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How do I get my discs back? I just got v7 and it works with the 2009 software for some reason mine says “not compatible with u2821 oh well. This is an issue I’ve been unable to narrow down despite hours of searching. I’ve connected to this forums via email and read all the information on here. I’ve been working with this problem for about a week now. I’m so tired of it that I decided to give you all a shot. My discs no longer have dvd_recorder.exe and dvd_burn.exe. How can I get them back? I know there’s a key on this forum somewhere, or in a folder somewhere. I found it once but it was “spoiled” when it was copied and pasted into a document. I tried to get it back, but my video discs were lost. They couldn’t be found. N. The forum user chimed in, and he thought it was because I stopped using the program and restarted it too many times. Not sure if this is the case, but I started using the software about a week ago. Then yesterday, I went to burn a disc, and there was nothing there. I’ve looked everywhere, and I’ve read all the FAQ’s. I need my discs back so I can continue using this program and getting work done. But I can’t do it unless I get my discs back. I’ve googled the letter ‘K’… and it’s a common issue that causes this problem. To me, this issue seems to be the major problem with the program. I find it hard to believe that Microsoft doesn’t have a patch for this. A quick search over the forum revealed a key. I wanted to ask all of you to email me the key, so that I can use it to regain access to my discs. Please help me. Please email me at: jeffl2k10 (at) hotmail.com. I’m having a hard time finding the key, so if you happen to have it, email me and I’ll be glad to use it to regain access to my discs. If you have a solution to my problem, please email me. If there is someone out there that can help me please email me.. Thank you. We here at The Forum want to ensure all users of this software are able to read and add to the forum. We have a variety of ways to do this, which you can read about here. We want to


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Convert Bash script to Powershell

I have following bash code which is working perfectly fine.

echo -n “Enter your name: ”
read name

# calculate all-number-like key
echo “from binary: ”
d=$(date +%d)
b=$(date +%b)
y=$(date +%Y)
ymod=$(date +%y)
( for ((i=1;i

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How to use apply() when the number of rows is unequal for all the group in a dataframe

I am performing a pd.groupby() on a pandas dataframe. I want to return all the raw data for the entire dataframe.
In the code below, I want to return the entire row for all the groups where the group number is bigger than 1.
I tried apply(), but I cannot figure out how to implement this when the group number is not equal for all rows.
If I use groupby(), I get the answer I want, but I am trying to do it in one line of code.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

df.loc[df.groupby(df.index)[‘group number’].transform(‘count’) > 1,