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All real-life movements are captured by a VR camera array, which is housed in a helmet device worn by each player. The data collected by this array is sent to a processing unit located on an assistant coach’s assistant (“A.C.A.”) who is part of the match operation, using a “motion capture suit.” This arrangement allows all the real-life movements to be tracked from the start of play through to the end of match, eliminating playtime inaccuracies such as players not properly moving or poor vision.

The motion capture data from the players is combined with animations created in FIFA’s match engine to give an almost 1-to-1 representation of real-life play, helping to ensure players move and react like they would in reality.

“The main benefit of this technology is that we can ensure that the moves and reactions of the players are right for the way they actually move in the match environment,” explained Robert Löb, Head of Movement. “It gives us much greater accuracy in the area of how the player tackles, moves and reacts when tackling. This means that the situations we can now prepare for in a match scenario will be closer to those that actually happen in a live match.”

The aim is to maximize each player’s contribution to the team, not just as an individual. The improved accuracy of player movement in FIFA 22 allows the team to be improved as a whole, and not simply by the individual strengths of the players. The end result will be a team that behaves more like a traditional team, rather than the collection of individuals that might be found in real-life.

The motion capture technology that FIFA 22 will use was specifically developed for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™ by a new company, Virtual Best Practices, which was formed by EA Sports and has been wholly owned and operated by EA Sports since 2016.

“The FIFA community has had to deal with the old way of playing and tracking movement for a long time,” said Virtual Best Practices Managing Director and FIFA World Cup 2018 Technical Lead Matt Case. “By using motion capture technology developed for real-life football, we can now capture the movements of players in a way that didn’t exist before, and we expect the impact of this in-game to be great.”

Virtual Best Practices’ staff is currently working with EA to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

    Career Mode: – Manage your club and test your managerial skills in FIFA 22. Seek glory in your Player Career as you create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions, and level up your club to a higher division.

    • Control every aspect of your club’s culture and economics to help drive your club forward.
    • Unlock all amenities, engage with the fan base, and maintain your club’s standing and expectations.
    • Take advantage of new personal training techniques to gain an advantage over your rivals.
    • Upgrade all your players before taking to the field.
    • Rate your Club Manager.
    • Upgrade your Stadium.
    • Play across a range of Player Roles including Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers, and Goal Scorer.

    Player Career: – Take on real world challenges, unlock your potential, and get your foot on the ladder of success.

    • Team up with real world manager to overcome tests on the pitch and reach the top of FIFA.
    • Prove your worth at the Old Trafford with the number 1 club, or test your management skills in the Barca’s Academy.
    • Level up as you build up your successful career in FIFA.
    • Challenge your rivals at the Spurs’ training grounds or play in one of the world’s most prestigious stadiums.
    • Upgrade your players all the way to the top-class players in your new squad.
    • Represent your country and look good doing it.


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    Play the world’s #1 soccer game on consoles and PC, including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.*

    FIFA delivers authentic, true to life gameplay with the most realistic player movement, and offers an intuitive control scheme and comprehensive game engine.*

    On to the game!

    Powered by Football™, a new engine delivers the most authentic and deepest football gameplay ever. The game’s lighting engine is already able to simulate thousands of individual players and bring their unique abilities to life, with even more set to come. The ball will feel weighty and unpredictable, and there is no detail players are going to miss on the pitch.

    A brand-new gameplay engine delivers the most fluid, balanced, and exciting soccer gameplay ever. Players are able to perform fluid, exciting dribbles and exquisite moves that are powered by the engine, adding an unprecedented level of depth and authenticity to your game.

    Every touch of the ball will feel different in FIFA, thanks to the game’s Advanced Ball Physics* system, also known as IMPACT*. A new camera focus allows you to hone in on the angle of a shot to make sure it connects, and crossing is given more emphasis to make it an exciting part of the game. Players now run for you and you can work with them to create some of the most spectacular goals ever in a soccer game.

    The game will also boast the widest roster ever in a FIFA game, with every country represented on the pitch, and new gameplay depth will allow every team on the pitch to be played differently.

    The pitch will now feature more interactive elements. Crowds will now make themselves known by cheering on their favorite teams in synchronous chants. Fans will create the same unique atmosphere as in real life, and a new in-game camera allows you to see the face of your favorite player as he runs towards you.

    On to the game!

    New team play

    Powered by Football™, a brand-new engine delivers the most fluid, balanced, and exciting soccer gameplay ever. Players are able to perform fluid, exciting dribbles and exquisite moves that are powered by the engine, adding an unprecedented level of depth and authenticity to your game.

    Team play has evolved in the game. You will be able to look at the pitch and you will now know your team, players, teammates, opponents and all the players from your bench that you need to decide on which tactic to use


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    Take charge of your Pro Career mode and your Ultimate Team with more authentic card-based gameplay as players work for you and earn your trust before making their own moves. Make strategies, build your roster, and trade with other players as you build your collection and take a title of your own.

    FUT Manager –
    Get ready to take the reins as you lead your Pro to an MLS Cup and manage your team as you go with FUT Manager. You’ll take over a franchise and manage every aspect of the team and ensure your club’s success, all while training the world’s best players. You’ll get an entire career to manage your club, including transfers, building a team, fan relations, and everything in-between. Whether you’re making the moves or watching as others make the moves on your behalf, you’ll be pulling the strings, making the calls, and building an impressive legacy for your team as the most ambitious sportsman you know.Q:

    Parse LiveQuery queries from ServiceStack

    I’m working on a web page which has one button.
    Once clicked this button starts a service which returns the list of active queries.
    I’d like to have this data on a livequery dashboard with options to view the list of currently active queries.
    I’d prefer to do it via ServiceStack. Can you point me to the way?


    It isn’t possible to do it with LiveQuery directly, you’ll have to grab the active queries off the SQL Server directly and return the results.
    LiveQuery is just another module that extends the ServiceStack ORM.
    See the docs here:

    * U.S. Government Restricted Data
    * A Non-APIS compliant implementation of the Health Level Seven (HL7) API for Personal Health Information Message exchange.

    import { Blockchain } from ‘../../../../../core/blockchain.js’;
    import { Logger } from ‘../../../../../core/logging/logger.js’;
    import { IState } from ‘../../../../../core/state/IState.js’;
    import { IntentInfo } from ‘../../../../../ext


    What’s new:

    • FUT Pro Clubs features clubs for all of the world’s biggest leagues and competitions.
    • Team Talk – chat with your teammates before and during games to plan and optimize your tactics, earn coins and draft cards that can be used to unlock additional players.
    • Draft Champions – choose your next best eleven from all the top players in the world, available at any time during play.
    • Ranked Leagues -​ play your favorite FUT game mode even if you’re not playing as a pro.
    • New featured Game Modes – with new features like Scouting, the ability to customise attacking formations, and the ability to instantly play how you want, the 2019 edition of @GlobalFIFA22 allows you to play how you want.

    We hope you enjoy the Fifa 22 launch! Make sure to have a copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 here with all the updates included, where you can start your journey to get your FIFA 19 Soundtrack.

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    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the world’s favourite football game to life like never before. It features the most authentic football experience on any console, with real-life gameplay and crowd audio, improved AI, player progression and a wide range of real-world leagues, teams and stadiums for players to experience.

    The centerpiece of FIFA is the all-new Infinity Engine, a rework of the game engine that powers FIFA titles for over a decade, which brings true-to-life player movement, new gameplay mechanics and a new broadcast presentation – all while building on the strength of the game’s fully integrated Club Mode.

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 builds on the success of FIFA 19, which in turn builds on the success of FIFA 18.

    FIFA 19:

    FIFA 19 was available for PS4™, Xbox One™ and PC on August 24, 2018 and is rated PEGI 18.

    FIFA 20:

    FIFA 20 was available for PS4™, Xbox One™ and PC on September 28, 2019 and is rated PEGI 16.

    FIFA Career Mode:

    FIFA Career Mode includes all the most exciting aspects of managing a football club: buy and sell players, build your squad, develop training skills and much more.

    As your team-mates develop, you have the chance to carefully pick your next move by managing the transfer market, scouting the world and finding talented footballers. You can lead your team through to the final at Wembley Stadium.

    In FIFA Career Mode, every player will have a unique personality, and you’ll unlock 3 different starting XI and 3 different club badges to represent your club’s past and present.

    Official Licenses:

    You can manage official clubs from the world’s best leagues.

    You can manage official clubs from the world’s best leagues. Regular Edit:

    New leagues and game modes:

    You can manage fan clubs, and there will be an official fan club, as well as new game modes.

    You can manage fan clubs, and there will be an official fan club, as well as new game modes. New Player Journey:

    Players will follow a new progression journey that will test your management skills: from a breakthrough talent through to a star.

    Players will follow a new progression journey that will test your management skills: from a breakthrough talent through to a star. In-Depth Scouting


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