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A software application for handling the administrative functions of churches. It tracks the church’s membership, contributions, finances, pledges, committees, sunday school classes, music library, member interests in various music programs.
It also tracks the church staff, both full-time and volunteers. It maintains records about the sermons, music, scripture and attendance for each Sunday. It also maintains information about policies such as weddings, use of the building, honorariums, etc. Music library records are maintained.
Conduct gift and talent survey of members. Merge letters to members. The comprehensiveness of the program is expanded by user-defined fields that allow special needs of the church to be tracked.
Over 60 reports are available covering membership lists, committee and organization lists, pledge analysis, contribution summaries, end-of-year statement to members with their contribution totals and many more.
Address labels are printed in just about every way the church would like to group their members.
At $95 it is affordable by all churches.
■ Church Office Helper will run as a Demo unless a registration key is applied. The demo will be limited to a maximum of 20 records. Once the program is registered with Advanced Data Solutions a registration key will be provided to remove this limitation. Otherwise this is the full functioning version. No other restriction will apply.
NOTE: This program requires a User ID and a Password to operate. To run the demo use the following:
User Id -> user
Password -> user







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The church office helper was developed to help churches keep track of their administrative processes and gives them the ability to perform many important tasks that they wouldn’t have the time or ability to do themselves.
Church Office Helper may be run at 1-8 (eight) user levels. Each additional user level increases the number of users for that level by 1. This is a one time charge for the User level you wish to purchase.
Following user levels are available for purchase:
Reports at each user level can be customized to exactly match your church’s needs.
The church office helper is available as a free, stand alone program.
Typical user needs:
Track member information including name, address, phone number, family name, and birthdate.
Enter Membership, Membership and Donations, and Pledges.
Retrieve member related correspondence.
Make and receive phone calls.
Designate or de-designate a visitor.
Print out weekly church attendance, including known members, visitors and members and it’s families.
Enter a message on the welcome board.
Print a member’s membership card.
Print a member’s name tag.
Store telephone call(s) and print the call list.
Print out a membership list.
Print out an invitation card to a member or a family’s name to a member.
Print out a Notice of Baptism for a new member.
Record wedding vows.
Record honorariums.
Print out a message to the visitor board.
Print out a message to the welcome board.
Record a dedication of a new building.
Record a dedication of a new parsonage.
Record a memorial service.
Print a membership directory.
Print a newsletter.
Record weekly sermons.
Record a baptism by immersion.
Record a graduation.
Print anniversary cards.
Record a memorial service.
Record a dedicaion.
Record a funeral.
Record a marriage.
Record a marriage renewal.
Record a marriage reinstatement.
Enter a service message for a member.
Enter a message of thanks to a member.
Enter a message of congratulations to a member.
Make a record for a member that has moved.
Record a member that is visiting another church.
Print reports for monthly, quarterly, and annual donations.
Print reports for yearly pledges.
Print reports for weekly collections.
Print reports for members and clergy.
Print reports for volunteerism

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Church Office Helper is a complete Church Management Software package, which can be used by a Church Board, Church Staff, or Evangelist to keep track of members, contribution and other church information. No other software package is needed.
Church Office Helper prints out a wide variety of reports to give the church board, pastor and other church officials an overview of how their members are doing and what they are doing with their time and money.
Church Office Helper is easy to use, flexible, and affordable. The program is designed to perform all administrative functions a church needs. It combines your entire congregation and church staff into one place.
Church Office Helper performs the following functions:
Membership Report: Shows the churches entire membership list and includes members total contributions, attendees at Sunday and special events, and members enrolled in sunday school and other church classes.
Wedding Report: Lists all wedding guests, their contributions, and other information. Includes the guests, the bride, the groom, and other information.
Committee Report: Lists each committee and what they do.
Sunny View Reports: Lists every committee, staff member, class and Sunday school teacher and what they do.
Membership Report and Wedding Report Options: Print Wedding Report or Membership Report
Printable Sunday School Print Reports: Allows selection of which sunday school classes to print including leader, teaching assignments, and other information.
Sunday School Attendance Counting: Lists a recorded attendance number for each sunday school class.
Invitation Report: Lists the names of people invited to a wedding or the time and date of services held at a funeral.
Conduct Survey Report: Lists the topics a survey will be distributed to church members.
Reports are saved and can be printed as a PDF file or directly to a Printer.
Report Descriptions:
Membership Report:
■ Membership List print includes total members and tally by depts. or members who have given the most
■ Members total contributions
■ Weddings
■ Soloists
■ Donations
■ Sunday school attendance
■ Sunday school enrollment
■ Other sunday school classes
Wedding Report:
■ Wedding List print shows how many people are invited to a wedding
■ Number of guests invited
■ Total amount of money they will spend (includes any gifts given)
■ Total amount of time they will spend (includes gifts

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What’s New In?

The Daily routines of church organization require much more than keeping lists of members, class schedules, and music assignments. These lists are needed to keep volunteers, church members and committees informed and to be good stewards of the offerings made by their God.
Church Office Helper is a comprehensive database program for churches. Many lists can be setup by simply selecting one of the standard list types and the list of choices will generate the settings for the selected list type.
Each church or organization has their own special needs that will best be met by the program settings. These needs include such special needs as classes, Bible studies, music, remuneration for ministers, weddings, etc.
The breadth of the Church Office Helper program is challenged only by the limitations of user demand. No other limitation will apply to the purchase of Church Office Helper.
Conducts First – Time Ministry. Volunteers in the 21st Century!
Every fundraising effort of the church and committee is tracked in the program reports. They identify all money raised for various campaigns, development, mission, and more. This data is organized for reporting to the church board and donor.
Church Office Helper is a church administration program. It can be used with a single parish, a church or multiple churches. In addition to providing data about the organization of the church, the program features include full-time and volunteer staff lists, job descriptions, christian education classes, youth program, sunday school, elders board, mission funds, teleconferences and special event contacts. It can keep up to 5 different organizations under one roof. There is also an option to have it separate all churches into separate databases and report to each parish separately.
Prepared Free Charts of Life to the Church Board. A comprehensive set of data and graphics. Easily reproduceable with clean printer settings, fully printable charts include birthdays, anniversaries, baptism, christenings, confirmations, ordination and retirement. Each record also include fields for titles, address, phone numbers, and many more.
An Ordinance of the church can be created with the data in Church Office Helper.
Because of the complexity of this program, a three part pricing structure is applied. The Church Board needs a separate registration key with a minimum of a $95 registration fee.
Once the board receives the registration key they are granted a special 1-year registration period

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
Intel i5/i7
1 GB VRAM or more
1 GHz Processor or more
HDD 2GB or more
It is recommended that you use SLI or AMD Crossfire technology in order to utilize the 3D effect.
How to Install?
Download the Nier: Automata Desktop Wallpaper and copy it to the “C:\Users\*Your User*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\” folder.
That’s it! Enjoy