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Even though the first names when it comes to archiving files might still be veterans WinZip or WinRAR, there are also several reliable and just as feature-packed alternatives out there, such as IZArc.
Supports numerous types of archive formats
As soon as you installed IZArc, you get the possibility to set it as the default app for handling a wide range of formats, such as 7Z, ARC, ARJ, BIN, CAB, ISO, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR, ZIP, and many others.
If you are not sure about which of these archive types you want to work with, you can adjust these changes from the Configuration window later on.
Integrates within Windows Explorer
There are two ways to enjoy the functions of IZArc: the first one involves manually launching the GUI and selecting the operation you are interested in from the main window. This way, you can create new archives, extract the contents of existing packages or check their integrity.
The second method is to right-click a file and select one of the available actions. You can customize these options as you see fit to ensure they match your requirements: test the archive, send it via e-mail, create or extract archive, convert or open the main window of the app.
All in all, IZArc makes it possible for you to not only build new archives or extract files from your current ones, but also scan documents using VirusTotal, verify the archives' integrity or create EXE files that can be launched even by those without any PC skills.
Moreover, you can encrypt or decrypt archives, create multi-volume sets or convert archives from one format to another, as you choose. Searching inside an archive without actually opening it first is also possible when using IZArc, as well as converting CD images to other formats you might need.







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IZArc Download With Full Crack is an extremely powerful Windows program that allows you to archive and protect files within a list of supported formats, including ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ARJ, ARC, ISO, BIN, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR, and TAR.
You can open or create archives, extract the contents of existing packages and scan them for viruses using a number of powerful tools. Furthermore, IZArc Cracked Version offers an option to convert files from a set of formats to any other supported by the app.
To ensure that you get everything just right, IZArc offers a number of ways to customize the actions you perform within the app to suit your own needs.
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This software is a Windows only app
The ZIP, RAR, and LZH formats are supported
The 7Z, BIN, ARJ, ARC, ISO, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR, TAR, ZIP, and WIM formats are supported
Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 is available
The app currently requires Windows 7 or higher
Feature highlights:
Easy to use interface
Create new, extract, and search archives
The app currently supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
The app currently requires Windows 7 or higher
An intuitive interface
Search within archives using an advanced algorithm
Allows you to search with file name, zip code, md5, or SHA1 check.
Does not work with files larger than 2GB
Advanced scanning features
Converts and encrypts archives
Allows you to convert or encrypt archives
Allows you to convert, open, or extract archives
Allows you to remove bad parts of a file
Allows you to merge, split, and burn archives
Allows you to check archives’ integrity
Allows you to scan archives for viruses using VirusTotal

As soon as you installed IZArc, you get the possibility to set it as the default app for handling a wide range of formats, such as 7Z, ARC, ARJ, BIN, CAB, ISO, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR, ZIP, and many others.
If you are not sure about which of these archive types you want to work with, you can adjust these changes from the Configuration window later on.
Integrates within Windows Explorer
There are two ways to enjoy the functions of IZArc: the

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[49] You need to run the app on a machine with at least 4 GB of RAM.
[50] You need to run the app on a machine with at least a 1 GB of free disk space.
[51] You need to run the app on a machine with at least Windows XP SP2
[52] IZArc is a standalone app. However, you need to have IZArc.ps installed on the target machine as well.
[53] The program is 100% free. However, you need a working internet connection to use the full potential of IZArc.
[54] The main window can be scaled from 100% to 110%. However, the text font has a bit of a problem at 90% or 100% scaling. I fixed the issue in v5.2.8 for Windows 10.
[55] The initial installation download is about 67 MB.
[56] While it is possible to send an archive to a friend via e-mail, you also have the option of attaching it to an e-mail message.
[57] While IZArc can convert audio/video files to all of the formats mentioned, the conversion speed will be faster when both audio/video files and their metadata (track information) are kept intact.
[58] In order to reduce the impact on the target computer, you can choose to run IZArc in the background. All of the settings you make to run IZArc in the background will remain the same, with the only exception that you cannot modify the auto-extraction settings.
[59] Using “Open with” in Windows is as simple as clicking on a file and selecting the program you want to use.
[60] An optional QR code generator allows you to add a QR code to your archive, which can be used to open or open files from that archive directly.
[61] You have access to the program’s file history. It allows you to switch between the different versions of the files you have archived.
[62] The program offers a ZIP converter.
[63] You can convert audio/video files and their metadata into a various list of file formats, including ZIP, ISO, JAR, MDF, RAR, and many others.
[64] As with the other tools mentioned, you can have IZArc search within the archive.
[65] IZArc has a separate tab for scanning the archive for viruses.

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IZArc is a cross-platform file archiving and compression software. IZArc can compress, archive, convert, encrypt, split, extract, and create archive files. Built-in compression algorithms and ZIP archives make it a fast file archiving tool. IZArc is open-source software, so it’s free for any use and you can customize the way it works according to your needs. Advanced support for ZIP archives and native network file transfers make IZArc compatible with all Windows versions since Windows 7.
IZArc has built-in algorithms for all archive types. It offers compression and decompression of archives using several algorithms: ZIP (RAR, 7-Zip) and LZH.
Apart from the built-in compression options, it also offers many user-defined profiles that you can load as ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip or LZH archives. You can compress a whole folder or multiple files at once using compression. With this feature, you can compress entire libraries or archives just by right-clicking them.
IZArc has built-in decompression algorithms for RAR, ZIP and LZH archives, so you can decompress all your archives even when they are compressed with the mentioned formats. IZArc also offers separate modules for multi-volume archives, file splitting, accessing archives’ contents and converting archive file formats.
Archive Creation
IZArc supports all zip, tar and bzip2 archive types. The integrated ARC feature makes it easy to create cross-platform archives.
Format Conversion
You can use IZArc to create archive files for popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or DOCX. IZArc’s format conversion tools allow you to:
– Move and copy files to and from archives (move, copy, link, unlink, delete, rename).
– Split archives into smaller parts.
– Combine archives into multi-volume sets.
– Convert between various file formats (BIN, CAB, CDA, EXE, ISO, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, WIM, ZIP, Z).
– Scan archives for viruses using virusTotal.
– Encrypt archives using the best-in-class AES encryption algorithm.
– Decrypt archives using the best-in-class AES decryption algorithm.
– Encode-decode files with Base64

What’s New in the?

IZArc is a comprehensive archive manager, but has more to offer. It provides you with complete encryption, compression, archiving, packaging, and distribution capabilities. It also includes a File Browser, which is similar to Windows Explorer’s built-in file manager.
Simple installation, easy to use
Installing IZArc is as easy as copying the files and folders to a location on your hard disk. You don’t need any special knowledge to do this. Its simple and intuitive interface allows you to perform all archive-related tasks without having to go through a lengthy tutorial.
In addition, it is possible to set various preferences and settings through the configuration window. These can be changed at any time to adjust the program to your own needs and preferences.
Extensive support for almost all archive formats
IZArc supports archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, CAB, XZ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, LHA, LZ, TAR.LZ, PK and 7z.
Additionally, it includes a wide variety of advanced features, such as integrated volume scanning, compression, archiving, encryption, etc. It also supports all types of archives, including compressible zip, lzip, lha, lzma, lzx, lzma. These compression methods are used to speed up the archiving process.
For those interested in archiving compressed documents or images, IZArc includes a robust archive file manager. It supports all popular compression formats, including zip, bzip2, gzip, arj, 7z, cab, xz, hfsplus, hfs, iso, lzma, p7z, rar, rar, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tbz2, tar.lzma, tarlzma, tar.xz, tarshz, tar.gz, tarlz, tar.xz, txz, tz, t, ut, 7z.
Once you have finished archiving or creating archives, you will probably want to use the program’s FileBrowser tool to explore the contents of your files. The IZArc FileBrowser is available as a separate tab. You can view any archive or file that is currently active by accessing the FileBrowser. It can be used as a file manager with drag and drop capabilities. It also has a bit of a file tree displayed on the left and a

System Requirements For IZArc:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB Video Memory
DirectX: Version 11
Gamepad (mouse): Yes
Keyboard: Yes
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
Controller Play (keyboard/mouse): Yes
Controller Support: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 wired controller
Hands on: Yes