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All browsers allow you to view a log cataloging all the websites you have visited, but for those who consider this feature insufficient, third-party tools can prove a godsend.
As its name suggests, SterJo Firefox History is a program that offers to reveal your Firefox search history, providing you with easy-to-explore lists so that you effortlessly find previously visited URLs.
Displays your Firefox history in a clutter-free GUI
The application comes with a simplistic user interface that lists all the sites you have checked out using Firefox browser, with the possibility of choosing the profile for which you want this info to be displayed. You can select it by navigating to the “File” menu. Note, however, that you may need administrator rights in order to prevent any errors.
All the websites are shown in the main window, along with details such as URL, title, visit count, as well as visit time, all in an uncluttered environment. Right-clicking any item provides you with three different actions you can take.
Users need to refresh it manually
You may thus copy or open the selected URL in the browser while also being able to copy an entire row to the clipboard.
What’s more, the application enables you to search for specific terms in your browser history and easily find strictly the results you are concerned with. Needless to say, saving the results the program prompts you with is also possible.
However, on the downside, the program does not come with a refresh button, which means that, in order to explore your Firefox history in its entirety, you need to restart the app.
Handy piece of software
All in all, SterJo Firefox History is a simplistic software utility that can manage your browser history, providing you with comprehensive info about each of your visits.







SterJo Firefox History Crack Activation Code With Keygen Latest

Our first Firefox History alternative, SterJo Firefox History, gives you more insight into the sites you have been visiting.
With a simple GUI, it displays your search history under various categories: the site you were looking for, the date and time you visited the site, and the web address you were navigating to.
You can copy, open and/or copy the URL of any history entry to the clipboard.

What’s more, SterJo Firefox History has built-in search functionality, so that you can use it to find all your lost search strings.
Included with the download is a usage guide, so that you can better understand how to manage your search history.

Allows you to paste the results

Click this ‘Refresh’ button and the source of your search history will be refreshed.

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In the following video, we will cover How to change Firefox default settings and its add-ons to make it faster?
Browsers are one of the oldest internet applications, and there are many ways to customize them and add extra features to it.
Firefox, being one of the most popular browsers, comes with a plethora of options, but not all the people know how to use these to get maximum from it.
To keep Firefox itself running fast, most of the people choose to use the online services offered by add-ons, many of which are available for free.
So, here are some best Firefox add-ons that you can use to make the browser more responsive and run faster.

All browsers are widely used because they open multiple tabs and enable you to stay connected to multiple websites. Moreover, they create many files, which makes the machine slow.

It also uses many plugins, which might slow down your device.

To make your browser faster, uninstall and don’t use default plugins. Here are some free plugins that will work miracles for you.
1. Unistall and disable addons
Before you do that, make sure you have checked every add-on option available.
You can check the add-ons by going to addon options> button “manage add-ons”.
After disabling all of the dangerous add-ons, go to your Firefox.
and click on “Options” and then go to the button “content”, where you can uncheck “enable add-ons”.
Now, you can do a

SterJo Firefox History Crack

Description: SterJo Firefox History Free Download is a sophisticated tool that records the websites you’ve visited in your Firefox browser.

Key Features:
Stores all websites you’ve visited
Stores search histories
Built-in search engine for finding websites
Provides you with quick links to the searched websites
Designed for use with Firefox browser
Supports manual and automatic searches
Automatic searches: gets websites in search history based on the keywords you type
Manual searches: you can find every URL in your Firefox browser history
Saves all the results to file
Save the selected results to file
Searching and filtering: find the sites you want to view in your browser history
Screen shots: screenshot the websites you view
Stores visited websites: store the visited websites in your browser history
Options: view, copy, and export search history
Built-in search engine for finding websites

✅ automated (searches multiple keywords and brings back URLs that match your search)
✅ it works on all Firefox versions
✅ converts URLs into search strings for faster searching
✅ stores all visited websites for later viewing
✅ can even show bookmarks as websites you’ve visited
✅ lists all visited websites with thumbnail and description
✅ stores the search for all keywords you use
✅ customizable, changing the colors and fonts
✅ supports customizable shortcuts to different functions
✅ customizable save/load history
✅ supports multiple saved history files
✅ supports name column
✅ supported languages:
– English
– Polish
– German
– Czech
– Indonesian
✅ view history in multiple sorting formats including browsed dates, hotkeys, and sorting by name
✅ filter history based on title, nickname, or description
✅ export history into multiple formats
✅ can add/remove/sort rows
✅ can export to text file
✅ can search history at the next start or when entering any URL

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SterJo Firefox History [Mac/Win] (2022)

– Helpful on crowded websites: You can’t be everywhere at once, and most web users are not. And the good news is that you can be wherever you want. The bad news is that you can’t be everywhere. At the very least, you can use the internet from the comfort of your own home.
– Chrome and Firefox users: The app is compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers and will work with any web browser, even the latest version of the Microsoft Edge. It doesn’t work on mobile browsers because they don’t keep track of your history.
– Recommended for ease of use: Built-in search engine for finding websites
– The app only keeps URLs for a limited time period and can only display URLs for 7 days at a time.
– The app can only store URLs but you can also store comments, searches, and bookmarks.
– Includes Web services to save and collect URLs.
– A saving, copying, and printing option is available.
– Ability to download for offline use.
– The app interface is relatively simple, so anyone can use it without any problems.
– Stats for each URL includes visit times, page views, and referrers.
– Works with Firefox and Chrome web browsers.
– Search engine that finds websites.
– Ability to search websites by keywords.
– Includes multiple URLs per saved search.

What’s new in version 1.0.12

Vist a servidor adicional para encontrar sitios.

Thanks for using SterJo Firefox History! We have recently released some new features and added more servers to make finding sites even easier. For more info visit our website and be sure to check out our Help Center!

Thanks for using SterJo Firefox History! We have recently released some new features and added more servers to make finding sites even easier. For more info visit our website and be sure to check out our Help Center!Q:

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