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Zyne is a Python modular synthesizer using pyo as its audio engine.Zyne comes with more than 10 builtin modules implementing different kind of synthesis engines and provides a simple tu use API to create your own custom modules.







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What’s new in Zyne Torrent Download
Zyne has a new set of plugins implemented at native modules that expands the capabilities of pyo plugins.
Zyne 2.0 is a major release that add support for the new API,
– More support for virtual modules inside virtual module
– Better generator support for wavetable generators
– Many improvements and bugfixes
Zyne Modules:
– add_memmo: A pseudo-module, it holds the equivalent of a pyoMemmo node that serves as memory slots for other modules, see also Zyne – Virtual module
– act_gen_wavetable: The actual wavetable generator, Zyne comes with many builtin wavetable generators, each one is a module whose generator state is held in the virtual module
– add_vps: VPS is a wavetable generator module, is the equivalent of pyoVPS, it is a wavetable generator and support parametric and stochastic wavetable generators as well as random and arithmatic wavesources
– add_vst: VST is a virtual synth module, is equivalent to pyoVST that should be able to run in non-plugin context, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_vow: VOW is a virtual analog oscillator that can be combined with vps and is the equivalent of pyoVOW, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_af: AF is a CEGUI mixer module that is a mixer module with a connection editor and a few lines of python code that allow for a very simple way of editing the output connections in the GUI of CEGUI without having to know any python code, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_cps: CPS is a custom oscillator module designed to be the equivalent of pyoCPS, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_my_snd_rend: My Sound Renderer is a module designed to provide a sample loopback implementation of an sound renderer that can generate sounds from any type of generator written with Zyne, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_swr: SWR is a synth module that generates sounds from a wavetable and can optionally use external synthesis and recording modules, see also Zyne- Virtual module
– add_su: SU is a synth module that

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Class Synth module. Synth module is a class that implements the (media) engine of the synth.
Each builtin synth module uses a different engine. Each engine is typically a subclass of the Synth class.
So, what this does is, it creates a class module with a specific engine type and the interface implemented by the engine. Then, it creates an instance of that class module and makes it call the engine methods.
Class Synthesizer module. Contains the manager that manages a list of synth modules.
Class Module/Embed module. The Embed module is a helper module that implements inheritance for the synth module class to be able to reuse functions.
Class Sample/Buffer/Event module. The Buffer module is used to read audio data from the input devices. Events are implemented by each module to indicate the status of each module. An event class controls the flow of events between modules.

Also many builtin modules are provided.


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Zyne is a Python modular synthesizer using pyo as its audio engine.Zyne comes with more than 10 builtin modules implementing different kind of synthesis engines and provides a simple tu use API to create your own custom modules.


Pysonic and Zyn add audio synthesis abilities to pyo. The goal of Zyne was to make it easy to create new Zyne modules by providing a streamlined API that abstracts the need to get down to the C level. Thus Zyne is a set of tools building upon pyo that provides a simple and modular framework for audio synthesis. With the Zyne framework, Zyne’s own development of audio synthesis modules and support tools can be built without having to know the intricacies of the lower level interfaces that pyo provides.

Installation instructions (From the wiki):

Zyne is distributed in a single Python archive file and can be installed like any other Python module. Simply type:

python setup.py install

This script installs Zyne in the Python system-wide path and saves a specific Zyne download archive to the Python site-packages folder. Zyne is also distributable through pip which allows installation of Zyne from within the system’s Python installation in the following manner:

pip install zyne



Zyn Sonic is a module for generating wavetables and oscillator controlled by a pysonic.


Zyn – A Zyn module for generating audio using different forms of zyn.


Zyn – Vocoder module.


Zyn – Chords module.


Zyn – Modulator module.


Zyn – Envelope module.


Zyn – Alfa module.


Zyn – Doubler module.


Zyn – Fattener module.


Zyn – Pitch module.


Zyn – Key module.


Zyn – Global module.


Zyn – Eq module.


Zyn – Drive module.



What’s New in the?

Zyne can be used to create modular synthesizers of different natures.
Zyne is a Python modular synthesizer using pyo as its audio engine.Zyne can be used to create modular synthesizers of different natures. It implements some basic features to create some modular synthesizer:

there are 3 controllers available in zyne:

AA xxxxxxx – A position controller – mnemonic: SCS
Mainstage xxxxxx – A velocity controller – mnemonic: MID

The AA_Controller module can be found in the zyne.controllers.AA_Controller.py module,
The Mainstage_Controller module can be found in the zyne.controllers.Mainstage_Controller.py module,
The Reverb_Controller module can be found in the zyne.controllers.Reverb_Controller.py module
BPM xxxxxxx – A BPM controller – mnemonic: BPM
Rate xxxxxx – A Rate controller – mnemonic: BPM


Zyne is supporting events in order to play notes, affect the intensity of an instrument and more.


Each module has a class docstring, which will link to the developer’s manual.

Audio engine

Pyo is a Python application that allows a level of control over the audio playback that can be tricky to achieve. Some simple things can be implemented easily: play a sound, make a sound stop, fade in and fade out and so on. And then, when you really need a complex behavior, such as mixing several sounds at the same time, or changing the volume of different sound in a smooth way, Pyo will help you. Pyo is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later.


zyne is licensed under the MIT license, so it can be used and modified freely as long as the zyne.zynelib module is used and is distributed under the same license. You must copy the zyne.zynelib module to your project, and before using the module, you must add the MIT license header to every file, just like this:


zyne uses setuptools to create some ready to use python modules that will integrate the zyne modules in your python project. You can find the complete

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Any NVIDIA graphics card with OpenGL 3.2 or higher
Available for PC and Mac platforms
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