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* Tutorials about getting started with Photoshop can be found at the Web site ``
* For more professional tips and tricks, check out _Photoshop for Dummies_ by David Blatner (Wiley) and _Professional Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers_, by David Blatner, Mike Davidson, and Kathleen Froder (

## Using the Basic Tools

In the following exercise, you create an image that has the entire background covered in a light brown. Then you selectively add a few details to it.

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The latest version of Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS6, has been available since October 2013.

This page lists the features of Photoshop Elements. If the feature you’re looking for isn’t on this list, you can click the See more… link to see where it is on Adobe’s site.

Creating graphics

Some of Photoshop Elements’ special features are described in the following sections.


A variety of effects, such as add lens blur, emboss, grunge, and more, can be applied to images, and then composited over other layers.

Layer effects

In addition to layer effects such as fill, stroke, drop shadow, and the like, Photoshop Elements features special layer effects that are described below.

Drop shadows

Drop shadows can be easily added to selected layers to make them look more realistic, while the blur of the shadow can be varied.


The average radius (pixels) of blur can be adjusted, and images can be soft focused to produce soft edges.


Image opacity can be adjusted to produce a soft, blurred look.

Highlights, shadows, color, and gradients

You can adjust the shape of highlights and shadows on a layer and then “mask” the rest of the layer to select only the highlights or shadows on the layer.


B&W and color images can be inverted and then, optionally, the invert feature can be applied only to the highlights or shadows on the layer.

Custom shapes

Dots and lines can be drawn with a custom pattern overlay and saved as a shape layer.

Backgrounds and effects

Photoshop Elements has a number of backgrounds that can be applied to a selected layer and then “masked” to apply to the highlights or shadows of a layer.


The dynamic range of the tonal values can be adjusted to make a high-contrast image more realistic.


Layers can be sharpened, softened, or left unsharpened. The degree of sharpness can be adjusted.


The filters feature in Photoshop Elements has been slightly revised and is described in the following sections.


Special effects can be applied to an image or group of layers.


Gradients may be applied to selected layers to create a gradient, such as a fading color or

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