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Lion RSS is a comprehensive and easy to use RSS feed reader that you can use to stay informed about the latest news on your favorite websites.
The RSS library stores all the RSS links. Lion RSS is designed for those who are looking for a simple feed reader, with no complicated menus and options.







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An easy to use RSS feed reader.
– Store, view and edit RSS feeds from any website.
– Rss feeds support from any website including newsgroups such as Google groups and Wikipedia.
– Supports feeds from RSS 1.0 to 2.0.
– Allows you to read and delete feeds.
– Supports New Tab page support.
– Supports drag and drop in the new tab page.
– Supports infinite scrolling, no need to refresh the page when you reach the bottom of the feeds.
– Supports selection of feeds in a folder.
– Full screen support.
– Supports keyboard shortcuts.
– Supports smooth scrolling.
– Supports offline mode.
– Supports alternative views including friend’s list, top news, full text, and email client.
– Supports unlimited number of feeds.
– Supports IME input method.
– Supports emoji characters.
– Supports contact list.
– Supports Google Talk/IRC/Googletalk Conversation.
– Supports split mode.
– Supports multiple account support.
– Supports font size adjustment.
– Supports address bar editing.
– Supports bookmarking.
– Supports quick reply to articles.
– Supports application kit integration.
– Supports receiving news by e-mail.
– Supports Thai, Chinese and Japanese language support.
– Supports copying the text with links to the web.
– Supports changing your default browser to other browsers.
– Supports opening multiple instances of the app.
– Supports opening a new tab without leaving a page you are in.
– Supports opening several tabs on a single window.
– Supports custom URL actions.
– Supports Twitter notification.
– Supports Dailymotion video.
– Supports Wikipedia articles.
– Supports filter support including Stremium filter.
– Supports tag and starred filter.
– Supports favorites filter.
– Supports one news at a time.
– Supports categories filter.
– Supports scheduling filter.
– Supports various customizations including a library of skins.
– Supports multiple accounts.
– Supports auto-sorting.
– Supports auto-sync.
– Supports offline reading.
– Supports offline support.
– Supports Voice over IP support.
– Supports secure connections.
– Supports SSL support.
– Supports a notification message.
– Supports advertisements.
– Supports advanced color themes.
– Supports a dark and bright mode.
– Supports status bar.
– Supports third party web browser integration.
– Supports

Lion RSS Crack + [Updated] 2022

* View your feeds in grid or list style.
* Manage your feeds from list view to preview mode, depending on your need.
* Preview, unsubscribe or archive feeds directly in your reader.
* The selected feed text is underlined, so you can easily copy it from your reader.
* You can easily set the subscription mode and type of subscription feed source, depending on your need.
* Added an option to auto-mark as read (star) feeds, so it will save your time.
* You can define any number of feeds for a subscription, to manage it easily.
* Search for any feed URL from the list of subscribed feeds.
* Subscribe or view feeds you like.
* Select the number of items per page, from 0 (all results) to infinite (one row per page).
* View the number of items in each feed.
* Download feed images from the selected feed or automatically from the feed URL.
* Subscribed feeds are grouped in the main RSS section, so it’s easy to browse.
* You can set the feed titles and description in the main feed list.
* The preview mode is very intuitive and helpful, so you can better view and compare feeds.
* You can easily remove and add feeds.
* Favorites, marked as read feeds, are stored in the Favorites list, so they will be easy to select.
* Search for a specific URL of a feed.
* The list view is clean and the subscribe, unsubscribe and star tasks are separated.
* You can select any feed title for the initial view.
* Preview feeds with the selected number of items per page, from 0 (all results) to infinite (one row per page).
* The RSS visualization allows you to browse feeds visually.
* Auto-star or favorite the feeds you like.
* You can remove favorite feeds and delete the list.
* Search for the feed URL from the list of subscribed feeds.
* When you change the list view, the feed URL and items number changes, without losing your previous setup.
* Select the number of items per page, from 0 (all results) to infinite (one row per page).
* The ‘Feeds’ and ‘RSS’ sections are interactive and the feed URL changes, depending on your feeds selection.
* You can open the selected feed directly.
* You can select any feed title for the main

Lion RSS Download

Read your favorite websites news, exchange blog updates and just stay informed! You can read news on any website from any category.
With Lion RSS you will be able to see the latest news on facebook, twitter and google plus and stay informed of events happening on the web.
Lion RSS Features:
Quick and easy navigation of the internet.
Lion RSS is fully customizable for any feed with user interaction, much like a discussion forum.

2) Kaxitaris Newest School Newsreader 5.5
Kaxitaris newest school newsreader is a free school newsreader for the iPhone and iPad. It has a simple but attractive design, with easy to use navigation. It is easy to add or remove your favorite news sites and web feeds.
Kaxitaris Newest School Newsreader Description:

Kaxitaris Newest School Newsreader is a free school newsreader. It features a simple but attractive and easy to use design with a large list of news sites and web feeds to choose from. Add, remove and manage news sites or web feeds with a few simple clicks.

Kaxitaris Newest School Newsreader is the ideal newsreader for all students, teachers, professors and students who want to stay informed.

3) FaveReaders iOS Newsreader 5.8.1
FaveReaders is a free iPhone and iPad RSS reader that provides a simple and easy to use reading interface.
FaveReaders iOS Newsreader Features:
FaveReaders is a complete RSS reader, web feed and social book reader for iOS devices.
You can easily access and manage your subscriptions from any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV. FaveReaders also supports Apple Newsstand.
You can create your own free news reader account (previously called “device”) and you can access all your subscriptions from any iOS device.
You can also read news or social posts from any website you are currently browsing in Safari.
You can subscribe to any web feed with a simple drag and drop to save.
You can create your own custom or universal feed.
You can also mark your most watched articles or bookmarks.
You can view and read news articles, blogs or social posts.
You can share articles to social networks, choose between Twitter and Facebook, and set your Twitter or Facebook profile picture.
You can choose between list, grid and timeline view.
You can search articles,

What’s New in the?

The RSS feed is like the postcard of news, if we read it, we will know what is on the other side. In the new world, the technology of the internet, no longer just an efficient and user-friendly offline computer, just forward a message.
Everyone knows that RSS is an abbreviation of “Rich Site Summary”. RSS is a website format that can provide an update at any time, being the most user-friendly.
Read more:

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System Requirements For Lion RSS:

Mac OS X 10.10 or later
1.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
8 GB available space
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Properly installed third-party drivers are highly recommended
Testing was done using a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro
Angeldust 0.2.2
200 tiles, drawn at a resolution of 72px by 72px (72 tiles total)
Particle instance size 2
The last configuration used was save0101.txt in the ‘dist’