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You’ll quickly come to appreciate Photoshop’s ability to replicate most of the methods you’ve learned in this book using techniques more appropriate to digital images. See Resizing Images for examples.

* **Multi-layer editing**. All the layers that you add to your image are kept separate, so you can add them one at a time, change a layer’s color, or even merge several layers. You have direct access to the individual layers, including a Reset Layer command that reverts the contents of a layer to the original image. When you create a new layer, it appears as a transparent, independent, and editable overlay on the image. You can merge or combine layers (moving them onto one layer) and then re-separate them into individual layers.

You can apply special effects to layers or entire images, even when the image is at 100 percent magnification. As discussed in the previous chapter, a collection of special tools lets you apply some of the effects from this book, like blurring and lightening.

Layers aren’t just used for creating the perfect image, though. You’ll often have entire images contained within layers and combine those layers to form a composite image, like a layered photo.

Adobe calls its procedure for combining image layers “masking.” The number of layers you’ve created determines how many masks you can have. You can mask with a layer, combine layers, or mask a mask, and the process is similar to paintbrushes on canvas.

You can merge or mask layers together using the following techniques:

* Choose the **Layers Panel** from the Window menu.

* Click the flippy triangle at the top of the Layers panel window.

* Choose **Layer > Merge Down

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The Adobe Photoshop Elements version is compatible with the macOS and Windows operating systems. In this article, we have discussed how to edit images, edit layers, import images, export images, add text, logo, and other tools.

Get Ready

Consider preparing a few images, a folder of photos, and a USB flash drive and get ready to explore the best practices for using Photoshop Elements in the field.

Starting up Photoshop Elements

At first, you will see a screen that says the following: “Welcome to Photoshop Elements. You are now ready to create a new document.”

Now, follow these steps:

Select File > Open, browse to the folder where you saved the image files.

Select Open and the files will open in Photoshop Elements.

While using Photoshop Elements, once you add a new image, the screen displays the following information about your image:

The file name

The size (in pixels)

The number of layers

The resolution

Once you open an image, you see the following screen:

Select the File menu > Open to open the image you want to edit.

Note: Unlike the full version of Photoshop, once you open an image, a new document automatically opens with the name of the image.

Select File > Open in Photoshop Elements to open the image in Elements instead of Photoshop.

Click OK to close the image.

Saving the Image

Photoshop Elements enables you to save, close or exit the image you are working on.

Select File > Save, type a name for the image in the Save as box, check the box at the bottom of the box for Save, then save the image in the folder you saved the image file.

You can also save a cropped version of the image in the bottom of the box if you want.

When you save an image, it will prompt you to select a compression level, which is the quality of the image saved.

See “Setting the compression level” below for more information.

Making the File Thumbnail

After you save the image, you can make a thumbnail version of the image you just saved in the bottom of the box.

Do the following:

Select File > Save as > File to thumbnail.

Type a name in the box in the Save as box and click Save.

Edit an Image

Photoshop Elements supports multiple

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