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A large number of tutorials (see Chapter 11) are available to help you become the Photoshop master.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a professional image editing and manipulation program that has great features for both beginners and pros. No matter which version you use, you’ll find the features and tools at your fingertips for editing and manipulating your images.

As with its older brother, Photoshop CS4, you can have the program open and running with your image open in a fully manipulated state — but if you modify your image without saving it, the new version will save the changes and ask you whether you want to commit your changes to the document. If you do commit them, you’ll be asked whether to save the new version. This is not a bug; it just means that you can make changes to an open image without saving it, without losing that work to a new version.

When you open the program, you see a screen with three tabs, along with the New and Open dialog boxes.

The first tab is the workspace area, where you access the tools, brushes, and layers that you work with. Choose different tabs to see different types of tools and items that Photoshop can help you with (such as painting, drawing, or correcting or enhancing an image).

The second tab is the image window, where you can drag your image onto the screen and begin working on it.

The third tab is a panel that displays information about your image, showing you the color, resolution, and other essential information about the image.

Choose View⇒Arrange⇒Zoom to view an image at various levels of magnification in the workspace area.

You see two types of image windows: the regular (very zoomed-out) image window and the tablet image window, which appears with a graphics tablet if you have one. Use the Zoom tool in the workspace area to switch between these windows.

The Tools panel houses the different editing and special tools you use. The Options area is at the very top of the Tools panel, and the Units area in the left side of the Tools panel is for choosing units.

The lower-right corner of the screen is where you can access the history (or clipboard) and panels used to help you work with your image. You can see some of this image workspace in Figure 4-1.

For a closer look at the various tools and components at your fingertips, refer to Figure

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Visit Adobe Photoshop User’s Guide.

Use the 50+ features of Photoshop described below:

21 Things You Never Knew About Photoshop Elements

These Photoshop elements use lesser-known features and no longer have any product support. If you use any of the items below:

Download Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS4.

Use the Software Rendering Engine.

Use the Content-Aware Fill feature.

Use the Gradient Editor tool.


For the complete GIMP User’s Guide see this link.

Read more about the features below using this link:

Learn more about Elements from the Adobe Photoshop Elements page.

Use the Software Rendering Engine

This is an older feature that was removed in the Spring of 2013. It allows you to export layered image(s) as a flattened image (i.e. image which has no layers)

To use the Software Rendering Engine:

Click on the Image tab at the top of the screen and select Open As Image. You should see the open image.

Click on the Layers button, which will allow you to view and edit the Layers.

Click on the Layer Properties icon, which will open the Layers window.

Click on the Adjustment layer – any layers which contain Adjustment layers will be marked with a check. You can now remove the entire Adjustment layer by selecting it and then clicking on the Delete Layer icon.

Select the Adjustment layer you wish to remove.

The Process Selection dialog box will appear.

In the Layer mask section of the Process Selection dialog box, select the check box to deselect all areas that are part of the selected Adjustment layer.

To remove all Adjustment layers in the image:

Select the image and click on the Add Layer Mask icon.

Select the Adjustment layer and the layer mask.

Select None in the Layer mask section.

To use the Removal tool:

Click on the Edit tab.

Click on the New Layer icon (three vertical dots).

Select the Reverse New Layer icon (Reverse arrow).

Select the Rectangular Selection tool (R).

Select the tool which you need to remove an Adjustment layer.

If there are no hidden Adjustment layers and you are working on a single layer, when the rectangle appears, click on the

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