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Play a game where your character’s growth and your character’s overall strength are connected with real characters.

1. Appearance Customization

1) General Customization
Choose from two weapons, two armors, and two boots.
2) Weapon Customization
Choose four of eight available damage type, range, and attack power.
3) Armor Customization
Choose four of eight available damage type, range, and defense power.
4) Magic Customization
Choose from three of thirteen available magic types, three of eight available special effects, and four of six available magic casting times.

2. Create a Character
The maximum number of characters you can have in the game is eight.
You can customize the appearance of your character’s face, hair, and clothes. You can also freely decide your character’s name and appearance.

Casting Special Arts
You can obtain the skills, items, and experience that you need to quickly increase your character’s skill level and its power through various ways, including skill learning from battles and using items. You can also have fun with friends by engaging in asynchronous online play through the “Communication Stones.”

Set Play Style
In order to experience the different situations in different ways, you can freely set your character to a set play style. For example, you can set your character to be a strong warrior, a magician, or a stealthy mage.


– Battle System
Battle in an arcade-like setting in which your character’s growth, power, and appearance are intertwined.

– Mount Control
While riding a horse you can freely move anywhere on the map.
– XP gained in battle
Gain EXP by participating in battles and you can level up your character.
– Skill Channel
When the basic skill level reaches a certain level, you can advance to the next skill level by purchasing a skill channel that can help you increase your skills.
– Level Up
Level up your character by defeating enemies. Depending on the amount of EXP your character gains, you can raise its power and have fun with it.


• Player Rankings
Players can view and check their rank through the online communication stones.
• Matchmaking System
Players can enter and leave through an intuitive matching system.
• Map Customization
Choose an arrangement of dungeons of a


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Original Earliest RPG
    We have decided to refresh and bring out the original classic elements that dominate early RPGs. We have refrained from using the more recent RPG features and tuning our game design toward becoming one of the most enjoyable RPG games.
  • Online Play
    We support multiplayer online play through the Internet. We have not only tried to broaden the range of online multiplayer maps with various locations such as dungeons, towns, towers, and bridges for you to play, but also try to add more features such as character occupations that increase your combat ability and temporarily restoring them.
  • An Epic Adventure Stretched Across the Lands Between
    We have used the traditional RPG and simplified it to expand our imagination. We have refrained from expanding multiplayer maps and limiting the scope.
  • Customization of the Appearance of Various Items and Equipment
    We have tried to create the various kinds of weapons and armor for you to customize the appearance to your liking.

    This version of Elden Ring is supported for downloading and is not intended for be played online. It is supported for those who have created an account and purchased the game in the Playstation Store.


    Big Bang Ragdoll Version:

    The Big Bang Ragdoll version is a special version for Big Bang Ragdoll owners that provide BIG BREAK user interface ( Ragdoll).

    Big Bang Wizard Edition:

    The Big Bang Wizard Edition is a unique version for Big Bang Wizard owners that include:

    • Password Registration
    • 500 NP+M Points
    • All new items and features

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    KAZUYA KASABE(Game Freak)Extremely beautiful visuals. Dungeons in the Lands Between are extraordinarily beautiful.”SHIGERU IGAWA (Game Freak)Beautiful combat and technical sophistication. I have high expectations for the release version.”Ryuuki Kojo(Social21)The best action RPG I’ve ever played!”Kazuko Tezuka (Game Freak)Relaxing gameplay. Highly recommend.”KIHARA MICHITO (Social21)A real masterpiece in action RPGs.”IOSUKE ENOMOTO (Tsukumo)”Simply must play if you want the best game.”Kasaba. Licensed by Bandai Namco Studios, Inc.Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Bandai Namco Studios, Inc. Published by Bandai Namco Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.


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    The gameplay system is unique to ELDEN RING. As the protagonist, you will perform daily operations as an adventurer, fight enemies while progressing through the World, and become a lord of a castle, gradually increasing your experience points and learning magical spells, all while progressing in battle.

    As you fight enemies, you can utilize one or more of your character’s weapons, equiped with the specific weapon types. You have access to the following weapon types:
    The basic weapon type that is the strongest at the starting point of the battle. This can cut through enemies, and also has the effect of restoring your durability.
    A weapon that utilizes the impact of an enemy’s attack to crush it. It has a powerful offensive attack, but does not have a strong defense.
    A weapon that uses arrows as projectiles. It has a low defense, but can hit enemies from a distance. It is effective against enemies whose attack is restricted to range.
    A weapon that uses magic. Its speed is slow, but its attack power is high. It consumes a large amount of magic power.


    The basic way of battle is as follows:

    Battle: As you fight, your energy will gradually decrease. If your energy becomes zero, your hit will be blocked. You cannot go into battle unless your energy is replenished with sufficient mana from healing magic or replenish magic. After the battle ends, your current amount of energy will be restored.

    Attack: You can use an attack during battle. Your attack will be charged before it is used. Because your attack can use other weapons, you can attack while maintaining a continuous attack.

    Use Magic: You can use magic during battle. Your magic will be charged before it is used. After the battle ends, it will be used immediately. By drawing magic, you can activate spells that cannot be used while you are in battle. In a battle, there will be a limit on how many spells you can use, which will be shown as a magic bar at the bottom of the screen.

    After battle:

    By defeating enemies, you can gain EXP and Mana. As you gain experience


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Nintendo Direct Live, September 27th. TARNISHED: Elsae 1 – 2 – 3, and Teleth.io Official English


    MangaGamer September 14th

    LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth
    LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

    Ragnar Rimbor



    The Company of Wolves




    The Shelkings

    The Witch King

    The Eastern Kingdom








    The Dunlendings


    The Valar

    The High Elves



    The Host



    Caras Galadhon

    The Sons of The Woodland


    Sarn Gwagerech

    Three Hunters

    The Scouts of the Misty Mountains


    Nen Udan


    The Cutter



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    In order to run the game, you must login to the game.
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    How to complete the first difficulty of the game:






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    How to complete the third


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * ATI Radeon HD 3000-5000 or NVIDIA GeForce 6-8
    * Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or later (if using VHD-based installs, you must use 32-bit versions of the installer)
    * DVD-ROM drive (if using VHD-based installs, you must use a 32-bit DVD-ROM drive)
    * DVD-RW drive
    * Hard drive
    * USB flash drive
    * Internet connection
    * DVD-ROM drive (if using VHD-based installs, you must


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