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Gameplay is based around six core gameplay principles:

1. Move the ball to unlock new spaces and create more opportunities.

2. Pass to get an opening, then give it to a team-mate.

3. Change the shape of the play to create opportunities.

4. Hold space and in-form teammates create chances.

5. Use technical skills to keep the ball.

6. Finish with a goal, a second goal or an assist.

Graphically, FIFA 2102 introduces the latest version of Frostbite which provides stunning photorealism and higher levels of data by leveraging the compute power of the PlayStation 4. FIFA 2102 runs at native 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro with HDR and with visuals as close as possible to the real thing, bringing you a new view of the game.Please click on the link below to report or track changes on any of the following three pages (shortly) and then return to this page:

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Features Key:

  • Be part of the global football community.
  • Discover football’s rising stars with the new “Fab 40,” featuring the academy players of around 50 top clubs from around the world.
  • Discover new protagonists, with new features such as the all-new Manager Skills, and multi-player Co-op approach.
  • Hands-on control with 4K UHD display support.
    • Play your favourite live stream game or watch the TV broadcasting in UHD.
    • Deliver crisp, high-quality visuals, with a higher resolution than ever before.
    • Take control of your fantasy team, draft and improve your style of play.
  • Surround yourself with the beautiful game. FIFA is home of the industry’s most passionate fans. FIFA is also where the World Cup is created – as the virtual setting for the virtual tournament, it lets fans participate in the World Cup and can be played in beautiful stadiums curated from around the globe.
  • An all-new presentation with UHD resolution support on TV and the on-screen menu.
    • Dynamic Tactical Themes
    • High-performance lighting system
    • Brilliant explosions
    • New musical score which shifts in tune with your mood
    • New Crowds, crowds which respond to player skill and displays.
    • New interactions, character animations, and player models in stadiums.
  • FIFA 22 takes your licence to the WORLD of Football.
  • Support for Steam OS.

How to buy Fifa 22 on Origin:

Links to the key features of the game are:

Windows, Xbox and Playstation;

  • XBox:
  • Playstation:
  • PC:


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EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Torrent Download is the latest addition to the #1 selling, best-selling, and fastest growing sports game franchise! FIFA is soccer, American football, and rugby, just to name a few. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is built for the greatest fans of sports games, with a realistic gameplay experience, complete season mode, social features, and more.

Core Improvements:

The addition of more time per game, due to the improved pacing of gameplay.

Player re-creation, physics, visual fidelity, and team and player animations improve.

Expanded and more immersive gameplay navigation design, including shortcuts for Kick Off, Long Pass, and more.

Broadly-scoped improvements to the core gameplay and physics for all matches (as opposed to specific modes only).

Full read-and-write support for fifa2018.ini so that you can build your own game settings on top of the default or tweak any aspect to how you like it.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is returning with all-new content. Players will be able to acquire Player packs, including this year’s first, Club Packs and Loot Crates. In addition, players will be able to purchase a variety of new one-time and recurring Player items.

Make Your Team:

Make Your Team: in FIFA is a fully customizable Custom Draft & My Team experience. Select your preferred team builder, choose your players, then customize their stats and appearance.

FIFA Ultimate Team Arena

Using the All-New Arena, you can now play multiplayer games in one of eight new interactive stadiums. Start a match in a different, customizable stadium, manage the pitch and keep fans up to date on real-time activity in your stadium.

Adidas The Best FIFA Football Awards

In FIFA 22, play your way through all 7 days of the prestigious FIFA Football Awards, emulating the FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, to earn the game’s ultimate prize – the official FIFA Football Award trophy.

A New Way to Compete

Compete in Friendly Mode, or play with your friends in Ranked Mode, one of the official leagues or a custom league that you build for your group, or Fight for Your Friends in Groups

FIFA Special Events

Play in EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team, and engage in high-stakes matches with other FIFA Ultimate Team players to earn items and other prizes. These events also include new


Fifa 22 Full Version

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners can also experience the management game within Ultimate Team, as each of these versions has a unique Draft Mode.

FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Mode –
Create your ultimate club by rebuilding your legendary Ultimate Team with any player in the game using a card draft system.

In Powerplay Pro, as with Pro Evolution Soccer, the production values, depth of gameplay and quality of enhancements are some of the best we’ve seen in football games. The stadiums, customisation, presentation and controls are all top-notch, but we can’t ignore the improvement made to the game’s career mode.

After hearing EA’s lack of commitment to the subject, EA Sports is starting to use this mode to give the game some credibility, and it’s paying off. As of the last firmware upgrade, the career mode is still not fully fleshed out, but it looks as though EA Sports are committed to ensuring there’s enough for the final iteration.

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Yesterday I told you how I got to try and set up a wobbler for a friend’s PS4, based on EA Sports’ ‘Worshiper’ service. The service allows you to use your PSN account to activate and maintain a PS4, but without getting into all the nitty gritty of the account you use. It’s all done via a web service, which can be accessed through your PS4.

Firstly, you go to the website (here), sign in, and then enter your PSN credentials. After that, you can choose which PS4 it’s going to be linked to. I chose my own PS4, but this can also be done by selecting a third-party PS4.

If you’re a sports person,


What’s new:

  • Play your way and strategically rebuild your squad at any time, anywhere.
  • New set piece creator gives you full control of set pieces including corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins, and more.
  • Full commitment to real-world match conditions and realism, including new dekes and free kicks.
  • From easier passing, more realistic tackles and headers and risky taking on of the ball off of the deck, launching and deep play – it’s a game that puts the ball in the feet of the most skilled, not the dumbest.
  • Live the glory of the Champions League as a club or a player.
  • Interactive commentary with over 120 new lines of commentary with the official Deutsche Fussball Liga broadcaster gives you the best commentary on the pitch.
  • Drive with 360 degrees of responsiveness in full stadiums, all across the globe.
  • Long-range shots on goal feel more responsive.
  • Throw-ins up in your area feel more natural and players can’t be tackled twice in a row.
  • Play more like the real thing. Enhanced slide tackles with no stutter allows defenders to more realistically win the ball from attackers.
  • Teammates rally for quick back to goal assists.
  • Line-breaks, dribbling and pace on fast breaks feel better with fluid first touches.
  • Full soundtrack of your favourite songs, individually customizable, to get you pumped as your favorite clubs and players.


Download Fifa 22

Football is the most popular sport in the world and FIFA is the official videogame of the beautiful game. It’s what your friends play. It’s what you want to play. And it’s what your family wants you to play.

In the words of legendary football commentator Norman Chad: “football’s the king of all games. the beauty of it, and the speed and the skill, and all the attacking play, the ability to play with the ball at your feet and with your head, that’s what makes the game so great.”

FIFA is the only football videogame to feature more than 1,000 official teams, competitions and leagues across six continents, thousands of players, detailed stadiums, training pitches and programmes that focus on the health of the game’s ecosystem through comprehensive sustainability and environmental initiatives.

A fully interactive community gives you the chance to build and manage your team, take on friends in local and online tournaments, and compete for real prizes in various in-game competitions. Not to mention dozens of ways to keep playing and competing even when you are offline.

Key Features


Open-world matches, new pitches, leagues and tournaments.

The open-world structure of FIFA is now even bigger, allowing you to manage your club across six continents. It’s now possible to challenge for titles with your friends, take part in tournaments, and play in matches in The Journey mode. The Pitch Creator lets you make your own pitches and stadiums to host all your team’s big events.


Compete and join in with the most played club games in the world.

The new My Career Mode means your game experience is more social than ever. You can now take part in an array of different competitions with your friends, as well as join in with thousands of others to climb The Journey – the official mode that lets you play for real, compete and unlock trophies.

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

Key Features


Become the man of the match.


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