • Side Bosses
  • New Strategy (Offensive and Defensive)
  • Player Categories
  • 5 new Player Powers


  • FIFA Pro Altitude HD
  • FIFA Pro Atmosphere HD
  • FIFA The Journey HD
  • FIFA Condensed Soccer Package
  • FIFA Insider
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Live
  • FIFA Medieval Pro Football
  • FIFA 18 FUT


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Player Progression

FIFA LIVE creates a more inclusive sports experience for

players of all ages. Players can now develop skills to refine their performance and improve their attributes.

Be the Ref:

FIFA LIVE features FIFA 2K3-style refereeing, bringing a more authentic feel to our most tactical game modes.


Bring the crowd to your football matches with The Journeyman and The Stalker. These special talents complement your team, and help you perform in front of the crowd.

What’s New in FIFA

The World’s Best Clubs

With FIFA 22, your club is not just your club. The traits you develop as a player will influence your team across the game. New players will feel welcome at your club and club culture will be altered as players develop.

Your Ultimate Free Kick

Create a new play type with your own free kicks in this short, tactical mode. Your player must hit the ball through a specific area, and evade a defender to complete the target.

Speed of Play

Your team enters the pitch in four separate segments, setting the tempo for the game. Play can be controlled in your favour from the off, all while your opponent is reacting to you.

New Defenses

Powered by Football™’s updated Free Kicks system, defences now react to your free kick placement and presence, creating a more physical experience.

New Control Methods

In-Maneuvering has become more intuitive, allowing you to take on defenders 1-on-1 in the air.

New Passing

Create a short-passing game by short-passing the ball in an early game.

New Tackles & Interceptions

The AI is smarter than ever. Tackles are more effective, and the ballcarrier can be pulled down and forced to make a decision on his next move.

New Authenticity

The pitch transitions better, falling on grass rather than pavement. The pitch also sinks and rises, creating a more natural experience.

New Precision Passing

Take the precision passing control to the next level, with the introduction of the pass button.

New Free Kicks

Create the play you want, with new customisation options. With the new Free Kicks system powered by Football


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System Requirements:

(Pre-)Requirements for the main menu.
• Windows 10 (10.0.10240), Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
• Minimum RAM: 2 GB, Recommended: 4 GB
• Minimum system requirements for the game: DirectX 11 (or higher), Nvidia Kepler or AMD Radeons
• Recommended system requirements for the game: DirectX 12 or higher, Nvidia Maxwell or AMD Polaris (Radeon HD7900 series, R9 280X/R7 360 series) or higher
• 64-bit