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Legible Latin is an effective and easy to understand piece of software that was developed to offer you a straightforward method of translating words in a Latin text, by providing you with multiple meanings and letting you pick the one you think best matches.
Clear-cut and accessible usage
Subsequent to a brief installation process, with no particularly mentionable events, you can launch the program and begin working with it right away, as its intuitive looks make it approachable for anyone, even if you lack prior experience.
The main window of Legible Latin allows you to input the text that you want to use either from a TXT file, from your clipboard or from an online source.
Learn the meaning of Latin words with just a few mouse moves
After having added the phrases that you need to work with, you can use the ‘Text Size’ and ‘Line Spacing’ arrows to adjust its appearance, so it can be easier to read for you. For the same purpose, the 'Preferences' window enables you to choose the font and size.
To get started, you can simply hover and click on the targeted items. Depending on its type (noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc), Legible Latin will display several details about it, for instance its other forms when conjugated.
In addition, the utility will provide you with the various meanings of the terms, and you can decide which best suits the context. In a lower panel, Legible Latin features other usage examples inside the same text, while the ‘Analyze’ tab will reveal ‘Second Closest Words’.
However, if you are in the process of translating the text, you will need to write the English version in an individual document, as Legible Latin does not feature a window or section where you can type your translation, to allow you to compare the two, side-by-side.
A useful Latin dictionary
To sum it up, Legible Latin is a handy, albeit rather limited tool functioning as a translation instrument for the Latin language, which helps you obtain the various equivalent English meanings for each and every element in a given text, all with a simple click.


Download 🆗 https://urllie.com/2n1w2a

Download 🆗 https://urllie.com/2n1w2a






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Legible Latin Serial Key is a software utility designed to perform a rather simple and not particularly beautiful action – translate Latin words into English and vice versa.
However, when you grab a Latin text and paste it into its input box (upon launch, or upon saving a source from online), you can then click on one or many of the Latin words in order to get the particular translation that applies, as well as several other information about it.
After having copied the text, you can then paste it inside the text box of another document (like Word, Pages, etc.), with the translated version automatically appearing, ready to be viewed.
Of course, you can also save the Latin text as well, so that it will be available in any subsequent launch.
As mentioned before, Legible Latin Torrent Download contains a dictionary that contains the Latin words, meaning and example sentence, making it a good tool for both learning and homework purposes. However, it fails to support English words.
Fortunately, the free version of Legible Latin supplies users with a basic dictionary, yet if you want to go further, you can get the full version which comes in two variants:
The complete version is a fairly comprehensive dictionary, with a category-based organization allowing you to have easier access to a specific English meaning (noun, verb, etc) or one of its Latin forms (conjugated or past participle) and only if you want to, you can opt to go to the full list of examples (a list of all the Latin words or English words) in the dictionary.
The version is only accessible by putting in the relevant license key, while the other one is freely available with no need to register.
Key features:
• Support for Latin and English texts• Support for the English language• Support for a variety of Latin forms (conjugated or past participle)• Support for multiple meanings of a given word
• Support for translation of Latin words, directly into English
• Support for the direct translation of English words, into Latin• Support for a grammar-based part of the software (from the Latin classification system)
• Support for the classification of Latin sentences (from the Latin classification system)
• Support for two definitions per word (the important and the secondary one)
• Support for a handy dictionary containing a form of the word, its meaning, and a sentence to use as example
• Support for grammar checking, by enabling the selection of the text (or the text area) to be checked for validity

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All features:

Input phrases from TXT, Clipboard or online resource

Translate words

Find pairs of English words that could be translated

Translation examples in the same text

Other usage examples

Find Second Closest Words

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Author’s Review

Latin is one of the oldest languages of the world, and undoubtedly among the most complex and difficult to grasp. Luckily for us, in this case it was possible to utilize the Latin to English translation software, capable of providing us with an approximate translation, as opposed to the one that we might eventually have been lucky to find in a dictionary.
Legible Latin was designed to help us out with the translation process. Each word in a Latin text is provided with its various definitions, alongside with the possible English meanings. The more a term is frequent, the more it is accompanied with its translations.
Best Latin-English and English-Latin translations
The one thing that we should keep in mind when we are working with Latin, is the fact that Latin is built on the same alphabet as English. Therefore, the accuracy of our translations depends on the quality of the dictionary that we have selected.
Like a dictionary, the Latin-English translation software is built on a large database of words. Each of them is accompanied by its alphabetical definitions, plus the possible English counterparts.
Legible Latin also features a great dictionary, which lets us utilize the browser to search a word, to find its most probable meanings and perhaps it will even tell us that it is a rare word, when used as an adverb.
Lacking a Latin dictionary?
In case of the case, it might be the best idea to come to terms with the fact that, for a while, we might need to rely on some sort of translations only. A Latin translation is a word by word process, where the words in the original text are translated one by one. An English translation, on the other hand, is a process of paraphrase, where a word by word translation is avoided.
The best thing you can do, is to use a free form, online, which might be possible with the software that we have reviewed.
Highlighted feature of the software
One of the most highlighted features of Legible Latin, that we should definitely keep in mind, is the fact that the software is not limited to the Latin-English translations only. It can work just

Legible Latin

Translating text in Latin is a hard work, and that’s why the vast majority of us use a tool such as this one. When looking for a program with this purpose, Legible Latin stands out from the crowd thanks to its fully automated nature, which enables you to find an immediate solution.
Following a simple and straightforward installation process, with just one line of code added, you can start working with the program and familiarise yourself with its interface in a matter of seconds.
The program’s layout is straightforward and intuitive, with no tricky features or issues with switching between windows. The best part is its font, which is clear-cut, allowing you to conveniently adjust it as you need.
If you only need an easy way to translate words in Latin, then Legible Latin is an excellent choice, as it is characterised by a wide selection of phrases, and is fully compatible with both Windows and Macs.
What’s in the Box?



Easy to learn

Includes a wide selection of phrases

Includes an online dictionary

Allows you to select phrases by type


Doesn’t enable you to translate the text directly

No online dictionary


Legible Latin is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and free Latin translation software. It offers a wide selection of phrases to help you translate text in Latin, and also includes an online dictionary to help you translate the words faster. It also includes an online Latin-English dictionary to help you translate words and phrases faster.


Legible Latin was described as easy to use, with clean and simple interface that makes the usage of the software simple, despite its restricted functionality.

Alternative products to Legible Latin

The suggested alternative to Legible Latin is Linguee Latin Edition, which is available for Windows. The program is categorised as a dictionary, and can be used to translate text in other languages. It has been downloaded 5,538 times from our website.

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What’s in the box?


Font support


It doesn’t translate the text

Only allows you to translate one phrase at a

What’s New in the?

Legible Latin is a Latin word processor for Windows that assists you in translating Latin text into English, Spanish or French.
As its name suggests, the tool is of both a grammatical and dictionary nature, hence it is an excellent way of defining and translating Latin vocabulary.
The application is in the evaluation phase, and we invite you to express your views about it.
Legible Latin provides you with the various equivalent English meanings of the Roman language elements.
The product has a convenient and attractive user interface with friendly and minimalistic “user-friendly” aesthetics.
Legible Latin comes with the ability to provide you with the various meanings for each and every word, from which you can easily decide which one best matches the context of a given passage.
For a particular word, Legible Latin will offer you with multiple meanings, so it’s up to you to decide which one you find most appropriate.
Legible Latin was reviewed by Frederic, le 15.09.2017.
File Name: LegibleLatinPro.1.00.00.exe
Size: 2.96 MB

Brief Review:

The entire program includes many common features, such as reading the definitions of the selected word, translating the given passage, highlighting the text. The app is compatible with all versions of Windows, and can install without issues on the 64-bit operating systems of both 32 and 64 bits.

Legible Latin Review:

More resources about Legible Latin:

Legible Latin is a very easy to use, convenient application for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Legible Latin was reviewed by Arthur, on August 30th, 2013

File Name: LegibleLatin.exe
Size: 3.9 MB

Legible Latin Description:

Legible Latin is a powerful editor for the Latin language that makes it easy to read and, therefore, translate Latin text into the English language.

Legible Latin provides you with the various meanings of each Latin word, giving you the possibility to decide which one best matches the context of the given sentence.

One of the most significant benefits of Legible Latin is that it’s a dictionary for the Latin language, offering you the ability to translate text from any Latin-based text editor.

Legible Latin can edit in all Windows versions, including the most recent ones.

Legible Latin was reviewed by Steve, on August 05th, 2013

File Name: Mac

System Requirements For Legible Latin:

Supported OS:
Windows – 7
Mac OS – 10.6
Linux – Ubuntu 16.04
Linux – Ubuntu 14.04
Linux – Ubuntu 12.04
Windows – 8
Linux – Fedora 17
Linux – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Linux – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Windows – 8.1
Supported Video Cards:
AMD Radeon
AMD Radeon HD 4000 (RV350)
AMD Radeon HD 5000
AMD Radeon HD 6000
AMD Radeon HD 7000