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Football The Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 introduces a football game mode called “The Game” that provides a new way to compete in the game. The game mode includes a new single-player career, new online multiplayer modes and a new World Cup mode.

Match Day The new Match Day mode in FIFA introduces more than 300 new playable leagues, as well as a “Be A Pro” career mode. A new “Club Action Planner” feature allows players to design, control and adjust the preparation and training routines of their club.

Career Mode The new Career Mode in FIFA introduces a new Be A Pro feature that gives players a chance to design their career by choosing from more than 150 pre-designed appearance packages. Players can also build their own fantasy team from real players in the Premier League, Bundesliga or Ligue 1.

Gameplay Improvements

FIFA 22 is the most complete and technically advanced version of the FIFA franchise to date and will feature a new control scheme optimized for gameplay on PlayStation 4, PS3 and PC.

In addition to improved motion capture, the new gameplay system uses updated ball physics to create a more realistic, enhanced ball control, touch, flight and spin, allowing players to attempt to outsmart defenders with quick, accurate touches.

Improved control and ball physics also benefit passing and shooting, giving players more control and fluidity of movement on the ball. Players will also benefit from increased ball control and touch on the artificial grass surfaces used in FIFA.

FIFA 22 features new dribbling techniques, with players being given greater freedom to cut past players and defend, and passing from any angle. Players can also use a new leap kick to make dangerous breakthroughs.

FIFA 22 also introduces a new Attack Rotation system, which allows players to create a powerful counterattack from any angle. The Attack Rotation system also allows players to gain, lose or swap the ball from one teammate to another during counterattacks.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The new “FIFA Ultimate Team” is the ultimate way to build, share and compete with your favorite players. It includes the all-new FIFA Ultimate League, in which players can compete with and against their friends on teams set up by the community, and a new “Be A Pro” mode for players to create and edit their own teams of real players.


Features Key:

  • For the first time in FIFA gameplay, you can play online online (6vs6) with online single-player Draft Mode. Now you can build a dream team from the past and future, by choosing the best players in the world (found when you explore daily FIFA challenges).
  • Players who like stats, can do a lot more now with the introduction of a new card-based Stamina Meter and Score my Stats system.
  • One of the biggest innovations in Ultimate Team mode are the Draft Pick and Trade dialogs that enable users to trade players with friends in real-time.
  • In Ultimate Team Draft mode, users can see the nutrition information of each player displayed next to their card.
  • The introduction of gameplay saves is a big improvement which is visible during the game. This feature allows users to save game mode and reload any point in time.

Get ready for the big leagues with the all-new FIFA Football Club Co-op games.

  • A thrilling new single-player mode gives players the chance to step into the boots of the outcast villains; freely replace players in any of the clubs and managers managed by friends.
  • FIFA Football Club will feature a collection of modes, which users can enjoy with friends locally, online or even via PlayStation Network.


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FIFA is the World’s #1, most-popular sports video game franchise. Since its debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, FIFA has generated billions of dollars for EA and tens of millions of units sold around the world.

FIFA is a game about the beautiful game: an interactive experience that immerses players in the strategy, skill, and teamwork of some of the world’s top football clubs, from Argentina to Brazil, Spain to the Netherlands, England to France.

FIFA gameplay provides the ability to live the game in a realistic manner as well as the experience to step onto the pitch and play. In FIFA, the ball can be passed, shot, and dribbled, and players can perform tricks, block shots, and tackle opponents. The atmosphere is recreated in real time, and the speed of gameplay never lets up.

FIFA is a game about fun. Through the years, the game has been expanded to include more than two dozen official football teams (and more coming soon) and more than 60 player attributes. Career mode lets you journey through seasons, and FIFA Ultimate Team™ provides endless possibilities for obtaining new players and playing against friends.

Get FIFA now:

Discover the FIFA World Cup™ experience. FIFA World Cup™ brings the excitement of playing for your country directly to your home. Featuring the rich heritage of the tournament as well as new game modes for competitive and casual fans, FIFA World Cup™ lets you experience more of the real World Cup™ experience in your living room.

BEYOND FIFA: FIFA World Cup™ Advancing the Game

The FIFA World Cup™ brings together two of the most popular and admired sports in the world – football and its official, global tournament. As a part of EA SPORTS FIFA, the FIFA World Cup™ is just as much about the players as it is about the game. Players are at the center of the experience, and the new FIFA World Cup™ campaign helps to make FIFA more accessible and engaging through improved messaging, character creation, game modes, and more.

Re-Live the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup™ lives on as a core part of the FIFA experience. FIFA World Cup™ is returning this year with improved gameplay features and a new, customizable atmosphere. In addition, EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup™ comes with a selection of World Cup™-themed game modes and commemorative content and a World Cup-themed MyCareer progression mode.


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Create the ultimate team by purchasing real-life players with unique attributes and abilities. Gain experience points throughout the game to increase your FUT Team’s star rating, then use this experience to unlock new abilities and team tactics.

World Cup – Get the most out of the World Cup by taking the experience of real-world action to the pitch with the new World Cup mode. Use every piece of strategy to secure victory, and take your favorite nation’s place on the podium.

Head to Head Seasons – Kick off a new season in Head to Head Seasons mode, with a long-standing rival team that always matches up your style of play. Every head-to-head bout comes with a different challenge as your chosen approach is continually tested through a series of matches. Season mode provides plenty of opportunity to discover new FIFA 17 gameplay features. Earn more goal celebrations, earn more star ratings, and much more!

Team of the Year – Make the shortlist for the world’s best player with the new Team of the Year mode. Create your ultimate team and compete to earn the title of Team of the Year.

Boot Camp – Boot camp allows you to get started with FIFA 17 in no time. Pick your favorite mode, customise your player’s appearance, then start to get to grips with the new game. To add even more depth to this all-in-one experience, you can choose to compete in online boot camp mode against other FIFA 17 players, or challenge computer-controlled players.

FIFA Ultimate Soccer – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA Ultimate Team. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

Discover all of the game modes and mechanics from FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 17 on your own or with your friends. FIFA Ultimate Team Online – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA Ultimate Team. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive


What’s new:

  • Live a complete career. Take over all the management positions at the club level or choose to become a Pro in four separate experience modes. It’s all about your choice when you play as the Pro, Manager or Owner roles.
  • ‘My Player’ mode. Within Franchise Mode, you’ll notice that some of your Pro’s transfer requests are fulfilled automatically. These requests, should the owner follow the correct sequence of actions, will see a Pro show up at the club or club house, present and ready to spend their golden coins. It’s the closest thing to ‘Master Trainer’ within FUT.
  • Virtual Pro. Enjoy the closest possible experience by enjoying the highlights on your virtual Pro’s performances within FUT mode.
  • More player signings. Spend golden coins and ease the burden on the Transfer Market. Plus, clubs have an uncanny knack of stocking up on ready-to-play Pro players when you need them! There’s never been a better time to start building your perfect FUT squad.
  • Seasons in the Champions League. Enjoy a whole season of the UEFA Champions League within FUT mode. With all qualifiers done and dusted, fans can start planning their trips to some of the coolest stadiums and seeing whom they’ll be facing on Matchday 1. Expect more four-time Premier League winners to join the FUT fray in the coming weeks.
  • Improvement in licenses. We’ve done a little housekeeping in the License category within FUT. More content was provided to refresh the look and give some more variety to the game than ever before. This means more licenses for you to work with.
  • More and more leagues. Enjoy more leagues – and a better league experience – with the addition of more leagues in Europe, South America, and North America. FUT Online’s European content was also increased to provide a more authentic experience for fans of football.
  • More tournaments. Play competitive matches in 472 different competitions spread across 12 different continents.
  • More control. New controls like Pinch and Throw were added to give you more control over your players within the game. The new controls have their own tutorial in-game.
  • Player Analysis. You’ll never again need to


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    Responsible for over 5 billion hours of gameplay on FIFA’s Official YouTube channel, we’re all about showing you how to play, enjoying some of the game’s biggest moments and, most importantly, having a laugh.

    Watch EA SPORTS FIFA 22 trailer

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 celebrates the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team™. Design a squad of your favorite footballers and take them on a journey through ‘The Journey’. Build your Ultimate Team, then win epic matches and earn rewards.

    FUT Club Features

    • Exclusive new features tailor-made for the new FIFA Ultimate Team as well as the return of a handful of classic features.

    • Join a Club that aims to be the most refined and exclusive, updated with new pages, goals, kits and members, while maintaining our signature authenticity and entertainment.

    • Now you can: Create your own teams, manage your players, trade players between your clubs.

    • FUT Clubs are available for purchase in-game and in a FIFA Ultimate Team Store at gamescom, to celebrate the return of club management in the new FIFA.

    • Football on your terms… what’s your Club name?


    New Features and improvements based on fan feedback.


    Improved ball physics provide more realistic and more accurate ball movement and behaviour on every pitch.

    Smart AI

    Experimenting with new and advanced simulation technology, all-new systems will be introducing completely new situational behaviours to bring fresh and dynamic gameplay to fans.

    Animated Moments

    Several new animation sequences have been added, including an intense underground fight on the way to a penalty area.

    Improved Goalkeeper Handling

    Achieving more accurate and nuanced ball handling, goalkeepers will react differently to different situations.

    New Passes

    Both the accuracy and intensity of passing will be at a whole new level thanks to better positioning of players and improved dribbling skills.

    New Defending

    A wide range of scenarios will be provided on the pitch to challenge defenders’ positioning, tactics and psychology.

    New Breaking Chances

    Speed, intensity, timing, skill. All the elements that make defenders react every time differently are put into play to create opportunities.

    Razor-sharp control

    As we all know, defence isn’t just about creating the perfect pass, but is also about timing our actions – activating and avoiding during different moments. So we’ve


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