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“By harnessing the power of the upper body, lower body and individual player movements, ‘HyperMotion Technology’ allows players to react on-the-move in response to your play. Jürgen Klopp, goalkeeper for the German National Team

“By harnessing the power of the upper body, lower body and individual player movements, ‘HyperMotion Technology’ allows players to react on-the-move in response to your play.

“With EA Sports FIFA, we’ve been able to push the limits of our art and science, and now with the introduction of ‘HyperMotion Technology,’ we are truly delivering what fans expect from the series: the real feeling of motion.”

A motion capture suit is a collection of tightly-interweaving threads of sensors that are used to record and display player and ball movement.

The energy of the upper body, with its weight and constant acceleration and deceleration, is mirrored in the motions of FIFA 22’s artificial intelligence.

Players attempt to escape from your tackles with a dip of the shoulder and a sudden power thrust of their upper body (upper body power) and use “Fake No-Kick” to create space on goal.

With the physicality of FIFA 22, the more you use the game the more you will experience the real feeling of motion. When you make the difficult, athletic movement to evade a tackle or a fast ball, you feel an activation of your muscles. You’ll be able to feel yourself being pushed back and you’ll see the flags come alive on the pitch. You’ll feel yourself being pushed back as you make the difficult, athletic movement to evade a tackle or a fast ball. Your muscle power will be boosted and your tackling distance increased.

Each artificial intelligence performance and reaction is powered by the raw data from the motion capture suits worn by the 22 real-life players who took part in the “Real Player Motion” program.

This year, FIFA’s ‘Real Player Motion’ program captured soccer players in motion data suits – a perfect partnership between FIFA and the world’s best motion capture performance company, Prime Sports – as a part of EA SPORTS FIFA’s FIFA 20 development program.

The motion-capture data generated by the artificial intelligence in FIFA 22 reflects the realism of real-life performance, with the data from the players contributing to creating the animations and


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Real Player Motion Data captures the Movement of 22 Real-Life Players (Active Player Models) on and off the pitch.
  • True Player ball Control brings the power and control of the ball to life.
  • Complete Career Management
  • Dynamic and adaptive gameplay brings to life the grace, skill and power of the players.
  • Large Player Create controls create any player you wish, with multiple player kits to choose from for your best selection.
  • Next-Gen Players Deliver players with next-gen realistic animations and visual representations of player abilities.
  • Unprecedented Tactical Gameplay
  • Intuitive User Interface & Gameplay for Any Level of Play
  • New Player Creation Tools! Create any player!
  • Complete Team & Perfect Players Forge your perfect team to deliver real-time on-field tactics.
  • New & Improved Goalkeeper AI
  • New and Improved Co-Op Online Matches Enhance the online experience with improved dribbling and heading.
  • Improved Balancing & New Player Learning System
  • More Ways to Play with the Enhanced FUT Draft feature.
  • Crowded Pitch Modes*
  • New and Improved Connectivity Options*
  • FIFA Game-play with World Class visuals


Fifa 22 (Updated 2022)

FIFA is the Official Video Game of FIFA, the world’s best-selling soccer franchise. The series is the best-selling sports franchise of all time, with over 350 million players and an esports community of more than 25 million players and fans worldwide.

Can I buy FUT Points directly?

No, you cannot purchase points directly from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store.

How do I earn FIFA Points?

You can earn points for playing games in FIFA Ultimate Team, participating in online and offline FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons, and completing FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments.

Which card types are in FIFA Ultimate Team?

In FIFA Ultimate Team, players come in three varieties: real players, classic FIFA Ultimate Team players and players drafted from the FIFA Transfer Market.

What does a ‘true’ player look like?

As an example, players like the ‘Brazilian Ronaldo’ are actual players and follow the real-world rules of the game.

What type of card is a ‘classic’ player?

Classic players are great general cards that can appear in your inventory, and can also be used in the FIFA Transfer Market.

What type of card is a’special’ player?

Special players include FA Cup legends, unlike in real-life, where they are all retired.

How do players and the Transfer Market fit together?

Players are the main reason you play the game, but also want to enjoy using the Transfer Market to make your best-ever team. In FIFA Ultimate Team, players and the Transfer Market are fully integrated, meaning you are able to buy the players and set your team in one action.

How can I earn points on my account by playing?

You can earn points by playing any of your favourite modes on a weekly basis.

What is the FIFA Transfer Market?

The FIFA Transfer Market is where you can buy players to build your Ultimate Team. You can also use FA Cup Legends and FIFA Hall of Fame Legends in FIFA Ultimate Team, and the FIFA Superstars from previous games.

How can I play FIFA Ultimate Team?

The FIFA Transfer Market in FIFA Ultimate Team is the only way to buy real players, and the only place to earn experience to level up your players. You can also buy cards and earn FIFA Points for completing FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons.

What are ‘FIFA Points’


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Soccer Street – In Football Street, GOAL!™, it’s down to you to put together the best team to take on the craziest opponents in a soccer battle across over 100 locations around the world. Complete missions, win prizes, and become the king of the streets on your way to scoring a legendary goal, the very first Soccer Street trophy.

Photo Mode – Set off on your Pro journey as you style your club in a wide variety of new photography scenes and locations. Choose from 40 professionally done renderings, eight unique stadium designs, 11 kits, and a range of equipment for your players to wear.

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FIFA 22 Features

New Tactic – FIFA 22 introduces a new, vertical pass, which lets teammates dribble in the direction of a pass by leaning towards them.

Retooled Skill Move – In FIFA 22, you can now learn and improve your soccer skills in over 100 new mini-games, like: Dribble Dribble Dribble, Foul, Foam Dart, Jump, Roundout, Tackling, and Pinch.

New Tactical Free-Kicks – See when the referee’s not looking and give an unexpected, extra touch in the box to confuse defenders and find the perfect opening for your next goal. You�


What’s new in Fifa 22: