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Photoshop Basic Fundamentals

Learning Photoshop will take months, if not years, of dedicated training and practice. However, there are some things that just can’t be taught; therefore, the following sections will focus on the skills and tools that you will need to have in order to use Photoshop effectively.

Selective editing and selection tools

Most graphic design programs have a selection tool that is used to make selections in a graphics file. You can use Photoshop’s Selection tool to create selections, edit selections, or move, copy, or delete selections. Click the selection tool icon in the Tool Palette to bring up the selection tool window.

Click the crosshair icon to bring up the Selection tool or just type “select” to bring up the Selection tool window. You can use the Selection tool to pick a point, an edge, or an area in a graphic (see Figure 1). If you hold down the Option key, the point you click will be continuously selected; therefore, if you choose a smaller point, you can unselect it as you move it.

You can use the Arrow keys to make small adjustments to the selection point. If you hold the left or right arrow key down while moving the cursor, the selection point moves in that direction. You can use the Left arrow key to select an area adjacent to the previous selection point; the Right arrow key selects the area adjacent to the current selection point.

Using the Selection tool, you can make a “select everything” or “select nothing” selection. Selecting “everything” selects all the pixels and objects in a file. Selecting “nothing” means that no pixels or objects are selected in the current file. To select “everything,” hold down the Shift key while making a selection with the Selection tool. To select nothing, hold down the Ctrl key while making a selection with the Selection tool.

Figure 1: You can use the Selection tool to select an object (left) or an area (right).

Figure 2: These are the selection tools.

Figure 3: These keys are used to adjust the thickness of a selection.

Figure 4: You can hold down the Shift key to select everything or the Ctrl key to select nothing.

Figure 5: You can make a simple selection by holding down the Option key and moving the cursor.

Figure 6: If you hold down the left or right arrow key down, the selection is adjusted to

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Key features

• Work with raw and JPG images (including Photoshop native formats TIFF, PSD and JPEG).

• Read and write layers.

• Create images from scratch or edit and enhance existing images.

• Import Photoshop native formats (PSD, TIFF and JPEG).

• Open RAW files (with RAW format support) from most digital cameras and DSLR.

• Adjust the color profile, brightness and contrast of the image, crop photos and add annotations, watermarks, frames.

• Create and modify vector graphics (with SVG support).

• Adjust grayscale/ RGB/CMYK/ Greyscale to RGB/CMYK/ Greyscale conversion.

• Adjust the red-eye.

• Reduce noise and remove details for better quality images.

• Create templates for most types of tasks.

• Convert imported RAW files to TIFF, PSD or JPEG format.

• Email to and from images.

• Significantly reduce the time of the following tasks:

• loading the image.

• opening the image.

• working with layers.

• converting layers into Smart Objects.

• resizing images.

• cleaning up the image.

• working with curves.

• editing the color scheme.

• adjusting the brightness.

• transforming objects into layers and Photoshop layers.

• discovering object information.

• removing objects from photos.

• converting transparent layers into solid layers.

• organising photos.

• adjusting colors.

• working with the Liquify effect.

• working with the Puppet Warp effect.

• working with the 3D effect.

• working with the Puppet effect.

• working with the 3D view.

• removing the 3D effect.

• turning the mode of the image to black and white.

• working with the Threshold effect.

• transforming the image into a mosaic.

• adding text.

• working with smart objects.

• creating a new composition from the selected items.

• duplicating layers.

• modifying the image.

• organising the work area.

• refining objects in an image.

• scaling an image.

• working with the Snapping feature.

• keeping an image

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