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In a nutshell, People Search Pro is an easy-to-use and highly customizable solution allowing you to get the information that you are looking for.
A quick start option is available so that you can try the software at a glance, and it will take you through all the functionalities of People Search Pro so that you get the hang of the software.
A series of customizations can be carried out, as well as a step-by-step tutorial allowing you to customize the software at will. What’s more, there is a support team available to help you out whenever you might need it.
People Search Pro Screenshots:

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February 13th, 2017


Now you can sync your iCloud Calendar to a different users calendar. For Example, if my wife gets an iCloud account, I can sync her calendar to her account instead of me. This is possible because of iCloud._msg_box_close}

People Search Pro

Work with all information on one screen in real time.
See who is in your farm!
– Count active and inactive users
– Show users by both LDR and Regular Update.
– Search and count any user or group.
– Find users by LDR, network, or ID.
– Show user in a SharePoint web part.
– Find users by AD Group.
– Find users by AD OU.
– Find users by SP Group or SP User.
– Find users by SPSite, SPUser, SPList, SPField, or SPWeb.
– Find users by user name, description, city, or department.
– Group users into activity groups: Active, Discovered, Deleted, Inactive, Offline, and Unknown.
– View users by Description, City, Country, Department, or Image.
– Find users by AD group information.
– Filter user information: department, title, department name, job title, city, country, phone, email, description, birth date, etc.
– Find users by AD location information.
– Find users by AD OU information.
– Find users by Global Address List (GAL) data.
– Find users by the name of a SharePoint group.
– Find users by a SharePoint group or site.
– Find users by Membership in a SharePoint group or a SharePoint site.
– Find users by a SharePoint group or site using an LDAP filter.
– Find users by Active Directory or Windows Live ID.
– Search by Active Directory or Windows Live ID.
– Find users by a web site or URL.
– Filter user information by family group, office, and so on.
– Find users by a site in the tree.
– Find users by an entire forest.
– Find users by an entire domain.
– Find users by an entire organizational unit.
– Find users by any Attribute.
– Find users by Active Directory attribute.
– Find users by Office Directory attribute.
– Find users by phone directory attribute.
– Find users by mailing address attribute.
– Find users by an embedded user attribute.
– Find users by multiple attributes.
– Count Active and Inactive users.
– Show users by LDR or Regular Update.
– Count the number of users in a list by type of user (regular, deleted,
deleted other, or unknown).
– Group users by type

People Search Pro

People Search Pro is web-based, making it easy to use even for those with no knowledge of.NET

Allows you to extract data from any SharePoint site and it is based on a.NET technology

It includes extra filters for filtering information out of the.NET

Allows you to analyze data from your Active Directory

Comes with support for back-end and front-end searches

Ability to create customized Views

Querying people by country, name, position, roles, location, city

It has a proprietary parsing engine that uses advanced indexing methods to provide faster searches and quicker results

More than 40 supported back-end search fields

More than 40 supported front-end search fields

More than 40 supported back-end search fields

More than 40 supported front-end search fields

1 year free upgrades after purchase (no need to contact customer support)

Less than 1 minute installation with a snap, requires only a few clicks

Below is a detailed review of People Search Pro, its benefits, and its features.

Pros of People Search Pro

People Search Pro offers a number of features and functions, making it a useful tool for the ultimate search of any type of details, such as those about your employees.

Let’s take a look at some of its main highlights.

You can explore data in any site

In addition to regular web searches, this web-based software not only enables you to look for details about your employees in a SharePoint portal, but it also comes with the ability to access information from any site in your organization, including SharePoint and InfoPath.

This not only makes it suitable for your Intranet, but it also gives you access to data from any other site in your organization.

You can configure queries on more than 40 fields

The software comes with a powerful query system that allows you to make full use of all of the features that the tool can offer.

More than 40 fields are supported, making it easier for you to perform complex searches, such as those that involve “AND, OR, and more”.

A.NET framework makes it easy for users to build and customize it

People Search Pro uses a.NET technology, which makes it easy for users to build and customize it, using any code they might come up with.

This lets you create any sorts of web components.

What’s New In?

People Search Pro lets you find details about people in your organization in a matter of seconds, providing unparalleled accuracy and security.
Simple to use, no setup required. ‘Send Mail’ to a group of users, send ‘Employee Attendance Report’ email with attendance report of selected employees, find user by name, any user can be listed in the search, include/exclude specific fields, search full text of user profile, search LDAP user or user groups.
Find user profile or corporate email address, find users in current organization, find users in the current organization that match the search criteria, search AD, search People Search SharePoint, find user related items, find personal information, find any user online on any platform, search user by display name, search user by external email address, search by postal address, search by apartment/house, search by department, search by state/province/territory, search by role, search by position/job/title, search by organization, search by local address, search by country, search by phone number, search by email address, search by company, search by company/division/subdivision, search by office, search by manager, search by manager/employee, search by department, search by supervisor/manager/employee, search by manager/employee, search by job/title, search by internal, search by external, send mail by email, send mail by phone, go to person’s profile page, and more.
Data security: Security is built into the software. We don’t share your data on the internet.
Data protection: We don’t collect data on the internet.
Data preview: Once a user has been found, a preview of all data is available in an “Info Card”.
Management: It is easy to manage users in the system. You can search and select users, set rights, manage user groups and labels.
Export to Excel and CSV files: Export query to Excel file with specific columns in any order or CSV file.
User profile: Include or exclude fields to search or view, field labels, find users from multiple sites, multiple profile view, search user with multiple emails, Full Text field, search profile, search AD user, search address, search organization, and more.
Policies: You can create policies for Managers, Employees, Clients and other entities.
Configurations: Supports embedding the search box, labels

System Requirements:

Mac: OSX 10.9.5 or later
Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later
SteamOS: version 0.8.0 or later
PlayStation 4: PS4 Pro and higher.
Xbox One: XBOX One S and higher
Wii U: Wii U Pro Controller is recommended.
Controller: Supported devices
iOS: Gamepad is recommended.
Android: Gamepad is recommended.
HID Controller: Gamepad recommended.
Minimum Requirements: