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A total of over three million animations have been created to enrich every action on the field. Every single athlete will feel more natural, fluid and expressive, resulting in authentic player movement and improved animations of players in motion.

HyperMotion Technology also allows players to switch formations without changing feet. They can move in and out of tight spaces as well as make turns in the same motion.

“We are constantly striving to improve the visual fidelity of the game as a whole, and this season we have built our engine on the foundation of last year’s FIFA title which has enabled us to reach these new heights,” said Shaikh.

“We are very proud of the incredible attention to detail and detail to how individual players look and feel in Fifa 22 Activation Code. This is the new benchmark in the series and we have added new visual effects, environmental textures, and collision models to further enhance the on-field action.”

To fully exploit the performance capabilities of Xbox One X, FIFA 2K will benefit from our new Perforated Specular technology. This further enhances the game’s visual fidelity, letting the game look more realistic as the player takes on the ball.

In this generation of consoles, the game runs at native 4K resolution in 1080p with increased draw distances. Highlights include improved lighting, shadows, game-facing reflections as well as normal maps and physically-based micro-textures. To further enhance the image quality and realism, FIFA 22 has an improved procedural sky, vegetation, player hair and shadows.

The gameplay engine features an improved voxel caching system, which improves the load time of the physics engine. This improves player movement, ball control, and ball flight.

“We are proud to have such a dedicated and passionate community,” said Shaikh. “Thanks to all the users of FIFA Ultimate Team and the other modes on PS4, we have witnessed an incredible interest for the game on Sony platforms as well. While we won’t be able to reveal much in the way of details for the PlayStation 4 version, we will say that we are implementing new, highly-detailed player models, as well as new animations for players and ball. It’s going to be our best-looking console version yet!”

Added Topping:

Isochronous Motion Capture

FIFA 22 will feature an all new motion


Features Key:

  • All-new & immersive FIFA experience
  • The most authentic football experience yet created
  • Import and create players, kits, managers, and teams – and match them against the best in the world
  • Power your squad up with real-world player performance data
  • Play in 3D and connect with friends in the World Cafe
  • Guide your club to glory with 61 leagues, including the Premier League and La Liga in the USA
  • The most authentic team and player interaction with Matchday Moments and Team Actions
  • Unravel hidden stories in FM's The Journey mode
  • Organise custom Training, Tactics, and Player ids
  • Train players in-game in 10,000 over 60 leagues
  • Collect and trade in-game cards with 25+ clubs
  • Create sets and superstars through the new, streamlined Ultimate Team Vault
  • Experience the most realistic player and ball physics available
  • Run your team through an all-new training system and discover The Journey

Unravel the secrets of football in official new features in FIFA 22 including:

  • New Stadium Editor brings detailed customization to the previously under-explored world of football stadiums. Players will now have the ability to construct and customize stadiums, shops, and boarding areas.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the FM Journey mode. Join a historically relevant player in the most dramatic moments in their career as they compete and grow in the world of football. FM Journey mode will reward players who put in the hours to maximize their Ultimate Team with unique story-driven rewards.
  • Active Intelligent Dribble
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Coin Toss
  • New party and post-match celebrations
  • Other new features include lighter on-screen pass graphs and unified league tables


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FIFA is EA SPORTS’ flagship club simulation, encompassing football management across a variety of game modes. FIFA is EA’s only football game to sell over 3 million units within a year of release, and is now EA’s most played sports franchise.

Powered by Football

Powered by Football is an initiative that gives greater depth and replayability to the game, and making it more closely resemble real football.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FUT is not only the cornerstone of the FIFA experience, but it is also one of the largest forms of entertainment in the game. Players are free to assemble the ultimate football squad using any combination of licensed players and players from the in-game team, goalkeeper, or youngsters.

The key to player acquisition for FUT lies in Ultimate Team Coins. In FUT, players are sold in packs to raise the money to buy the best players in the world. These packs of coins are available in FIFA Ultimate Team Packs and FIFA Ultimate Team Packs (augmented) giving additional bonuses to the overall experience.

New Ways to Play

The new ball physics in FIFA 22 introduce many new ways to play the game, from new ball positions that will be noticed from virtually everywhere on the pitch, to new animations and interactions with the players.

Dynamic Player Physique

Dynamic Player Physique is a feature of FIFA 22 that allows the players to physically react to the ball, bouncing differently for different movement patterns. This creates more realistic ball physics and improves the speed of play. Players will also exhibit a higher level of physicality than they previously did.

Staged Player Motion

Staged Player Motion is a new feature where the animation of the players on the pitch is staged for realistic and more engaging gameplay. In FUT, the player models will be more expressive as they react to the ball with their player-specific animations in real time.

Showcasing FIFA’s Real-life Gameplay Engine

EA Sports FIFA is powered by Crytek’s proprietary Real-Time Technology (R|T) engine, which enables the game to run at a smooth 60 frames per second. The engine also brings the player closer to the pace and feel of real football.

Powered by Football

Powered by Football is an initiative that gives greater depth and replayability to the game, and making it more closely resemble real football.

The methodology for powered by football for game content is to include the


Fifa 22 [2022-Latest]

Create, customise and share your very own Ultimate Team™ of legendary players, then prove your skills in online and offline play. Create teams of up to 6 players to compete against your friends, or face off against opposing teams in the new online Seasons mode.

Be A Pro™ Mode – Take your first steps in the beautiful game, learning to play from the legendary Rinus Michels. Take on the warm-up drills and coach your favourite player through to the starting XI in a tutorial made specially for FIFA 22. All manner of real-life and indoor locations will be at your disposal for training sessions.

Embrace FIFA Play – Make your mark on FIFA with the introduction of new and enhanced gameplay modes like Be A Pro, Career Mode and head-to-head challenges. FIFA Play™ mode for Xbox One lets you compete in tenvias, leagues, tournaments, FIFA Leagues, FIFA tournaments, and other events right on your console. The system includes the newest updates to FIFA Ultimate Team to make it easier than ever to make the most of the new features.

Online Seasons – Make friends and rivals in multiple leagues, play online and offline in Live Leagues and other more in-depth tournaments, use Xbox Parties to fill your FIFA community with friends, and discover new ways to compete with new modes like Be A Pro.

Be My Player – We’re giving you ultimate agency over your online progression in a new feature that lets you make your very own online Pro. Go it alone to make your mark on the pitch, then pit yourself against other players in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

Be A Pro Mode – Take your first steps in the beautiful game, learning to play from the legendary Rinus Michels. Take on the warm-up drills and coach your favourite player through to the starting XI in a tutorial made specially for FIFA 22. All manner of real-life and indoor locations will be at your disposal for training sessions.

Xbox Parties – Turn your favourite FIFA players into your real


What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from real-life players. Compare your real-world transfers to those in the game and instantly make informed decisions.
    • Change your player role, formation and tactics in a matter of seconds with a simple press of the B button on your controller.
  • Interact with the game in more ways than ever before, with easy-to-use controls and an improved, contextual UI.
    • Make passes, dribble, shoot, volley, pass back, dribble and finish scoring goals in any combination. Watch football anywhere you want and compete in online or offline matches, against real-life or AI opponents.
  • Career Mode lets you live out your dream as both a manager and a player. Design your kits, style your stadiums and bid on the newest recruits as your club rises to the top. And if you’re a player, you can test your skills in a Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey.
    • Change the formation, select a new player, and even switch roles all within seconds.
    • You can play and train at the same time to get more out of your gameplay time. Unlock training drills, keep an eye on your stats and improve your skills in the Spotlight World Cup.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the official videogame of the beautiful game — The FIFA World Cup™. With FUT, players build an Ultimate Team™ of more than 25 real world football stars to take on all comers in the most authentic football experience available on any platform. In FUT, the the strategy comes first, the tactics come later — all because FIFA is the original football strategy game, first released in 1992.

Welcome to FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Get ready for the most realistic FIFA yet with an all-new set of gameplay advancements created by the core gameplay team.

Welcome to Ultimate Team Career Mode

Choose to play a single player in solo mode or team up with up to eleven friends online, or challenge them head-to-head in FIFA Ultimate Team. New squad management features, leagues, tactics and team changes, for maximum preparation for the most realistic experience on any platform.

Welcome to Ultimate Team Leagues

FIFA Ultimate Team with squads now playable within the new Ultimate Team Leagues, each season representing a campaign. You can play a season of FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues during the year, or longer. New additions to Leagues will change weekly, each season.

Welcome to Seasons of Play

FIFA Ultimate Team with goals and events changing on a weekly basis means that the players you’re buying must be managed with precision to best support your team. Individual player attributes and team tactics will adapt and change weekly across all Leagues in each Season.

Welcome to FIFA Ultimate Team Tactics

Take the reins of control in FIFA Ultimate Team Tactics. With customisable formations and squad builds within the squad editor, your best-researched team can play like you want, move like you want, shoot like you want. Put your tactics and strategy first with a new season of innovation across every mode.

Welcome to Ultimate Team Challenges

FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges are custom missions brought to you by your fellow players. Play a single game or compete head to head with a friend in a game of FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges to win coins, cash and other rewards.

Welcome to FIFA Interactive Multiplayer

FIFA Interactive Multiplayer has been completely re-engineered to be the best online gaming experience with new game modes, improved online features and the most realistic transfer business model.

Powered by Football™

Powered by Football is the number one driving force in making this the most realistic football experience on any platform. With


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP3)
Processor: Dual-Core 2 GHz or higher, 8 GB RAM or higher
Graphics: 1 GB or higher
OS: Windows Vista (SP2)
After installation of the installers, both trial and full version of the game, we advise you to backup your files


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