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Getting information about the hard drive components and analyzing their condition requires a highly specialized application and such a tool is ViVARD. Providing support for common interfaces, namely SATA, IDE and SCSI, this program is designed for low-level HDD diagnostics.
The application is only available in bootable image format for floppy disks. During the install process, you are prompted to write an emergency disk on a floppy drive.
Although it might seem easy to use, the application is not designed for beginners. Actually, it requires solid knowledge regarding booting a floppy disk, HDD structure and functioning.
With the help of this tool, you can perform different tests on your hard drive. For instance, the surface tests are designed to examine the surface of the hard disk, verify the integrity of each data sector and identify damaged or bad blocks. If you want to automatically replace found defects, the surface test with remap is the option to choose.
ViVARD can also be used for running maintenance tasks, in order to prolong the life of your hard drive and enhance its performance. It monitors the disk temperature and displays the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) characteristics, such as the “Raw Read Error Rate”, “Spin Up Time”, “Write Error Rate”, “Start/Stop Count”, “Seek Error Rate”, “Spin Retry Count” and more. All these indicators are designed to provide you with important information about your hard drive status and functioning parameters.
In addition to this, the application can permanently erase certain sectors or even the whole drive (including the MBR section and user data), thus helping you make sure that previously stored data cannot be recovered. Information about the selected disk model, size and logical block addressing is also displayed.
To sum up, ViVARD is a handy tool intended for experienced users that need to evaluate the state of the hard drive. It is not a simple application, but provides advanced features that professionals find useful.







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The following topics are shown in the program’s help screen:
– This entry contains information about the program and its version.
– This entry contains information about the operating system, which you’ll be running the application on.
– Here you’ll find information about the connected hard drive and data storage volume.
– If installed properly, you’ll have access to the program’s commands.
The program’s main window displays the following information:
– This section shows the number of connected drives and selected drives.
– Here you can find information about currently installed drives.
– The applied tests are displayed below the section above.
– Statistics about the configuration and results of the tests are shown in the section below.
– Here you’ll see the list of drives available in the test configuration.
– This section lists the commands available in the program.
A new disk is added to the test configuration (more than one disk is possible) and the selected test is initiated. The program displays the results of the tests.
After each test is performed, the following information appears:
– Status. This presents a brief description of the test results.
– OK – shows that the test passed without errors.
– Problems. This displays a list of detected errors, bad sectors and possible defects.
– S.M.A.R.T. – shows the SMART status for the test.
– Details. This displays detailed information about bad sectors and possible defects found.
– Open. This opens the selected disk.
– Open all. This opens all disks connected to the hard drive.
– Save. This saves the result of the test on the selected disk.
• Saving a single disk can be difficult since ViVARD Torrent Download supports only the Syslinux boot manager.
• If you want to save the results to the same disk as the one you’re running, you’ll have to overwrite the disk’s boot sector.
• If the disk has been formatted and you want to update the existing data, you’ll have to erase the partition or even the disk.
• The program cannot open the created image on the console because the boot code is only available on the floppy disk and not on the disk partition.
• By selecting Save (Save As) the application will prompt you to overwrite the existing partition information with the saved data on the disk. If you choose to do so, you

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– Operates in bootable image format
– Dual boot OS-2.x & DOS
– Runs with 5 different target filesystems: MSDOS FAT, DOS FAT32, NTFS, MS-DOS ext3 (JP) and VFAT
– Operates in a command prompt mode
– Full support for IDE, SCSI and SATA interfaces
– Supports all types of mass storage devices (FDD, HDD, SSD, SCSI)
– Scan the disk’s surface for surface damage
– Testing the Integrity of data sectors
– Run automatic tests on the disk’s surface and the file system it contains
– Scan the file system for the presence of bad blocks
– Run a graphical CHKDSK by VICHK
– Run an automated CHKDSK and CHKREPAIR (only with v6.0)
– Scan the disk for bad sectors (useful for PCs that use the ATA-133 specification)
– Check drive temperature
– Get access to the Drive Parameters by SMART
– Run a drive scan (with only option)
– Run a drive scan (with remap option)
– Erase selected sectors (useful for PCs that use the ATA-133 specification)
– Fill bad sectors (useful for PCs that use the ATA-133 specification)
– Run a drive scan and fill bad sectors simultaneously (useful for PCs that use the ATA-133 specification)
– Run a drive scan and fill bad sectors simultaneously (with remap option)
– Erase (erase all sectors on the drive)
– Power cycle the drive (computer hard drive will power up, all sectors will be erased on the disk)
– Run a drive scan, fill bad sectors and power cycle the drive simultaneously
– Install ViVARD on the partition’s first FAT area, second FAT area or a third FAT area on FAT system
– Run a drive scan, fill bad sectors and power cycle the drive simultaneously
– Erase the MBR and the partition table (all sectors will be erased on the disk)
– Power cycle the drive (computer hard drive will power up, all sectors will be erased on the disk)
– Run a drive scan, fill bad sectors and power cycle the drive simultaneously
– Erase the partitions
– Set the bootable flag (all sectors will be erased on the disk)
– Erase the MBR and the partition table (all sectors will be erased on

ViVARD With Serial Key

ViVARD (Virtual Drive evaluator for Hard Disks) is a tool designed for professional PC users, offering advanced HDD diagnostics and recovery options. This powerful utility is shipped with command line options.
ViVARD allows you to perform several types of tests (surface, cylinder, alternate and system tests) on every hard drive, including hard disk, flash memory, solid state drives, ZIP, removable drives, etc.
ViVARD is able to display information about your hard disk and boot sector in real time.
To start a test, you must connect the disk to which you want to run the tests. You can access command line options by double clicking a file or entering the command line in a shell.
By configuring the settings in ‘Initialization Options’, you can test your disk size, user data area and MBR boot sector.
When you run tests, the application displays the test results in a new window for easy reading. The test results in each window are listed in a table.
The application presents the following data in the initial window:

Number of all data sectors
Number of bad sectors
Number of good sectors
Number of sectors with individual errors
Number of sectors without errors
Extended Boot Record status
Status of the MBR
S.M.A.R.T. data structure
Disk surface
Hard disk capacity
S.M.A.R.T. characteristics
Drive type (S.M.A.R.T. 3.0)

ViVARD provides an instant backup of the partitions of the drives to USB or any other external media drive. If you connect an external drive, the backup will be performed automatically and you will be asked to select the drive.

The program can access the critical sectors of your hard drive and permanently erase them so that no recovery of the information will be possible.

ViVARD supports all IDE, SATA and SCSI storage devices.

Configure the device you want to test by scanning the BIOS for the information presented below.

The motherboard manufacturer
The hardware or computer model and revision

Scanned devices are displayed in a list, including HDD and SSD.


The last part of the key – the disks key

What’s New In?

ViVARD is a bootable application, packed in the VxD format for booting from floppy disks. For successful booting, the image file should be saved on a floppy disk of type IEC 1030. The file requires 1218 bytes. The supported disk model is UltraDos, the number of bits per sector is 512, the number of heads is 1, the sector and cluster size is 512 bytes, the number of sectors is 584077 and the track size is 16384 bytes.

The supported memory layout is described in the “MBR Section” chapter, there is one boot area starting at the first sector of the disk and all sectors after the end of this area are reserved for user data. All sectors are protected by the DOS file system.

The file ViVARD.VxD can be unpacked by selecting the IEC 1030 bootable floppy disk. For that, simply drag the file from the folder on your hard drive to the floppy. The created bootable disk can then be used by ViVARD. For an error-free boot of the application you should set the floppy drive number properly. If you have more than one floppy drive, specify the drive number using the -d option.

The following parameters can be changed by the -d0, -d1, -d2, and -d3 options.

change drive to zero

change drive to one

change drive to two

change drive to three

There are no default values for the parameters. If you want to use a parameter, supply its value using the corresponding option. For instance, if you want to enable the time-out indicator, use the -i option. The parameter can be changed on the menu “Options”.

The mode can be used to set the indicated parameters. In this mode, the hard drive is evaluated and data is displayed about the accessible data volume. As you can notice, there are three “timing” settings. There are three columns, each with a different timing indicator. In case no parameter is displayed, the “No parameter” entry is displayed.

The column “Free space” shows information about the size of the files, the total size of the file system and free space on the disk. Column “Read error rate” shows information about

System Requirements:

Windows 8/7
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Head to the download links below to download the game!
(Note: Compatible with OS X 10.9 or later, minimum system requirements shown above.)
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