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Although Photoshop offers so much power to its users, it has some limitations. While most of Photoshop’s functions have been designed for professionals, non-professional users can often get great results with Photoshop’s tools.

* **Limitations in editing:** Photoshop enables a lot of sophisticated tools, such as cropping, retouching, and retouching, but these tools require skill to use well. Thus, a non-expert may struggle with Photoshop’s more advanced functions.
* **Limitations in compatibility:** Because Photoshop is a program that runs on PC-based operating systems, some functions may not work properly if the system isn’t compatible with that specific version of Photoshop. Also, if you try to use Photoshop on a Macintosh system, problems may occur.
* **Limitations in organization:** Although most tools in Photoshop are organized well, the user interface of some tools can be confusing. In addition, sometimes editing software becomes fragmented, making it difficult to manage all the programs that a user might need.

* * *

# Tips and tools

All of the functions in Photoshop enable you to perform tasks in a variety of ways, as shown in Figure 8-13. In this figure, the two configurations for using the tool are shown. The first configuration allows you to perform the task shown in the Photoshop title bar.

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Every version of Photoshop includes a trial period. The trial allows you to use the software for no cost before you purchase a license. Unlike other software, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a limited-function version of the full Photoshop program.

Not only can you use Photoshop Elements for editing or creating graphics for websites, apps or social media, you can also use it to edit and create graphics for print, presentations and photographs.

Basic Photoshop Elements setup for a typical photo editing workstation Photo by Adobe

Understanding Photoshop Elements

You will learn everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements and photography in this tutorial.

What’s in Photoshop Elements?

The following features are included in Photoshop Elements:


Lightroom is a photo management and editing app. You can preview and edit RAW files and other types of digital photos. Photoshop Elements is compatible with the DNG RAW format and can also import images from cameras that use other file formats.

After you import images, you can adjust and tweak them in Lightroom before exporting them as image files for use in your graphics applications and websites.

Export options such as saving as JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF are available.

You can also rotate, crop, and adjust the white balance of the image.

You can also view the image as a black & white image, a color image, a grayscale image, and a monochrome image.

Lightroom allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness, and shadows and highlights of the image.

You can save your images in a variety of file formats, including DNG RAW, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PSD.

Bulb Photo by Adobe Lightroom

PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro is the world’s most popular creative tool for graphics. It’s used by artists, designers and photo editors.

You can edit images in PaintShop Pro and use it to create new work. It allows you to optimize your images for a variety of file formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PSD.

You can export your images and use them in Adobe graphics tools and editing programs.

The application also allows you to flatten 3D artwork.

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is a design tool for creating vector graphics. It is intended to help you create magazine and poster

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You can find brushes in the Brush panel. The Brush panel can be found in the Tools menu on the menu bar.

The Brush panel’s Settings tab lets you set the Brush Preset, which tells the Brush tool what Brush size, shapes, and strokes to use.

This example shows me using the default Brush Preset. The Brush Preset controls will change depending on which Brush you’re using.

Setting the Brush Preset is easy. All you have to do is hold down the Shift key while selecting a Brush and click on the Brush Preset you want to use.

The Brush Presets panel holds a long list of Brush Presets ready to use. For a detailed look at the different Brush sizes and Shapes, check out The Complete Photoshop Brush Guide.

If you are using a tablet, make sure you have your tablet set to use the larger Brush or Pen size.

Brushes can help you create cool effects.

With more control over the Brush tool, you can create an effect much quicker than with the Paint Bucket tool.

Using the Brush tool’s settings, you can add a cool, blurred effect to the image or create a soft, brush-stroke effect. The Brush panel’s Settings tab is where you can adjust the Size, Size Increments, and Stroke Thickness settings.

Brush presets are some of the Brush tools most commonly used in Photoshop. Check out the different preset brushes in the Brush Presets panel.

For large images, or for when you just don’t have the patience to use the Brush tool, you can use the Paint Bucket tool. The Paint Bucket tool automatically fills in all areas of a selection, including empty areas. You can get started by selecting a shape and pressing the Paint Bucket tool. When you want to remove the Paint Bucket effect, click on a deselected shape.

Some users have mentioned the Paint Bucket is a good way to quickly repair images that get a bit blurry. I had been told that, but I didn’t think it would work. The reason you should use the Paint Bucket over the Clone Stamp is that you can control how the Paint Bucket tool changes the selection border.

The Paint Bucket tool changes the selection border width as you move your cursor. If you’re in a hurry, the Paint Bucket tool could save you time. Check out the Paint Bucket tool to get more information about its different settings.

If you want, you can erase parts of your image

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Great ideas, thanks.

Could you perhaps elaborate on “update to you when you change”? That seems to
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I’ve been using for a few months now and it’s just
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