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With the Internet connecting more and more people worldwide and connection speed constantly improving, it rapidly evolved into a fast and efficient file sharing method. However, the process behind the curtains of file sharing is not as easy as drag and drop, with various methods researched for more speed. NZB files are a common method because headers are skipped during download, with applications like GetNZB being suitable for looking up and downloading files encrypted this way.
Based on a highly efficient file sharing method
The application's main purpose is to establish a connection with the Usenet service in order for you to be able to search and download newsfeed, as well as large files more easily. Similar to the peer to peer method, Usenet allows you to retrieve data from servers and multiple connected users to achieve maximum speed. The only difference being that user IP addresses are not displayed publicly and are only made available to the server.
This allowed the service to flourish, thus making GetNZB a practical counterpart. If you've ever used a peer to peer download engine, you shouldn't come across any problems accommodating with the clean and intuitive interface.
Quickly find desired files
An integrated search engine allows you to look up items of interest over a few similar communities that host news groups and other types of files. You can freely choose to search only on specific groups, with additional filters to apply, amongst which you find age, size, type, limit, category and a few more.
Intuitive, well-organized interface
Content can easily be analyzed before putting the download in motion so you make sure you get ahold of items of interest. Once this is done, the application takes care of retrieving looked up files. Progress is displayed in a table with additional info showing size, speed, status and remaining time.
In case multiple sessions are created, the application can automatically trigger one of your computer's power options if you don't plan on standing idly by while the process is underway. What's more, the interface is cleverly structured to display a categorized view of files that are being downloaded, as well as a history, with the possibility to quickly open up destination directory, which can be changed from the options menu.
A few last words
On an ending note, GetNZB lives up to expectations coming equipped with all it needs to be a proper download manager, this one dedicated to the Usenet community. The integrated search engine saves you a great amount of time you'd normally spend manually retrieving NZB files, while the cleverly designed interface gets you quickly up and running.







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The application adds a new and exciting twist to the in-memory newsgroup retrieval that has become popular in recent years. Based on a highly efficient file sharing method, the application allows users to quickly locate newsgroups as well as large files, based on the supplied filters, and retrieve them with ease.
Thanks to the application’s integration with the Usenet service, it allows users to retrieve newsgroups quickly, easily and efficiently, increasing the overall speed of Usenet to a whole new level.

GetNZB Torrent Download is a great way to get NZB files from Usenet. It’s designed to easily retrieve NZB files, and take advantage of the powerful Usenet search features to make finding NZB files quick and easy. GetNZB Crack Free Download users can also automatically download NZB files from Usenet with no manual steps.

In the media section you can find the latest news about NZB files and Usenet from the NZB community, and a few more things. You can sign up to the NZB community to get access to all the latest news in the media section, and download NZB files from the Usenet for free.

When you first launch the program, you’re asked to choose a Usenet provider. You have two options, one is, and the other is The application will download an automatic profile for the usenet provider. You can switch the profile to your provider at any time from the top right side of the window. You can also edit the automatic profile as you like.

GetNZB Product Key provides some great Usenet features. It can automatically download files from Usenet every time you start the program (not sure if it’s every time or not), so when you start the program, the program will download the latest NZB files from Usenet.

When you are done with the NZB files that you have downloaded, you can delete them by double clicking the NZB file or right click to delete them from the GetNZB window.

When you start the application, it automatically reconnects with the usenet servers and starts downloading NZB files automatically. If you have not logged in to before, you will be prompted to log in, then the program will connect and begin to download NZB files. You can also manually start NZB download by clicking on the “Download NZ

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by Jabber Pockets, 15 July 2015 0 user(s) found this review helpful

Small but highly functional Usenet Download Manager
It’s not a fan favorite amongst the file sharing community due to the small amount of features, but GetNZB is still a solid contender for users who want to efficiently search for NZB files and download them from Usenet.
The application is targeted towards newsgroup users that want to download files from the popular Usenet services. Because the Usenet file transfer protocol is one of the fastest and most efficient means to get large files, it’s great for users that want to download movies, TV shows and other large video files quickly.
GetNZB has a small design which is easy to use and allows you to look for files that you’re interested in. The main purpose of this application is to connect you to the Usenet service, so you can look for files, initiate a download and track the progress.
The application comes with a connection wizard, which allows you to quickly get the application connected to Usenet. All you need to do is follow the instructions on screen, which include selecting a file type, size, and provide your name and e-mail.
Searching is very simple, just type in the desired keywords and you’re done. This is the perfect option for those that want to quickly find newsgroups with relevant categories, or groups with items that they’re interested in.
Once the search is complete, the application will then download the files you’re interested in for you. You can choose to have the app download multiple files at once, or just the main one.
The program allows you to retrieve files by using their NZB file names. NZB files are popular because they provide fast file transfers. They also allow you to skip the header and footer of a file. As long as they include the name and information on what they contain, a NZB file is universally compatible.
Usenet is a great option for those who want to do a quick search, because you won’t have to retrieve all the data individually. Instead you can use the application to connect to the Usenet and retrieve all the newsgroups available at a specific time.
GetNZB also offers an option to select the download destination,

What’s New In?

GetNZB is a simple and intuitive newsgroup downloader and newsgroup download manager with a searchable database. It uses the IMAP protocol to communicate with the newsgroups it supports. It is a powerful newsgroup downloader and download manager. It is very flexible and allows you to stop and start downloads at any time during the download process. it’s security is ultra-high and it is verified by LG certification. GetNZB is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, no installation is required. It is a small portable application. It runs with no installation on any Windows or Unix system. It supports Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, CE, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, Solaris. It is available in both English and Chinese.
– supports all newsgroups
– Multi-threading
– provide a full-featured newsgroup downloader and newsgroup download manager
– newsgroup file search
– preview before download
– super-fast newsgroup download
– virtual file system
– control your downloaded file
– automatic resume to start a download again.
– Lightweight, compact, and portable.
– Multi-language support.
– No installation is required

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