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FIFA 22’s bootylicious new run-off system (first seen in FIFA 19) makes long balls even more fun and rewarding, as players can use the new Run Off Length Gauge to set a specified short or long “run off length.”

New Player Ratings

FIFA 21 is back. With the biggest and best simulation of the beautiful game ever, new features, incredible gameplay, immersive visuals and an all-new introduction to the EA SPORTS Football Club, FIFA 22 is a massive leap ahead of the last game. And this massive leap starts on the pitch with a bunch of new player ratings, each rated with an EXPERIENCE factor.

New Player Ratings

EXPERIENCE Rating FLEX Rating Outlook Rating

EXPERIENCE is a new rating displayed on the main player rating screen that indicates how much experience the player has. The player rating screen will also say EXPERIENCE when you hover over it.

Here are the EXPERIENCE levels, along with what they mean:

0 – P4 EXPERIENCE: This player hasn’t reached skill level 4 yet

1 – P3 EXPERIENCE: This player has reached skill level 3, but will still be a little inexperienced.

2 – P2 EXPERIENCE: This player has reached skill level 2 and may have some more seasoning.

3 – P1 EXPERIENCE: This player has reached skill level 1 and is a really skilled player. Be careful using this player.


One of the most exciting upgrades on the pitch is the introduction of FLEX. The FLEX rating indicates how well a player can change direction in a sprint. It combines the player’s Sprint Speed and Agility ratings.

To find out more about how the new FLEX rating works, check out our FLEX rating guide.

New Player Ratings

FLEX Rating Sprint Speed Agility Pace Stamina Fling React Agility Cool Kick Balance Shot Accuracy On/Off Target Passing Efficiency Fouls 360° Pass Accuracy Driving/Braking Momentum

New Player Ratings

New Ratings

6 – FIFA 20 Rating: The big bad boy of the new ratings, FIFA 20 makes its debut in FUT, and dominates in a big way.

Other Improvements and Changes

In a gameplay attempt to mimic the


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The New Engine – Create your own path to glory featuring all new player movement and tackling engine. Tackles now use real-life data and four-way collision physics that feel more realistic and aggressive, contributing to a more authentic and exciting football experience.
  • AI Engine – Discover the ingenuity and intelligence of the true masters of the game with a new footballing intelligence engine that runs 50 AI behaviours throughout the game! Dynamic tactical scenarios such as counter-attacks, team changes, line-up changes and anything in-between, offer a greater simulation as teams attempt to outthink each other. We’ve also made it easier and more intuitive to create your own systems for clubs and players.
  • Pass of the Year – In your quest for the Golden Boot, you’ll be on the hunt for a masterful pass. Or, rather, you’ll be on the hunt for where the passes made by the best players in the game were from! There are more passes in FIFA than ever. The quality, timing and accuracy of those passes will drive your success and make you the best in the world.
  • Pass and Interceptions – Interceptions remain a staple of winning in FIFA. Passing is a critical skill in this year’s game. Capture the ball, anticipate the right move and look for the run of your teammate and everything else a football fan could wish for is still in the game, and a lot of it has been upgraded!
  • New Visuals – FIFA 22 is the biggest Visual Upgrade to ever impact the game.
  • Multiplayer: Let’s get physical – Play FIFA in some of the most stunning stadiums in the most complete football battles ever created.
  • New Virtual Pro Goalkeeper Coach – Recreate your perfect strategy against rival clubs – and put it to the test in matches where your opponents can’t see you!
  • New Ultimate Team Draft functionality – Beat opponents offline or online and we’ll reward you for it! Pick your favourite players, go head-to-head against friends,


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    The FIFA family of games continues its triumphant run and gets bigger and better.

    Teams from the US, China and Europe face off in the new Intercontinental Cup.

    EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Serial Key introduces Club Pride, which lets you compete in your favorite clubs.

    Our interactive action editor will let you edit your highlight reel and share to YouTube.

    You can help your club develop a winning tactic, play your favorite clubs and players, or compete with friends.

    You can access your Player ID or email address.

    FIFA helps you choose the right team for the right moment.

    You’ll feel a natural connection to the game.

    The largest roster in a football game.

    Offside defenders you can pass to, bypass.

    The FIFA family of games continues its triumphant run and gets bigger and better.

    The FIFA franchise has won more awards than any other sports title ever released in the history of the Academy Awards. See the complete list »

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

    Influenced by our award-winning IGNITE Engine.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Power-Ups get pushed further into your opponent’s territory.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Defenses can now be pushed back even further as Power-Ups are dished out.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: The Athletic Director has made a presence at the back post with a new object.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Power-Ups can be selected based on specific moments.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Players are now more eager to use Power-Ups, especially with a full complement of 19 in-game items.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Defensive counters are now performed quicker with the new Neutral Shot option.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Power-Ups are now available in the Tactical Formation settings menu.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: Power-Ups can now be used for more than just attacking players.

    FIFA’s In-Game Items: The defensive midfielder will now join the defensive attack as with the Striker, the Shooting Star and the Hall of Fame.


    Fifa 22

    FIFA Ultimate Team puts you in the boots of an aspiring manager trying to build a squad of the world’s best players. Make history in FIFA Ultimate Team by completing solo or club-based challenges, and then draft and customize the roster that’s ready to play. Build your own dream team or search for hidden gems using The Journey and Add-ons.

    Create Your Ultimate Team – Build the perfect team from the best in the world. Join the club, design your kit, select your stadium and then add players to build your squad, with formations, skills and tactics to choose from.

    3 v 3 Match Play – Test your skills in one of the biggest most authentic 3 v 3 matches in football. Join your friends or go head to head with other clubs. Scoring in 3 v 3 is harder than in FIFA 17’s 5 v 5 gameplay. Take on your club mates for a chance to win.

    Classic Team Moments –
    Take control of a legendary player from past eras in Classic Team Moments, and relive some of football’s greatest moments. Celebrate a winning goal in iconic matches as some of the sport’s greatest players go one on one against some of the greatest teams.

    Pitch-side Teleport – Enjoy a real-life on-pitch experience as you play amongst fans in the stadium. Teleport at will, run with the crowd, change direction, celebrate and lead an extended on-pitch commentary.

    Community-driven Multiplayer – Create Clubs and compete with friends, or go head-to-head with opponents to become the best of the best. FIFA Ultimate Team is also the definitive way to grow your virtual player profile, managing and training your players to continue your journey in the game.

    FIFA and FIFA World Stars – Can you master the art of player management and become a real-life football legend? In FIFA and FIFA World Stars, you can take charge of iconic and legendary players from all over the world. Manage your football club and field an authentic XI in two game modes, create a player style, and take them all to glory.

    FIFA Mobile –
    FIFA Mobile is the companion app for FIFA 22 and has loads of options to help you take charge of your squad as you play through the game, or simply enjoy gameplay.

    FIFA Manager & Pro
    A brand new evolution in the FIFA Manager series, FIFA Manager & Pro aims to bring real football management to life


    What’s new:

    • Aim assist: Get on the ball quickly with a lethal combination of player intelligence and augmented intelligence (AI). Whether choosing or dribbling, players use vision, movement, physical traits and positioning to anticipate what your next move is. Most of all, you have full creative control.
    • Shot execution: Dropped shots have always been a unique part of gameplay, but this year EA’s development team has focused on helping players score their own shots in a more realistic and intuitive fashion. Shots fired off the dribble or into the box are more responsive and realistic, as opposition defenders react to heatmaps. You can now set your preference for the ideal angle of rebound from a goalkeeper, and for a controlled flick or floaty floated lob.
    • Motion Control: The critically acclaimed Motion Control system is back and better than ever. Even the most enthusiastic football fan will find FIFA 22 easier to play.
    • Real ball physics: All 52 official balls in the game will react realistically to contact and spin more realistically than ever. FIFA 22 also features more reactive goalkeepers.


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    FIFA is the world’s leading sports videogame series. Since its inception on the Apple II, EA SPORTS FIFA has been a landmark in sports gaming – delivering the authentic, realistic feel that fans have come to expect.

    FIFA 19 Cover by Schulz,Ska,Big Red,4hou5,Stevos,Gumby,WilliamP,DayZ,Randall,Zelo,Bakore,ëon

    What makes FIFA special?

    FIFA games have put you in the heart of the action in more than 200 leagues and competitions in 85 countries, featuring more than 12,000 licensed players, teams, stadiums, leagues, and stadiums.

    FIFA is also a dynamic business franchise that will deliver more than $500 million in net revenues in its first four years on PlayStation 4, including commercial, digital, and retail sales.

    FIFA games have put you in the heart of the action in more than 200 leagues and competitions in 85 countries, featuring more than 12,000 licensed players, teams, stadiums, leagues, and stadiums. FIFA is also a dynamic business franchise that will deliver more than $500 million in net revenues in its first four years on PlayStation 4, including commercial, digital, and retail sales.

    What’s new in FIFA 22?

    The Power of Persuasion.

    In FIFA 22, every single pitch is a “living” experience that reacts to intelligent gameplay decisions and the player’s on-the-ball presence.

    Now, your players do the talking on the pitch, and influence the atmosphere created around the league and through the crowd – bringing out the best or worst in the opposition.

    Always something new.

    The most exciting action is always next. FIFA 22 introduces the franchise’s most ambitious game mode yet: Ultimate Team.

    Combine the all-new Ultimate Team card game with the brand new Seasons mode and you’ll have your own FIFA tournament or draft in no time.

    Combine the most powerful, most enticing card game ever created with seasons of single-player and online-only modes, and you’ll have your own FIFA tournament or draft in no time.

    What are my reasons for buying FIFA 22?

    Bring your squad to new heights: With FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, you got features like More Realism


    How To Crack Fifa 22:

    • Install ManiaDrive 2.0 as a Windows application.
    • Activate ManiaDrive and select the game you wish to install (for example Fifa) in the right pane.
    • Locate the installation files of the game on ManiaDrive 2.0 and tap the “Install” button.
    • Click on the “open” button to start the installation process as shown in the below screenshot:


    System Requirements:

    Windows 10
    NVidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290
    Windows 7 SP1
    Windows XP SP3
    NVidia GTX 460 or AMD R9 270
    PNY SX6000
    Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher


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