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There are two main components that make up OpenKomodo:
■ Komodo Edit which is a free, open source text editor
■ Komodo IDE is a free, cross-platform IDE for dynamic languages
■ This integration allows you to edit both your code and your documentation in one editor while still having access to the IDE’s integrated debugging tools, statistics, and version control
■ While Komodo Edit is available as a native application, Komodo IDE is available as a set of Eclipse plug-ins.
Komodo IDE Description:
Komodo IDE is an IDE for developing and debugging C, C++, PHP, ASP, Perl, Python and Java code in a single environment.
■ It’s a full-featured IDE for a wide range of languages and programming environments
■ It’s built using Eclipse Platform in such a way that the IDE becomes very powerful and usable in addition to being a source code editor
■ It can be used from within the browser window or in a stand-alone application
Komodo IDE Features:
■ It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris platforms
■ It has support for numerous databases like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL
■ It’s built to work with version control systems like CVS, Subversion, and Git
■ It includes a plugin for controlling Git to allow you to work with it through the IDE
■ It has a debugger based on Eclipse
■ It has a plugin for Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Eclipse, Netbeans, and IntelliJ IDEA
■ It has integrated tools for testing, static analysis, debugging, and profiling
■ It has a plugin for managing build processes through Ant and Maven
■ It has an extension for remote debugging (using such applications as Wireshark and Netbeans)
Komodo Edit Features:
Komodo Edit has many features available for users that make it work very much like a sophisticated text editor.
The scope of work includes:
■ The Sublime Text Text Editor is one of the best free text editors for Mac OS X and Windows
■ It has the ability to work with both JavaScript and Python code from a simple HTML document
■ It has various key bindings for navigation through code or markup
■ It has

OpenKomodo Free Download

The open Komodo IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) that will make you love languages like Java and C++ again!
ActiveState’s Komodo code is a new product that is completely open and freely available under the GPL license.
The product is built with the same open technologies that created the award winning Komodo IDE.
Every facet of the development environment has been open sourced.
What You’ll Get:
■ Komodo – an open source IDE that is a multi-language editor for dynamic languages
■ With Komodo, you can quickly and easily write and run programs
■ Not just for the seasoned developer, Komodo is easier than ever for beginners
■ Learn more about developing with Komodo at:

Komodo Overview:
Komodo is a free IDE for developing programs in dynamic languages and Internet technologies.
Komodo is a free IDE that has comprehensive support for multiple languages.
Komodo’s open source code base includes all of the functionality you need to create programs, including:
■ A visual editor
■ A compiler
■ An interpreter
■ Support for multiple languages and file types
Komodo Editor Overview:
As the focus of the IDE is on dynamic languages and Internet technologies, Komodo has support for debugging, writing HTML, XML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Because the IDE is an open-source project, it is easily extendable using XML, JavaScript, and Python.
You can easily create custom tasks in Komodo, such as building a web-based browser or creating a form processing utility.
Komodo is easy to get started with.
■ Simply download Komodo and start developing
■ If you want to know more about Komodo, check out the full product description at:

Open Komodo Project Description:
The Open Komodo Project, based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, is a new initiative by ActiveState to create an open source platform for building developer environments.
ActiveState has open-sourced elements of Komodo Edit, a free multi-language editor for dynamic languages based on Komodo IDE, to create the Open Komodo code base.
This application is easily extensible using XML, JavaScript, and if you like, Python and C.
Here are

OpenKomodo Download

This project was started at Klipfolio the past couple of months and is open sourced. We are inviting you to join us on our journey to deliver an alternative development stack for our customers.
By joining the project, you will be helping to bring in the community and all your ideas and contributions will be accepted and even encouraged.
To learn more or to join the project or even to start a discussion, please visit the project’s page at

ActiveState Blog

Are you a developer who has access to a Mac? Would you like to work from a desktop environment which is familiar to one you use at home? Does your IDE become limited in functionality when you need to develop on the Mac? Well, ActiveState has you covered with Komodo Edit.
ActiveState Komodo Edit is a free multi-language editor for dynamic languages with built-in support for a number of major languages, including C/C++, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP,.Net, HTML, and WebObjects, and supporting features to accelerate the development process and to ensure quality.
Komodo Edit, which is based on Komodo IDE, is focused on development using dynamic languages and Internet technologies. While it supports these technologies, the development environment is designed to be extension-agnostic. It is just as focused on other technologies as these, such as COM or Java, and offers seamless support for these. You can use it with VNC to remotely connect to your machine while you are working in a networked setting, using an SSH client to connect to your machine, or using virtualization to create a remote desktop connection.

The product that we love and use at ActiveState to build our customer products, Komodo IDE, includes a free Komodo Edit which is based on Komodo IDE. While our customers have enjoyed the product for years, Komodo Edit has not received the level of attention we have given Komodo IDE. We are excited to announce the release of Komodo Edit 0.6, based on Komodo IDE 0.8, a complete re-write of the core editor component of Komodo IDE which was the first application released by ActiveState.
With the release of Komodo Edit 0.6, based on Komodo IDE 0.8, we are happy to make the full product, including all of the component applications, available under an open source license.
The product is open source. Please download it, try it out

What’s New In?

Open Komodo is a free multi-language (including Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, JSP/JEE, etc) code editor, which is also a base for developing applications for any dynamic web environment (including Java, Flash, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc). Using Open Komodo, you can develop web applications using any dynamic language, without any strings attached.
What is new in this release:
■ ActiveState has published an open source project containing the implementation of the editor
■ ActiveState has committed to maintaining the implementation of the editor
■ This will be the foundation for the next developer tool offerings, namely komodo tools and contributions to other open source projects
Upcoming Features:
■ ActiveState will open source the next version of Komodo Edit (komodo tools) in a few days (Q3 2009)
■ ActiveState will open source the next version of Komodo IDE (komodo ide) in a few weeks (Q4 2009)
■ ActiveState will use this time period to collect feedback and work with developers to make sure that the platform is suited for developer needs
■ To be the first open-source multi-language code editor, focused on building developers’ environments.
■ To achieve great developer experience.
■ To provide robust and stable foundation for future products.
■ To collaborate closely with open source communities to build a developer platform for the best technology in the industry.
■ To be a good example of open source
Download here:

Instructions to use:
After downloading the zip file, unzip it and look for “openKomodo.jar” file.
This file has various command line arguments to configure the editor.
For more information, visit us at:

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System Requirements For OpenKomodo:

Requires a CPU with HyperThreading and 4 GB of RAM.
RAR requires at least Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later (32-bit) or Windows 8 with Service Pack 1 or later (64-bit).
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