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AudioSlimmer is an easy to use application that enables you to convert audio files and re-compress them in order to obtain files suitable for playing on the radio or on audio CDs. You can easily turn MP3s to WAV files or to Audio 8 format.
Convert and compress audio files
The software supports input MP3 or WAV files, that it can convert to multiple formats, including Windows Media Audio 8. You can open a folder and let the software identify the supported files, then select which songs you wish to process.
You can select the automatic setting, which implies reconfiguring an MP3 file, converting it to Audio 8, and applying a different compression, which can result in reducing the input size by half. Alternatively, you can choose the conversion settings manually. The software offers several output file formats, that are suitable for playing on an audio CD, at the radio or through an audio modem.
Extracting tags and rendering audio files
As you select one of the input files for processing, the software can read its audio tag and display the data in a separate box, for informational purposes. Additionally, it can play the tune and enable you to trim its duration, by setting the start and end points. This setting can be applied to the file pending for processing.
The processed songs are displayed on the right, so you can play them and compare the results. Moreover, the software can estimate the output size, according to the input file and the conversion settings, then display two values. Additionally, you can edit the file name and tag or maintain the file name.
AudioSlimmer is a useful tool for audio conversion and compression that is capable of changing the file configuration, applying a new frequency and bit rate, trimming its duration or selecting a section of the audio stream. The software can also automatically rename the files, in order to avoid overwriting.







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Download the free trial version of AudioSlimmer Cracked 2022 Latest Version to check its capabilities and functionalities. You can convert your audio files with this software for free. The software requires Windows operating systems and supports the conversion of a batch of files. The conversion process is accomplished quickly.
What is new in this release:
– There is a new popup dialog in the conversion settings which allows you to apply the settings manually to audio files.
– A more intuitive user interface with a new main window layout.
– The supported formats have been updated.
– Removed the “Fix blank sample values” and “Play blank tracks” functions which were not really working properly.
– Audio files can now be played in the Open Folder window in case of manual settings.
– There is a new option which allows you to automatically export a song or album list to a list of songs.
– Audio files can now be displayed in the list of files.
– The auto-executable file has been modified so that it can be converted without needing of a prior download.
– There is a new option which allows you to convert the same audio file several times.
– Bug fixes and other improvements have been applied.
– The file output directory has been modified in the main settings menu.
– The selected output directory no longer affects the output directory.
– Improved interface.
– Optimized memory consumption.
Key features:
– Audio files can be converted to any of the following formats:
Audio CD Audio (Audio CD) Windows Media Audio (Windows Media Audio) Windows Media Audio 8 (Windows Media Audio 8)
– Supports conversion to WAV format (WMA)
– Supports conversion to Audio CD format (MIDI-AC)
– Supports conversion to MIDI CD format (MIDI-DC)
– Supports conversion to the following sound formats:
Windows Media Audio (Windows Media Audio) Windows Media Audio 8 (Windows Media Audio 8)
– Allows you to change the sampling frequency, volume and bit rate.
– Allows you to apply the setting to a selected input file or to a batch of files.
– Allows you to select the total number of tracks to be converted.
– Allows you to edit the tags of the audio file.
– Allows you to export a song or album list to a list of songs in order to save time and space on the hard disk.
– Allows you to save a folder with a mix of songs (including files with the same name and different extensions


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Create MP3 files that are suitable for playing on a CD or a radio. Convert and compress audio files to new formats.Extract audio tags and information from the original file.Listen to the originals and compare them with the new ones.Trim the duration, apply a new frequency and bit rate, or configure the output format.Create CD (WAV, Audio 8) from MP3 and WAV files and vice-versa. Change the file configuration, apply a new frequency and bit rate, trim the duration, apply a different compression, and preserve the song structure.Automatically send the MP3 file to the radio.Automatically send the CD to the CD burner.Automatically resize the picture and send it to the printer.Automatically send the MP3 file to the MP3 player.Send any type of audio file to a friend (MIDI, Audio 8, MP3, WAV).Strip the audio from the video (MIDI, Audio 8, MP3, WAV) or extract the audio from the video (MP3, WAV).

This program enables you to create Audio CDs in MP3 format. The current version supports a total of 10 different CD drives and 8 different Audio CD data format. The program can also rip audio CDs directly to your PC. You can import an existing CD audio file to create a new CD, and if you have an audio CD with the fast read speed, you can add the tunes to your computer in a few minutes.

Audio CD Recording
With Audio CD Recording Software you can record audiocds from your cd player directly to MP3 format. With this great program you can record all songs you want. This is the only program that record from an iternal cd device (the cd player or the case it is in) to a new MP3. Audio CD Recording Software scans the CD to find the filename of the song, you can select and save it with different name. And you can set the different attributes of the song, like the duration of the song (in seconds), you can also change the song position in the MP3 file, like start and end.

Key features:
Can read CD from your CD player and record the audiocd songs.
You can set different attributes like the duration of the songs and the name of the song.
You can’t lose the original filename and the position of the songs.
Provide high speed playback and the drag and drop function.
Support the CD

What’s New In?

The audio conversion and re-compression software, AudioSlimmer, is focused on audio conversion for all users.
It can convert and compress audio files of all formats including MP3, WAV, Audio 8, FLAC, APE, Ogg Vorbis and that are supported by Windows Media Audio format.
This program also has features for extracting tags and rendering audio files.
AudioSlimmer can be used as a standalone or as a component of another application or PC.
AudioSlimmer download:
The program is available in both archive and ISO file format. You may download the application using the links provided below.
You can download the application by using the links below:

Download AudioSlimmer

Download AudioSlimmer

Download AudioSlimmer

Download AudioSlimmer

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System Requirements For AudioSlimmer:

Requires a beefy computer with a good graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.0.
Video Display Requirements
We are currently compatible with the following displays:
Ati Radeons: HD4800 and newer
Nvidia Geforce GTX 500 and newer
ATI and Nvdia Geforce GTX 600 and newer
AMD Radeon HD7870 and newer
Microsoft OS Requirements
Windows 7 64bit or newer. No Windows 8 support at this time.
Minimum System Requirements