Dating Sites 2006

download: ios
cost: free
wink is a relatively new dating app that allows you browse and connect with up to 10 users at a time. additionally, all profiles come with personalized recommendations, which are generated from browsing history and other users’ actions. however, you can only view the profiles of users you already know, and you can only start conversations with users who have selected “open” as their status.
all conversations are closed group, which means that they are only visible to the people you’re in the group with.

tinder often gets the more boring out of the hookup apps on this list, but it’s still very useful. the app notifies you when there are matches within 20 miles of your location, but you can filter out locations that you don’t want to be matched with. set a distance radius, and then swipe to the right to mark yourself as “unavailable.” unfortunately, you can’t completely turn off this feature. you can also filter who you allow to chat.

y-have is a hookup app that is a convenient alternative to okcupid, though it’s not quite as popular. with y-have, you’re more likely to get a match, but you’re less likely to get irrelevant people chatting with you. there’s also no matchmaking algorithm to work through. you can browse profiles and messages privately in between every single conversation. they use a messaging system called kiss. once you talk, your conversations are private. depending on the frequency of checking your messages, you can get notifications that are customized to you and your preferences. the app is also available for android, but it’s not as popular.