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Although you’re more than sure an activity successfully reaches the end, you might end up in failure because of unforeseen variables. A chance to get an idea in advance is to calculate probability. You can easily do this on a computer with the help of applications like EDPcalc.
Lightweight and easy to use
With no installation required, the application is good to go from the moment download is done. As such, you can store it on a thumb drive so you carry it around in case you want to use it on other computers. Registry entries are not modified during runtime, so there’s no need to worry that overall stability is affected.
The visual design is minimalistic and lets individuals of all levels of experience quickly get the hang of things. Most of the space is covered with input and output fields fitted with corresponding description tags, as well as controls to start calculus, clear a field, or all of them at once.
Intuitive input and results display
Probability relies on two input values, namely pretest probability, and likelihood ratio. This simple calculus is also studied in math courses. Although likelihood ratio can be almost any number, pretest probability needs to be a value between 0 and 1. Result is also delivered in decimals between 0 and 1, which means the closer it is to 1, the more chances of success.
The end probability is displayed at the press of a button. Exporting, however, needs to be manually done by copying the value from its field, because there’s no possibility to save to file. What’s more, it would have been useful to be able to calculate probability for a series of event, and have a large log exported.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that EDPcalc is a useful application which can either help you make decisions, or get an idea of how an ongoing project ends up based on different input values. It’s lightweight, and can be used on the go with little effort.


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EDPcalc Crack Free Download PC/Windows

EDPcalc is an easy-to-use calculator which calculates the probability of occurrence of an event based on the result of a test. Since this calculator is free and easy to use, it can be valuable to individual users or for businesses.
EdPcalc provides a few functionalities:
– Dynamic insertion of fractions
– A certain amount of input fields allows it to be used in various combinations
– Outstanding results and graphs
– In most situations, the result is calculated in the form of decimals from 0% to 100%.


3D Planner is an application that is able to help you organize a vacation!
If you have ever asked yourself: what is the best way to organize my vacation plans? Or what shall I do when I already have a holiday planned?
3D Planner is a program that will help you create itineraries for your trips and then generate images of actual roads that are superimposed on these itineraries. It will also provide a way of planning, which would allow you to evaluate, at any moment, where you are on the planet or where you’re visiting. You can set up your own personal border and do not have to be worried that you may leave some countries without going to them.
You can use 3D Planner in two ways:
– Creation of a 3D planet: You will see, after importation, just the screen of a virtual globe with the 3D printed earth;
– Image creation: You will be able to create your own 3D images of your choice.
3D Planner can also display the best flight choices for you, based on your destination and transport. You will be able to find a program to fit your itinerary.


This is a small application that intends to help developers debug their code and access the internals of the program.
Perl is a powerful and full-featured programming language, designed to be easy to read and write. The Perl programming language gives you many different ways to create scripts. Our plug-in will make it easy to debug Perl code.
Perl Debugger adds several features to your Perl scripts:
– References to variables that do not exist
– Display and control the internal states of Perl objects
– Copy and paste of variables and functions
– View the results of your script in the console


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A basic probability calculator that helps solve many probability problems in brief. It is a freeware program for Windows and it is useful for college or university students, teachers or anybody willing to solve basic probability problems like calculation of :
P(A + B)P(A AND B)
P(A AND B)P(A / B)

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EDPcalc [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

The question-asking functionality is not limited to the English language, but it operates in any language the installer supports. It also features the ability to set a default language, so the same result can be obtained in any supported language.
The application can also be used offline, because it doesn’t record user input during runtime. It might be needed, however, because it imports training data when installed, and these files are not removed upon uninstall.
The visual experience is simple and effective, but there’s no integration between fields and controls. On the other hand, functionality is well-thought and intuitive to use.



View NX Importer 3.5.1



View NX Importer 3.5.1 | 3.33 MB

View NX Importer 3 is a multi-user, document-oriented system for supporting enterprise-wide distribution of electronic documents. It delivers all the features of its predecessors View NX and View NX Importer, while addressing a variety of needs that customers in a diverse set of industries face when distributing information. It is now more user-friendly for simple document-management tasks, and offers improved efficiency for complex and time-consuming job queues.
What it does
View NX Importer 3 delivers improved efficiency for complex and time-consuming job queues by replacing the previous Job Queue and RegEx based workflows. It also comes with several new features, including dynamic workflow, the ability to log into a specific View NX account, connection to View NX Personal Folders, import processing within the database and a new, redesigned interface.
Another improvement is that users can now select which fields are updated when importing documents. This makes it easier to keep track of updates and revisions when generating an archive.
What’s new
Works great with FileMaker Pro 14
View NX Importer 3 works with FileMaker Pro 14, a feature not included in the previous version. When you work with FileMaker 14, you gain advanced workflows, a more flexible local workflow database for document delivery and increased security. Since FileMaker Pro is highly effective for various settings, it becomes easier to solve complex document-delivery issues, and enhance the efficiency of everyday tasks. Importing documents into the database is incredibly easy and fast. Everything you need can be accessed from within the application.
The latest release now also uses an updated Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Additional Improvements

What’s New In?

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You’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, or you might want to master it for business purposes. We all have a desire to earn some extra cash by working from home, and this application will get you started. Start by taking a cooking test that will tell you if you’re capable of handling basic food preparation, and if you qualify for work. Then, hire someone and become an effective management.
Features of the application
The Efficient Decision-Making Process Calculation app has simple controls and yet it provides a wide range of features. A set of calculations is performed during the test, and the end result is presented at the press of a button. Besides, there’s the option to go through the same sequence of calculations for an unlimited number of times and save the results.
Different cooking times are used to test the participant’s skill. The first one is to test if you can cook a simple food like eggs and bread, while the second measures your skill with more advanced dishes, like a stir fry. A stew requires a longer cooking time, and a cake requires a long-term stirring. Before a formula is applied, a cooking time gets calculated by using the following variables: time required to cook, number of servings, number of people, ingredients, and ingredients per serving. After that, the “What, When, Where” formula calculates a duration for each of the aforementioned variables.
To provide a full-fledged management experience, there’s also an option to hire people in the app. Each and every person has its own specialization and skills, which can be selected, and features can be applied to them. Each person has their biography and contact details; skill levels are shown on the top of their profile. Managing these people is made possible via editing their biography and working hours, and applying bonuses and penalties.
Last but not least, the application can be exported to spreadsheet formats like XLS or CSV and exported for external usage.
Purchase now:
▶ Android:
▶ App Store:
A few last words
Efficiency is the key to success in this application and this is why the developer puts utmost effort in making the interface responsive, so everything works fine for all resolutions, as well as all types of mobile devices. If

System Requirements For EDPcalc:

RuneScape players should make sure their system meets the recommended specs, as outlined in our System Requirements page. If you are unsure if your computer meets the recommended specs, you can check here.

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You should also make sure your graphics driver and