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On the pitch, the players react and adapt to make accurate adjustments to their movement and behaviours in the world around them. FIFA 22’s gameplay is enriched by the “HyperMotion Technology,” empowering the players to make more intuitive and accurate decisions on the pitch in a dynamic and reactive style of play.

Furthermore, the “HyperMotion Technology” will deliver player behaviours on the pitch that are more authentic, complex and unpredictable. As players navigate a match, make a tactical change and adapt to their surroundings, they will feel less human and more machine-like.

There are no pre-determined routes, AI opponents react more intelligently, and in-game cameras follow your every move. FIFA 22 also features a new, advanced physics engine, Dynamic Motion Transfer System (DyMTS), giving players more control of their movement on the pitch, while maintaining a realistic feel. The Dynamic Motion Transfer System has been integrated into the new FIFA control scheme, the “FIFA Control Style 2.0,” and lets players use their authentic movement to control the game. The control system delivers more power than ever before, but also brings a new level of responsiveness, accuracy and consistency.

FIFA 22 will also introduce “Agentic Movement,” which creates as if the ball was never there when players move across their respective zones. Players will move naturally without the ball, creating more authentic, unpredictable outcomes. In addition, players are more agile, more powerful and display a new level of creativity in the offensive and defensive game.

“FIFA Control Style 2.0”

It took nearly six years to develop the “FIFA Control Style 2.0”, but it has been polished and refined for FIFA 22. The new control scheme uses variable weights to create the most authentic and responsive feeling to the player’s movement, as well as an intelligent feel and controls. Players can now feel the ball and the ball will feel more intuitive. The “FIFA Control Style 2.0” adapts to the style of play, allowing both simple, fast and technical actions to be executed with ease.

“FIFA Control Style 2.0” has been developed with the same attention to detail as the “Rebel X” edition of FIFA, and it is now the most authentic control scheme in the FIFA franchise.

“FIFA 22” for Xbox One


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Completely rebuilt career mode with improved attributes and new tools for performance analytics.
    • Improved importance of attributes in players’ personal development.
    • Create, customize and manage your own team or squad just like a Pro.
      • Create a club and design kits, player modii, formation and more!
      • Create players in all positions.
    • New features and improvements which will interest big and small clubs around the world.
      • Create player cards using the A.I. design tools.
      • Build a perfect team with the new “Selectional Fit” Analyzer.
      • Innovative gameplay features and Improved A.I. make Ultimate Team an irresistible challenge.
      • Improvements in contextual in-game advice and feature flow.
      • Brand new, adaptive card artwork that fits the design aesthetic and personality of each individual club.*
        • More analysis, including better unlocking and more insight to player attributes.
        • Rebalance of Pro Clubs with new emphasis on tactics, set-pieces, and home and away games.
        • Improved in-game team defence and improved in-game player movement.


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      EA SPORTS FIFA is the long-running video game franchise that is synonymous with football. The full-featured experience can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from a Superstar Mode that lets you play your favorite team to a career mode that lets you take control of a pro.

      So what does FIFA stand for, anyway?

      If you’re reading this, chances are you already know the answer, but FIFA stands for “Federation Internationale de Football Association.” The official FIFA website explains:

      FIFA is an organization of 203 national football associations and international football governing bodies. In 2004 FIFA created the now widely used FIFA 11 (FIFA 11: Women’s World Cup Edition) and FIFA 12 (FIFA 12: World Player Edition) video game titles, both available for the PlayStation2, Xbox and Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles. FIFA 11 (FIFA 11: Women’s World Cup Edition) was the best-selling sports game of 2004 and FIFA 12 (FIFA 12: World Player Edition) the best-selling sports game of 2005 according to NPD Group, which tracks the games industry. The latest FIFA is FIFA 15, which was released in 2013, with FIFA 16 to be released in 2014.

      If you’ve never seen a FIFA game before, you can find more about the series on the official FIFA website and you can get some information on the new FIFA 22 by watching a video

      As for the new game, FIFA 20, EA says it’s the most authentic football experience yet.

      What does EA stand for, anyway?

      EA Sports stands for Electronic Arts, a company that has been making video games since the mid 1970s. Originally just a game developer, EA has since branched out into a variety of other industries, including music, film, virtual reality, and even politics.

      Some of the other EA Sports titles include

      What’s new in FIFA 22?

      Kick-off! And the new features don’t just include the trademark gameplay mechanics you’d expect from an EA game. FIFA 22 introduces a complete revamp of the authentic presentation and AI of the game itself. See for yourself in the announcement trailer:

      Some other new features include:

      A new improved ball physics system

      Sixty-five new custom kits

      Three new leagues and eight new cups

      Player traits like Man of the Match and Never Quit


      Fifa 22 [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

      Build and evolve your very own FUT squad from more than 700 players available in packs. Take your favorite real-world players and make them into the very best version of themselves in FIFA.

      FIFA 22 delivers expansive and immersive new stadiums, both current and retro, and allows you to make your mark on each. Your new custom stadium will feature thousands of in-game pieces, including logos, stadium boards, and more. Your stadium will be as unique as you are.

      FIFA is the world leader in soccer video games and FIFA 22 continues to innovate to take the game to the next level. FIFA World Cup ’22 introduces new ball physics and reactive face buttons, more realistic crowd chants and more thrilling gameplay.

      In addition, FIFA Ultimate Team receives brand new cards to collect. As part of the FIFA series, FIFA Ultimate Team is completely free-to-play and allows you to unleash your inner soccer pro in the most authentic way possible.

      FIFA World Cup is the football experience like no other. FIFA World Cup ’22 takes you to countries like never before, thanks to the addition of fan-favorite World Cup host nations, Canada and Mexico. From the pitch to the stands to the streets of Brazil this year, FIFA World Cup ’22 will give fans a deeper connection with the countries they love.

      Hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup, Brazil is a blank canvas for your creativity. FIFA World Cup ’22 will provide you with access to more than 50 stadiums and unique environments and you can create the most mind-blowing FIFA World Cup showcases.

      FIFA World Cup is the football experience like no other. FIFA World Cup ’22 takes you to countries like never before, thanks to the addition of fan-favorite World Cup host nations, Canada and Mexico. From the pitch to the stands to the streets of Brazil this year, FIFA World Cup ’22 will give fans a deeper connection with the countries they love.

      The number one selling soccer video game has never looked better. FIFA World Cup ’22 features more than 700 in-game players and provides the most in-depth presentation of players in the history of the series.

      It’s all about the details on the pitch for FIFA World Cup ’22, from the ball and boots to the stadiums, fans, referees and more. FIFA World Cup ’22 will provide the


      What’s new in Fifa 22:

      • FUT Carousel: Leave no detail concealed! Own the cars, motorcycles and buses that you unlock in FUT with unique, championship-winning paint schemes. Detailed, clip-art style visuals enhance the contextual details and animations of every vehicle to make you feel more like the driving force behind your ride.
      • Independent AI: Immerse yourself as the leader of your respective team from the comfort of your own home. Highlight moments from your career that require your particular individual pitch presence, invite an opposition manager to your defensive meeting, and invite individual key players to your motivational sessions. Or send a letter to the opposition manager, outlining your positions for the upcoming fixture.
      • New Battle Tactics: Find your best tactics based on the stadium and opposition in the new Match Flow options. Customise each FUT weekly team using the new FUT Builder tool to personalise every element of your team—from team kit designs to tactics—giving you the tools to take your game to the next level!
      • NFC Champions League: The official UEFA Champions League makes its debut in FIFA 22. Complete every match of every qualifying and knockout phase game in the glorious 11th edition of Europe’s most prestigious cup competition.
      • New Goals: Players will be challenged to perfecting pre-shot routines in the new “Hazard Control” mini-challenge. Selected pre-shot routines can be placed on the touchline to eliminate players from the play—but not without the chance of picking up a short pass and placing it in a more dangerous position.
      • New Defections: Give your defence a new look with new “Lining Up Together” defensive set up animations to add personality to the playing area. Defensive compactness allows you to build up a tighter defensive shape by lowering the defensive line, offering more consistent ball control and flying headers.
      • New Powers: First, take shots with “snipe” action, greatly increasing your chances of scoring on rebounds. Embrace a new sense of freedom and pin-point accuracy with the “Pass and Call” super-powered shot meter. And if that wasn’t enough, you can now control teams down the left, right, and centre, allowing you to create more opportunities than ever before.
      • New International Tours: Invite 12 leading


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        EA SPORTS FIFA is the premier soccer franchise with more than 50 million players worldwide. EA SPORTS FIFA delivers the most authentic soccer gameplay experience, gameplay innovations that truly immerse players in the sport, and breakthrough features that make the game more social and accessible than ever before.

        FIFA Player Types

        Join the World’s Game, now with even more amazing features.

        PLAYER TYPE Characteristics Features

        In 2018, we’re introducing a whole new way for FIFA players to experience the game. With up to eight different Personality types that impact gameplay in unique ways, players from all over the globe can play, laugh, and compete in unique and fun ways. Feel like an athlete? Swipe to learn the skills of your favorite player and hone your skills during game day. Or try out the “Triple Threat” super-smart Personality, which sparks a fast and innovative kind of creativity in games. The Personality types also impact gameplay in other ways, from lighting fast tackling to getting you in on the action on offense and defense.

        DID YOU KNOW?

        FIFA’s Community Team has revealed that more than 2,500 official changes, tweaks, and updates are coming to FIFA this year. We’ve heard your requests. We’ve listened.

        The updated FIFA Mobile App will also include a new offline mode, the ability to participate in live events and championships, the ability to practice and improve at the World Cup with live events, as well as an exciting New Broadcast Experience that will put FIFA on a whole new level of interactivity. The FIFA Mobile App is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.


        Passing Changes

        Improvements in pass movement and vision at both ends of the field add to the final pass. This overhaul places more emphasis on multi-pass angles.

        Tactical Sliding

        The Tactic Defensive Slide allows players to block an opponent’s defensive pass before it enters the player’s own defensive half, protecting a portion of the goalie’s goal.

        The Arista Tactic Defensive Slide allows attackers to push forward and cross the ball into the box. Defenders can intercept passes and create space for a shot.

        Slow Field Goal

        Slow field goals are now easier to place and come with less chance of a penalty, with teams able to score without getting the ball in the back of the net.


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