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We cover more on Photoshop in Chapter 2 and provide many tutorials for Photoshop, including simple-to-use, low-cost Photoshop CS2 tutorials.

Compose with Photoshop

Photoshop has the same tools for manually positioning, rotating, and resizing images that you can apply throughout your image-editing workflow. In fact, you can use these tools outside of the Photoshop interface. You can manipulate an image’s position and perspective even as you print the image on paper, and you can rotate the image in print as well.

As you work through the steps of your image-editing projects, you can use Photoshop to execute all of these changes from different angles, allowing you to progressively alter your image based on your decisions. Then as you see the final result, you can add and subtract just what is needed in the final composite of the image. This section goes over how you can position and rotate images in the Photoshop interface before saving them for your print projects.

Keyboard shortcuts for positioning and rotating

Most of the time when you want to change the angle, size, or position of an object in an image, you need to use a basic keyboard command to do so. The keyboard shortcuts for positioning and rotating are identical and can be used with any tool in Photoshop or the Photoshop Creative Suite programs, as well as in all third-party programs.

To view and use the keyboard shortcuts for positioning and rotating in Photoshop, open a new file and press Ctrl+K (Windows) or +K (Mac OS) to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-2.

**Figure 2-2:** Manually position and rotate your image in Photoshop.

Depending on your operating system, you may have to navigate to Edit Keyboard Shortcuts and then click the specific functionality you want to learn about. You also may have to choose Edit Preferences Keyboard.

You can also access the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box by clicking the dialog’s icon in the bottom-left corner of the workspace. If you want to revert to the default Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, click the Reset Default Keyboard Shortcuts button.

To zoom in or out or manipulate an image, you can use these keyboard commands:

Ctrl+Shift+[ ] or +Shift+[ ]: Zoom by 50 percent

Ctrl+Shift+] [ or +Shift+] : Zoom by 100 percent


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Photoshop’s Brush Tool is the best tool for creating textures and shading. Use the brush settings to get the look you want.
Once you have a brush set up, you can click the Brush Tool (B) to apply it to your canvas or use the Tool > Brush menu to choose a specific brush.
If you’d like to change the brush settings, use the Brush Options bar:

The first menu item controls the brush size:

The Brush Size menu item, as you’ll see, lets you set your brush in pixels. It also controls the brush load, which defines the initial size of the brush, the size it increases as you work and the amount that it decreases as you paint away.

The Brush Type menu item lets you choose between the different brush shapes that come with Photoshop. There are 20 brush shapes, and you can choose between three line, circle, and spline brushes. Most of the standard brushes are available in several different sizes, so you can easily paint an entire sketch with several brushes.
The Stroke menu lets you choose from an array of different stroke settings. You can
A selection brush enables you to create complex and precise selections. Use the Brush tool to make a selection, then use the Fill or Stroke window to customize the selection for the new brush.
Symmetry is useful for creating flawless designs. You can create symmetric styles by snapping to a guide or by following the same angle or shape. To use the symmetric brush, click the Use Symmetry option in the Brush Options menu, then choose a symmetry type from the Brush Symmetry menu item.
To adjust the angle and shape of a symmetric brush, change the Angle and Direction sliders in the Brush Options bar.
The Subtract tool lets you create effects such as chalk or burn from scratch using the brush.
The Smudge tool can create different styles by smudging paint in different directions.

The Fix tool can correct damaged or scratched images. Click the D icon to access the Fix menu and choose the damage you want to fix.
The Scroll tool can be used for raster edits such as cutting, zooming and scaling.

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