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The Tarnished Throne places on the world a great kingdom that has extended its reach across multiple nations and whose power reaches far into the heavens. However, the throne is soon to be usurped by a rival king who challenges its owner’s legitimacy.

Cast out from the kingdom, a man named Rise sets out to avenge his family’s death. After surviving countless battles, he has joined up with a fellow adventurer, an old friend named Pellas. While traveling together, they first reunite with Pellas’ friends, and are then asked by Pellas’ sister, a sorceress named Romelia, to accompany her on her travels.

Rise, Pellas and Romelia travel across the Lands Between, a world between the Physical Realm and the Dream Realm, and arrive at the home of the king that Rise seeks to challenge. There, they meet the king of the Physical Realm, his emissaries, and a group of king’s knights, in addition to a beautiful sorceress named Valentia.

Each of these individuals has their own reason for wanting to challenge the new king—and thereby take his power. After a series of conflicts and intrigues, the three adventurers go their separate ways, but before their paths diverge, they set out on the ultimate adventure to obtain the Elden Ring and defeat the usurper who threatens the ultimate rule of the Lands Between.

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Features Key:

  • All Playable Characters:
    Vivec, Aurora, Tarnished, et cetera.

    • Map Customization:
      Rivers, lakes, ponds, forests, and mountains
      Are all available as water, and many more are planned.

    • World Customization
      Have giant dungeons and other larger-than-life challenges
      Be created and furnished by you.

    • Highly Customizable Characters:
      Character creation allows you to determine the appearance, class, race, and attributes of your character.

    • Three Classes
      Wood elf, farmer, and warrior.

    • Multiplayer (Online Party System)
      PvP battles can be played while traveling together with other characters.

    • Dynamic Map
      Travel through vast lands, see other players’ actions, and visit locations.

    • Two main Maps
      Main: Shows a wide view in the Lands Between.
      Tech Map: Shows a close-up view of a specific area.
      Learn More Here!
  • Playable Characters:
    • Vivec:
      A mysterious person who comes from another world.
      He is also known as one who comes from the future.

      • Vivec is a false god
        Who may also be a being of “infinite potential” which hovers over Gegege.
        He is still searching for “true love” and may at times turn into a “monster”.

      • Aurora:
        A beautiful wood elf.
        Horns sprouting from her back, and tiger-like cat ears are her characteristic features.

        • Aurora is a descendent of the Titania Trade Alliance
          A peace-loving spirit who became the general manager of Gegege.
          She is also a member of the Tiamat Research and Development Team

        • Tarnished:
          The best equipped of the knights who guard Gegege.
          He devotes his youth to guard the capital, and carries out a relentless fighting spirit.

          • Tarnished


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            “I like how Tarnished is such a well-made game from the beginning and didn’t feel really like a ‘quick’ game at the start. The fact that the player progresses and sees a beautiful world with many secrets and a story that unfolds in an entirely different direction depending on which option you choose is also a strong point of the game. At some points you will lose a lot of time, but it’s totally worth it.”

            “It’s a great game! There’s a lot of depth in the gameplay, as well as in the story. I love the hero battles, where you play a REAL-TIME attack with the enemies on the 2D battlefield. But the combat itself is pretty simple. A good aspect is that the combat feels like a REAL-TIME beat em up when you’re attack an enemy, instead of a traditional one-on-one-session like in most fighting games. One weakness I have is that it would be good if the enemies would react to the attacks, I also miss that there is a time limit in the battle! There is also a second player online to play with you, but be aware that this will make the game a bit more intense for the first player, and he/she will probably miss a couple of important stuff. It’d also be cool if there was an integrated story map, where you follow the hero on his journey instead of playing an annoying and haphazard story, as it is now.”

            “Tarnished is a great game! The gameplay is great, it’s truly an action RPG and the graphics look fantastic! I think I would have liked the game more if there was a map of the world. The story is well-written and the characters in it are amazing. It would have been better if the story followed a real-time development, but it has some kind of novel and a cast of characters to keep you entertained. Overall, I recommend playing this game!”

            “The character creator is really good and the basic action of the battle is fun. It’s also interesting that you can decide from which path you want to go, so you can go into this world and see the world from a different perspective. I also like the fact that the “present” where you go is 2D, so you need to use that time to watch the conversations between the characters in the game. In addition, the story is a lot of fun, especially for people who aren’t too familiar with the fantasy genre


            Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

            VulnFus: Champion of the Elden Ring
            Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

            VulnFus: Champion of the Elden Ring
            Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

            Gameplay ELDEN RING game:


            What’s new in Elden Ring:


            While you are in the game, you can experience Austin Roy’s characteristic art and the various features of the Tarnished World.

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          “Hurry up. To cover the world of Ilberdaut, if we don’t hurry up now,” the zombies said to Izalus. “The children are playing a game and need help.”

          “How come they can’t find them?”

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          System Requirements For Elden Ring:

          OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) / Vista (Service Pack 1) / Windows 7
          Processor: Intel Pentium 4
          Memory: 1 GB RAM
          Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
          DirectX: 9.0
          Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
          Additional Notes: This is the completed release of the The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay trailer. We did not provide any community builds of the game, nor will we. We suggest you get the game now, and play in-game with