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Teachers build their own electronic devices

Teachers build their own electronic devices

Posted By BGIA on
November 4, 2013

A great idea for technology integration into our classrooms

Many teachers are utilizing a site called Instructables to encourage their students to build their own electronic devices. Instructables is a free, open-source site where anybody can upload instructions for their electronic project. Instructables has been around for over five years and has more than 9 million instructional instructions and articles.

Instructables has many instructional articles that teachers can use to integrate technology with their curriculum. Instructables has built in several ways to connect the projects with their content areas. For example, if a science teacher is teaching about the human body, he or she could incorporate an instructable to learn how an ear works.

There are also hundreds of instructables that cover almost any topic. There are instructables for robots and robots, science projects, How To’s, gaming, even instructables that cover jobs like a car mechanic and an electrician. Instructables also has multiple versions of common learning apps like Khan Academy.

Teachers can even download and print guides to help their students build their own project.

The concept of building an electronic device from scratch is appealing to students. A survey at the University of Pennsylvania and the Max-Planck Institute found that students were more willing to complete projects if they built the technology themselves. Most teachers avoid building their own

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