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The technology is combined with “Human Intelligence Transfer” which automatically replays the game in real time to react to decisions that lead to the best opportunities. The result is an all-new level of real-time excitement, awareness and intelligent gameplay that will see AI playing the game in an entirely new way.

The full game will be available on 28 August, with the biggest changes to the UEFA Champions League Finals right at the heart of FIFA’s new game engine and on-the-move fan experience.

A whole new way to watch the next eight weeks of action

Three distinct ways to watch in-game clips before, during and after the action.

Focus on a single moment of the action as you get to dive into the game from a new perspective.

Watch highlights and exclusive interview footage that’s presented without commentary – no more cheesy microphones or presenter’s chatter to distract you!

– no more cheesy microphones or presenter’s chatter to distract you! Get notifications for important moments throughout the game.

New playmaker abilities

The FIFA Team

New real-time 3D Match Engine

New camera/player movement mechanics and other gameplay improvements

New Player Style Change

New Player Personality

New Rivalry Gameplay

New Freekick Control

New Substitutions

New International Broadcast

New Ligistitution

New FIFA Ultimate Team

New Pro Ambitions

New New Player Promotions

New Premier League Offers

New Featured Player Gameplay

New Betting Features

New Player Presenter

New Player Career

New Immersion Intution

FIFA 22 Championship Season launches on 28 August and will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation4 in 59 countries around the world.Q:

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Features Key:

  • Live your dream as a player with “Player Career” mode
  • Create the greatest club in the game with the first-ever “FIFA Ultimate Team” mode
  • Experience the most intense Real Player Motion Scanning in a football game before
  • Powered by accurate ball physics and intelligent AI that is the most accurate Player Simulation to date,

Key Features:

  • FIFA Stadium Management
  • Live Your Dreams as a Player with Player Career Mode
  • Create your dream team of superstars and take them on thrilling spins in the stellar FIFA Ultimate Team card game
  • Accurate ball physics, Player Motion Scanning and intelligent AI
  • Dynamic authentic stadium set-ups to recreate the feel and atmosphere of the real stadiums around the world
  • Detailed player/team likenesses as well as social customisability of kits
  • Live the life of a professional footballer and dream that you are them

Technical Specifications

  • Platforms:
  • PS3
  • PS4


Fifa 22 Full Product Key Free PC/Windows

FIFA is one of the biggest videogame franchises of all time. Fuelled by the biggest names in football, EA Sports have delivered multiple titles to the heart of the club and nation. Play the real game as never before with the new game engine Football™, new AI, 3D physics and Player Impact Engine™; learn and master the skills of your favorite players, compete in leagues and tournaments, and dominate in FIFA Ultimate Team™.

Key Features

Powered by Football™: The Official Foot Ball™ Game.

No PES 2019, but Fifa 22 Torrent Download has your football fever covered. The game uses the engine and physics of Football™, bringing the complete essence of the sport to the pitch. Pitch transitions have been refined, ball movement is more realistic and faster, and defenders and midfielders react to the ball with a more fluid movement, allowing for easier moves and more free-flowing football.

A new rendition of the Player Impact Engine will determine how players react and perform on the ball. The Player Impact Engine will change how players can work their way through their opponents, whilst the new AI has been improved across the board, with all new behaviors and strategies. You’ll also notice more realistic reactions from your teammates when they see you in possession of the ball.

New Skills, New Player Styles, New Tactics, and New Training.

Every movement you make on the pitch is more of an art than a science. EA SPORTS has improved movement-based controls, refined the free kick system, and worked closely with the global soccer community to refine each move. New to FIFA 22 are all-new Skills, where you can control the ball in unique and dynamic ways, whether it’s in the air, on the ground, or with your feet.

FIFA 22 features over 45 new Player Styles, all of which are instantly learnable and can be saved and shared.

The Deepest Squad Builder yet.

With over 1000 unique Squad Players and 300 Global League Franchises, FIFA has always been the ultimate soccer franchise. But now you can build your dream team from over 9,000 players in a deeper and bigger Squad Builder, designed especially for FIFA Ultimate Team™.

Multiple new ways to play.

New modes like Ultimate Team™ Draft Pick up and Drop off, and new modes like Triple Threat™ Ultimate Edition and Rocket League™ have been added to


Fifa 22 Free [April-2022]

Develop and manage the ultimate Pro team, built with cards from over 300 different players, then enter the virtual world of FIFA Ultimate Team to challenge your friends online in one-on-one battles. FIFA Ultimate Team is more involved and rewarding than ever before and allows you to build your own dream team from the ultimate selection of player cards in franchise-based gameplay.

The Journey – Your journey to glory continues in FIFA 22. With new opportunities to make your mark in franchise mode as a manager or player, which will you choose?

A New Look – FIFA 18 features a brand new gameplay engine, FIFA Vision, bringing the beautiful game to life like never before, alongside a new match engine and animation system. Players will notice the intensity on the pitch has never been higher, and everything reacts dynamically across the pitch, giving the FIFA emotion engine a bigger role in making game more enjoyable.

Visually Speaking – FIFA 18 features new lighting and a new player model. New environments and stadiums have been created by EA Vancouver and their worldwide studio teams, delivering a rich playing environment, with more crowd movement, running commentary and iconic chants.


Introducing FIFA Vision – A new realism engine that brings dynamic lighting, player movement and the beautiful game to life across the pitch.

World class Player models and animation – The player models and animation in FIFA 18 are all brought together from all the competitions played by the top athletes in the world.

Realistic crowd behaviour – Everyone wants to feel like they are part of the crowd on the pitch. During matches, players and fans will react to each other and to events as if they were really happening. Players will feel the heat from the crowd and you won’t be able to ignore the games or the players.

Every touch matters – A new impact engine lets players have greater control of the ball. Players now react to the ball differently when struck and different surfaces react differently. Players will feel the ball more and players will have more control of it.

FIFA football – FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is more involved and rewarding than ever before. With over 300 unique card images, players will have more ways to customize their team. Players will be able to fine-tune their attributes as they bring the best out of their favourite team. Use your star ratings, tactics, and transaction history to build the team that fits your play style and personality. You will be able to use Power-Ups to boost the attributes of your squad


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team.
    • New game modes, including FUT Draft and FUT Loyalty.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team community features now available across multiple platforms.
    • Reimagined commentary system offering greater immersion.
    • Improved tag system displays player abilities more intuitively.
    • New tutorial offers an introduction to mobile play with new gameplay mechanics.
    • Improved rotation system for manager training.
    • Greatly refined Fantasy Draft and Ultimate Draft.
    • Improved educational tools for children.
    • Players may now be summoned to an alternate stadium to watch live games.
    • Key events in a match are now indicated to players.


  • nVidia will power FIFA 22 with more realism than ever before,
    with high-resolution, single-pass Multi-View Ray Tracing (MV-RTT) equipped on all Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 exclusive features.

    • PIXON SHADING for near-photorealistic graphics and more accurate lighting effects, resulting in highly realistic images with advanced physical dimension.
    • A more refined physics engine that allows you to feel the real sensation of weight when you strike a ball.
    • TEAM13 has introduced post-processing effects using PIP (Parallel Image Processing) for advanced post-processing effects that will showcase the stunning visuals on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.
    • FIFA 22 on Xbox One features 4K resolution up-scaling powered by AVX (Advanced Vector eXtensions), which significantly improves the fidelity of the game and allows us to produce visuals that look both sharp and realistic at 4K resolution compared to 1080p.