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The technology used to drive this gameplay is a combination of a number of technologies that utilise real-life motion capture data from players of all shapes and sizes, as well as advanced 3D reconstruction, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analysis of data to create a fluid experience.

Players will engage in matches in the most realistic way possible. For example, when heading the ball, players will see the trajectory of the ball for as long as they are tracking the ball. By being able to see the trajectory of the ball, players will be able to better anticipate the path of the ball and react more naturally to it.

Because of the 3D analysis of the data, players will feel more comfortable, less exposed, and finally become better at something that they did not think they were bad at. They will engage with other players and opponents in more natural ways, making them feel more natural and natural reactions.

The reactions of other players to a situation will not be random, and the players will not engage in a mindless or random counter-attack, but will make unpredictable decisions.

Interactions with certain players will not be random. When an opponent is controlling the ball, players will attempt to control the opponent more, instead of rushing in and trying to win it for themselves. What this means is that if you are controlling the ball, you will see the movement of your opponents and make decisions that ensure you are best positioned to succeed.

Unlike the old game, the players in FIFA will not run as they try to keep control of the ball, and they will not push the opponent away like a friend, but will attempt to win the ball back for their team, creating a more unpredictable style of play.

By being able to see what the passable area is of the pitch, players will better anticipate the movements of the opponents and make smarter decisions for their team.

For example, a player who wants to pass the ball through a corner to a teammate will not simply take a shot at the ball, as that would give away their position. He will choose a pass route that allows him to move in and out of trouble, creating a natural pass route, much like the game of tennis.

When another player is controlling the ball, if they evade to a safe area, the player will drift out to the edge and move towards the player trying to move in. This will make it more difficult for


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live the World of Football through the eyes of your favorite player.
  • Re-live the biggest moments of your favorite players, including signing club legends like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo and others.
  • Create and play as a manager, starting from designing your new football club from scratch.
  • Play your way as a player all over the world with a fast-paced all-new game engine and more ways than ever to control and progress your player.
  • Create custom tactics and use a variety of training drills to help your player fine-tune and hone his skills.
  • Learn about your opponent with Tactics Replay, plus watch replays of your favorite rival’s attacks.
  • Test your skills in five new Ultimate Team modes, prove yourself and earn more Ultimate Team points.
  • Welcome new FIFA Ultimate Team cards – characters that’ll help you transform into your favourite player, from the cool Debut Kit cards to the legendary Messi Card.
  • Use all-new Ultimate Team Boosters with a full arsenal of special effects and effects that activate depending on what’s important to your team.


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Hey guys. I am a 20 year old college student who loves video games. My biggest hobby is FIFA and I play it competitively with my team. I am just looking to share my gaming experience and maybe help others on the forums.

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You gotta know the rules to play this game

The FIFA community is unique in that we’re all different. Some of us play for fun, some play competitively, and some just like to hang out and chill.

Everyone should be on this forum, but be familiar with the rules of the forum before posting. These rules are not subject to change.

Our community is intense and strong. Everyone has different opinions on just about everything. While it’s not uncommon to have passionate, heated conversations about stuff like soccer/sports, politics, religion, and fitness/nutrition, we all remain civil.

The forum topics range from some of the more popular ones, like a CSR thread regarding quality of life in EA’s games, to the most unlikely and random discussions, like how we make the most realistic of soccer games and looking at the pros/cons of eSports.

The subreddit for Redditors who want to talk about soccer can be found here.

Not a moderator here or a CSR, you’re still free to ask any questions about the forum. We’d also encourage you to visit and read some of the discussions and topics on other forums (like the subreddit and the competitive forums) to get a feel for how we work and what we like.

You can also find some nice Discord servers here.

You got questions? We’ve got the answers.

There’s an extensive FAQs section here. If you need to ask a question you can’t find the answer to in the FAQs, ask a mod, but please make sure you’re familiar with the rules before posting, because asking a question but not reading the rules is grounds for a block.

How do I join as a mod?

To become a mod, you need a certain number of posts. Every post counts towards the total. Every other thing that you do doesn’t count. It’s a lot like being voted in or elected to a school or company board. To get as much as possible you need to post quickly and often.

Once you’re a mod you can interact with other


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In Ultimate Team, develop your players through long-term contracts to get them on your fantasy team. Complete set pieces, free kicks, throw-ins and corners to develop your passing, shooting, defense, and overall game play and score in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Matchday – Make the most of your career, monitor your income and progress, and make crucial decisions about your Club’s next signing, squad rotation, and squad style using Matchday. Utilize moves, tactics, formation, and formation settings throughout the entirety of the match to set yourself up for success at key stages of the match.

Total Pro Showcase –
Compete in prestigious events all around the globe against the world’s best players, with thousands of dollars on the line, including the UEFA Champions League, Copa America, and FIFA Club World Cup.

Offline Tournament Mode – Improve your FIFA skills as you compete in offline matches against FIFA rivals all around the world. Choose from five different challenges, including regular matches, club championships, international tournaments and head-to-head matches.

Online Leagues – Submit your EA SPORTS Club career to the online leaderboards, where you can climb up the league ranks based on your performance. Put your skills to the test against your friends’ best efforts with free-for-all, season, or league formats, while earning rewards, unlocking promotions and more.

Legends – Compete against the greatest players and teams from the world’s greatest clubs in an exclusive series of FIFA Ultimate Team games, broadcast live for the first time on EA SPORTS FIFA Classics. Compete in real matches featuring icons of the game, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney. Then, add some flair to your gameplay with special FIFA legends like Franz Beckenbauer, Franz Beckenbauer, Franz Beckenbauer, and more.

UEFA Champions League –
Watch your favorite teams battle it out for UEFA Champions League glory in the UEFA Champions League mode. EA SPORTS has teamed up with UEFA to provide an unparalleled experience in FIFA 22. Compete in the new UEFA Champions League mode as well as all-new pre-season tournaments, including the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and UEFA Nations League.

FIFA World Cup History –
Compete in as many as 14 tournaments including the FIFA World Cup™, FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA World Youth Championship and more. Experience all-new tournament


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