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# **Other Graphics Editing Software**

Other popular graphics programs that are designed for basic photo or graphic manipulation are:

**GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program):** The free edition of this very powerful program includes 16 standard image-editing tools, including basic photo-editing tools, but lacks the advanced capabilities of the free Photoshop and GIMP combination. This is a wonderful program for basic and even advanced photo editing. The commercial edition, which includes many more tools than the free edition, is $69.00. For those who want a very powerful photo editing tool with more than the basic tools, the $119.00 price tag for the commercial edition is a good value.

**Eye-One Software:** This powerful business software includes many features not usually found in photo-editing programs, including giving you separate tools for editing photos as well as for performing page layout. It is $79.00. For those who want to perform page layout, check out [].

**Paint Shop Pro:** One of the best-selling consumer-level graphics programs on the market is $119.00. For a three-year subscription, you receive the program plus many tools and templates on a CD-ROM. Paint Shop Pro also has some powerful and unique image-editing tools.

**Microstation:** This business-software tool contains advanced page-layout tools not typically found in other graphic-software programs. It

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The program begins automatically when you first use your computer. The first time you open Photoshop Elements you will be given a few tutorial videos to watch.

Follow the tutorial videos to learn how to work the interface and open files. The tutorial also discusses safety and copyright issues.

When you are finished with the tutorial, the program will continue opening image files and file folders to edit the images.

While waiting to load the next image, you can review the file list, create folders to organize your files, and share images with Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

What’s New?

In this version of Photoshop Elements you can share files with up to 5 friends and family members. You must visit the Share tab and select the people you want to share with.

You can add up to 5 people to the Share List and they must first subscribe to your Facebook page. This is a free action for sharing images.

With the latest update, you can share files with Facebook Messenger.

You can share files with the people you follow on Twitter.

You can download files to the cloud with Compatible Cloud Uploaded Apps.

You can view all the people who receive file shares on Twitter.

There are 40 new emoticons in this version.

You can filter images by their Color Space.

You can assign an optional name to your files for printing.

You can pin images to the Photoshop Elements 2019 Quick Access toolbar.

You can share images on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google.

You can crop images for use in the Instagram and Facebook apps.

You can copy files to the clipboard and paste them to a browser, write to a disk, copy to the desktop, open with Photoshop, or import directly into Bridge.

You can convert files from RAW to TIFF, JPEG, and more.

You can change file formats and add text to images.

You can edit and animate video.

You can create custom shapes and modify gradients.

You can add filters, frames, and effects to images.

You can edit a photo using the crop tool.

You can customize the resize tool.

You can use Paint with the Freehand tool.

You can blend two or more images together.

You can apply a gradient, spot color, and work with layers.

You can

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Free Download?

The Magic Wand enables you to select an area of an image by clicking once on it to mark it.
The Pen tool allows you to draw or paint directly on your image, much like a marker. It has different modes, such as simple lines, geometric shapes, curves, text and bitmap.
Layers are grouped elements that enable you to build up your workpiece, usually by arranging objects, text, or pictures.
Once you’ve learned Photoshop, feel free to add more of your favorite tools and effects to your arsenal. Here are a few things you may find useful.
Adding Luminosity Mask
The Masking feature enables you to isolate areas of an image that must be altered. This is useful for cleaning up a badly aliased scan or retouching an image.
The default process is to paint on the image or use a brush to fill the area with a new color. If this doesn’t work for your image, you can use the Magic Wand tool, which selects the brightest and darkest area. Click once to mask the areas you don’t want to alter.
Alternatively, you can select your image using the Magic Wand and choose Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All. This turns the red and black “mask” color to white, revealing the masked areas on the image. Now you can paint on the image as usual.
Creating a Custom Effect
The Filter menu provides dozens of options for creating unique effects to add to your photos. Most filters are available under the Filters menu. They are categorized as either 3D, Artistic, Color, Black & White, Gradients, Light Effects, and Vectors.
You can apply filters to individual objects or across an entire image. Some filters include vignettes, blurs, and distortions. You can easily delete a filter and create a new one by selecting the Filter menu and choosing New Filter. Click on the arrow to display all the different filters you can create.

Sort By Layers
When you drag and drop layers into the Layers panel, you can name your layers by clicking on each layer title. Layer names appear in the upper-left area of the panel when you click and drag a layer.
You can also sort your layers by color, brightness, and size. To do this, click on the “A” or “B” buttons on the bottom of the panel. When you sort layers, they appear in ascending or descending order.
Clone an Object
If you have lots of objects in

System Requirements:

The following are minimum system requirements, recommended system requirements, and features to be considered for best performance. We do not guarantee a specific performance level and we cannot provide support for you if your computer cannot meet these requirements.
Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Intel i3
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with at least 4 GB of video RAM
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectSound®-compatible sound card
Additional Features: Skype Audio