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Digital Attendance software package exclusively designed for automation attendance system. Using this software, you can provide daily attendance of all students with in 10 minutes.
You can send SMS and Email to parent about student absent. It establishes an effective communication between school and parent in economical way. You need not required special hardware devices to send SMS and it is possible through your mobile by connecting it to computer using data cable.
You can generate different types of reports like student / class wise attendance, total, absents in school, absents in between dates, attendance percentages and average can also be calculated.
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Digital Attendance Serial Key is an attendance management and attendance checking system. This attendance software is useful for schools, institutes, colleges, universities, educational institutions, coaching centers, corporate, outsourcing company and any other educational institutions. All about attendance and absences can be recorded and easily viewable.
Attendance can be generated automatically and send the attendance report (SMS or email) to parents and school authorities.
Automatic Attendance: Students attendance checker is a software that automatically checks and generate a daily attendance report and status. And manage attendance of entire school, classes or campus.
Students attendance checker features:

– Attendance report

– Attendance history

– Attendance status

– Attendance record

– Daily attendance report

– Weekly attendance report

– Daily attendance details

– Absences can be made and track

– On time attendance report with status

– Absence type can be selected and the details can be seen

– Attendance status can be selected

– Attendance details can be seen

– Attendance history can be seen

– Select your attendance to be generate daily attendance report

– Send attendance report to the concerned parent/authorities or to your email id

– The correct date can be selected to generate attendance report

– Attendance can be corrected from the attendance date field

– Automatic attendance correction with wrong attendance date fields

– Attach files in the attendance report

– Send attendance report via email

– Print attendance report

– Export attendance report to excel file format

– Attendance record can be viewed

– Attendance percentage of class

– Attendance history details

– Attendance status details

– Attendance of the school can be checked

– School/campus attendance can be checked

– Absences of school/campus can be checked

– Absences can be checked in a class/school/campus

– Absent students can be checked

– The attendance report can be sent via email and SMS

– Attendance report can be generated with attendance status

– Attendance report can be generated automatically with absent status

– Attendance report can be generated with attendance date

– Attendance report can be generated at any date

– Students can be checked and attendance status can be changed

– Enter a date in the attendance report to generate attendance report

– Enter the date to

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1) Easy and User Friendly Interface
2) Works on Local Machine, No Required required from ROYAL VELVETTY Systems
3) Syncs with the Web Service and retrieve data from web server
4) On and Off Campus Attendance, Time Sheet, Absent Report and other Digital Attendance Serial Key report in CSV format
5) Multi-Language support
6) Add student details from Attendance
7) Attendance day wise student name
8) Absents between Dates
9) Faculty, Class, Lab and Location wise Absences
10) Class wise Average attendance percentage
11) Class Wise Attendance percentage
12) Class wise attendance for the entire semester
13) You can also send Attends to the parents on their mobile, In case of school buses
14) The program provides Reports for different classes and the results of attendance
15) User Friendly interface
16) User can export the report as a PDF

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Online Attendance Software

by: James Durkin


The program consists of easy to use GUI interface with various options and features available to allow the user to use the software in various ways according to their needs. The software has a 4 components, Registration, Attendance, Absences and Reports. With the attendance component you can manage attendance of students, faculties, classes and labs. With the absence component you can manage the absence of students and faculties. The reports provide the user with reports for student, classes, lab session.
Register students is a simple process with just filling their given information to the system and click save. The student’s registration details will then be visible in the reports for attending students.
The attendance component has different options to manage attendance. You can have attendance based on date or time and use the semester wise attendance option.
The attendance component records attendance of the students, faculties, labs and classes. The Attendance component can hold data from any server, local or remote. If you opt to use Remote server, the data will be synchronized with the web server and you will not have to enter data manually on the web server.
The presence component is a very powerful tool for students who want to manage their own absent days. Now the student can schedule the absent days manually for the coming weeks and days. A user can have up to 100 days absent to be

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This student attendance software can be used to provide student attendance details in school attendance office with complete details on absenteeism of the students within a minute or less. Attendance is prepared on daily basis to ensure absenteeism of the student. This attendance software can be used for all school for providing report attendance of the students without any manual monitoring of attendance. The attendance data can be sent through sms or email in textual form to office staff. The attendance details will be displayed in the format as per requirements. No specialized hardware devices and accounting software is required to calculate the attendance. No matter how large the data set is this attendance software does the job effortlessly. It can be used in both online and offline attendance software setup.
Point of sale solutions
• Can be used for both online and offline school attendance software.
• The Point of Sale software is that much faster than manual attendance system.
• Easy to record attendance with option to caluclate absenteeism percentage and sum total attendance daily or at the end of the day.
• Student can be managed as absent or present and it can also be caluclated by their class or block attendance
• It can generate absenteeism record and sender attendance record of students daily and it generates report attendance with student name, class name and block details.
• It generates attendance report on daily basis and it can also generate report attendance for student attendance record.
• Attendance of students can be calcualted in threedegrees from the school using the attendance software.
• Attendance can be reported for all or individual class or school attendance, group wise or month wise attendance etc.
• Attendance Report can be sent through sms to parent or teacher.
• Attendance report can be sent through email.
• Child number assignation is done by school attendance software.
• Records of attendance of students are maintained for all type of school management system.
• Easy to use attendance software.
• No need to use special hardware to send sms
• Attendance is manually inserted and data is inserted directly into database.
• For attendance, it is advisable to go for online attendance software solution.
Online Attendance Software
• Attendance of students can be manually registered and attendance report for student attendance daily, week wise and month wise attendance and absenteeism of students can be created on daily basis with respect to time.
• Individual or group wise attendance with student name, class, block etc.
• It can send attendance report

What’s New In?

1. Enter attendance of student.
2. It automatically notifies student’s parent by using different methods.
3. You can print out attendance sheet also using the standard printing device of your computer.
4. You can send SMS and E-mails to parents.
5. It generates pre-defined types of reports like class wise, student wise, percentage of attendance, list of students not coming, day wise, and day wise absents, etc.
6. You can save a copy of attendance record in different file types like.xls,.csv, and.txt as well as printouts.
This application is developed with Java and Eclipse IDE.Q:

Java android mobile app: Set default preferred language

I’m working on a mobile app in Java for Android. I’m using Android Studio. I’m finding that the language settings, currently set to English, are preventing me from switching to Spanish for my app. I want to be able to switch to Spanish, but am stuck with the English language setting currently in use.
I have created a new project and am trying to follow this example. When I change the language to Spanish, I get this error:
java.util.MissingResourceException: Resource ID #0x2. String ID #0x2 is not a valid resource name.
I tried to run my project on an actual device, but couldn’t even do that because it failed to get the required permissions.
Is there a way to get my app to support English and Spanish at the same time, or to change the default language to Spanish?


You have to declare your language in the strings.xml like this

My App
Hello world
English – Great Britain

When the user changes the language to English in your device, your app will use the default string, if you declare an English string in the device, it won’t be added to the default string.
You can refer to this solution for more information, hope this is what you’re looking for.

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System Requirements For Digital Attendance:

*Windows XP or Vista with SP1, or Windows 7 or Windows 8 with SP1
*1 GB graphics card
*Internet connection
*CD-Rom drive
*Hard disk space
*JPEG Support: Requires a low-level graphics chip that supports bilinear filtering. Note: This may not be supported on older operating systems or older graphics cards, and may not be supported at all by future versions of your operating system or graphics card.
*Red Book DVD-