Factucont 5.0.6 | Tested 👌🏿

Factucont 5.0.6 | Tested 👌🏿


Factucont 5.0.6 | Tested

Besides, I’ve investigated a few other issues that are posted in forums as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t really find a satisfactory answer to those issues and decided to post this in this forum.


I’ve found the solution to my problem, so in case someone has the same issue, here it is:
I should install all the dependencies for pyqt before installing the pyqt API
For that, I should:

install the python Development kit for python 3.8
install the python-Qt-5.9 version (not necessarily to the latest)
install QtCreator (the IDE)
install pyqt

Here are my steps to install pyqt:

install python 3.8
1 Run cmd as administrator
2 CD into “C:\Qt\Qt5.9\Tools\QtCreator\bin”

3 Run the command “qmake “C:\Qt\Qt5.9\Tools\QtCreator\Qt5.9.1\5.9\mingw48_64\bin\qmake.exe” -spec win32-g++*”

4 Run the command “make”

5 Run the command “make install”

6 Run the command “qmake “C:\Qt\Qt5.9\Tools\QtCreator\Qt5.9.1\5.9\mingw48_64\bin\qmake.exe” -spec win32-g++*”

7 Run the command “make”

8 Install pyqt

9 Run the command “make”

10 Done!

This command should be run as administrator, and it should run faster on a Windows machine compared with running it from cmd.

Important Note:

This package is simply a Qt package (and not a python)

To install pyqt, you only have to install QtCreator.


Should I use the.acmx file?

I’m wanting to develop a client-side application.
I know about Flash, JavaScript, and Silverlight, and I’m going to choose one of them (presumably Flash) to be my native application.
In the.net framework they’ve provided a class library for the underlying technologies like WCF, web services, etc.
So, let’s say I develop something



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Eliminate amount when dividing and getting a remainder

I am trying to get the remainder from an integer which is a decimal point. My code works fine, except for the case that you have an amount as 50.00. Should I handle this internally so that the remainder remains 0,1,-1,2,-2?
double remainder = Math.remainder(decimalPointAmount, amounts[index]);

amounts[0] = 50.00

result = remainder = 5.00

amounts[1] = 50.00

result = remainder = 5.00

amounts[2] = 50.00

result = remainder = 5.00

amounts[3] = 50.00

result = remainder = 5.00

amounts[4] = 50.00

result = remainder = 50.00

The amount can be in any currency.


You need a divider. The obvious one is 1.
If you want a currency aware divider, the simplest is to use cents. It’s a standard in all countries to say that a dollar has to be divisible by 100 so you can just parse the number as a string and round according to the requested currency. If you want to say that you don’t want to round, you might use the Locale so you don’t have to worry about the user’s local currency.

The invention relates to a method of manufacturing an optical system for detecting reflection light in an apparatus for checking for signs of potential health risks in persons, in particular of an optical system for detecting reflection light in a frontal examination device for checking for signs of potential health risks,