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Documents icons is a collection that provides you with interesting document icons that you can use with your applications.
The pack contains different icons in various dimensions, such as 48px, 32px and 16px. The icons are in ico and png format.







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The pack contains 280 document icons in various dimensions and formats. The icons are…

To create a formal and refined design for your company, try our Best Corporate Designs 2017. All the models are simple but effective at the same time, easy to put into action and quickly modify any of the information. Furthermore, all the designs are presented in the proper document icon.
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Do you need some mockups for your graphic projects? Make them with a really professional graphic design mockup software, MockupFx. This designer mockup tool allows you to create photorealistic designs to post on social media, review websites, make presentations or just to create your first mockup for your future design work.
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A beautiful, easy to use, flexible, professional mockup tool, Infinite Icons, can create quality icons for all your needs. Infinite Icons provide you a lot of great vector file types, such as SVG, EPS, AI and PSD. In addition, they offer a powerful user interface that allows you to insert icons in your designs as you choose.
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Icon Finder is one of the most sophisticated icon packages for creating amazing icons for our users. The package includes 590 high-quality icons of many different shapes and sizes.
Icon Finder is perfect for designers, developers, and other mobile app developers, who want to add a professional look to their projects.
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Do you need lots of iOS 7 icons to use them in your projects? Then try our iOS 7 Icon Pack. All the icons are clean and modern. Our pack contains 126 unique Apple iOS 7 icons in the following categories:
iOS 7 Icons:
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Icon pack presents the icon collection for the iOS developer community. You can use all our pre-designed icons for your next projects

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– Information document icon set, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
– Humanistic set of icons, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
– Computer file icons, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
– Software tools icons, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
– Computer file icons, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
– Wallpaper, in six formats: 48px, 32px and 16px;
For a preview on how you can use the icons in your applications, visit

This is the source code for my website post-it-notepad in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This is a website that lets you create post-it notepad inspired articles. This was created as a project for my web design classes.

PriceCompare is a redesigned version of the popular post-it-scrapbook software. It brings you all the functionality of post-it-scrapbook plus a lot more! You can use the Notes to write and manage your notes. You can present them in a special way using Photo Gallery, You can maintain a special calendar to easily manage all the events.
There are also many extra features such as:
– AllNotebook view – view all your notes in a vertical list
– Add sub pages to any note
– The new Note page where you can write notes and manage your data
– Easy to use toolbar to access your options
– Summary view to quickly summarize all your notes
– Link to other pages from any page
– Time management
– A special “Project” page to manage all your articles
– Make your whole page or just one page into an invitation
– You can use the Custom Page to customize the layout of the whole application
– You can use the Page Layover to slide out the “left” part of the page
– Many other useful features (all this under the menu left)
To preview PriceCompare, visit:
– My Website –
(for online preview)
– Website of the program –
(for direct download of the Free version)

Here’s a free eLearning class on how to work with Outlook’s contact list

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This icons collection consists of 68 unique icons. You can use them in your projects.

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IconPackArt – Icon Pack – 7,500 Free Icons
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Icon Lab – Free Icon Set – 2,000 Icons
Icon Lab provides you with a massive collection of icons in different sizes, formats, and icons sets. It is also free to use for any purpose.

Victor Beza – Free High-Quality Icons Pack

Icon Pack Collection – Icon Pack – 475 Icons
Icon Pack Collection provides you with several freeware icons in various formats, including ICO, PNG, XCF, SVG, PSD, and many more.

Informatic – Icon Pack – 1000 Icons
Informatic provides you with a huge collection of highly-detailed icons and vector graphics, which can be used for any type of web and mobile project.

Droppify – Icon Pack – 5,500 Icons
Droppify provides you with a huge number of free icons in various formats, such as PSD, SVG, PNG, TIFF, or.ico.

Free Icons – 600 FREE ICONS
Get a huge collection of free icons, vectors, & graphics in various formats. It is also free to use for any purpose.

Coffee Icon Set – Icon Pack – 400 Icons
Coffee Icon Set offers an elegant collection of handcrafted icons that provide a modern look and feel.

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This icon set is excellent for any use, it covers all modern ideas and concepts. It is great for application, website, and much more.

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KrMicon | Free Icon Pack – Free Icon Set
This icon set can be used for desktop, mobile, mobile apps,

What’s New in the?

– Icons for document, presentations, photos, music, video and other file types
– 32px, 48px and 16px icons
– Resizable and scalable
– Flattened
– Ico, png, ico

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