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Hero Archeage, born from the soil of the world, has conquered all the lands beyond known. With the battle with the Gods that was raging in the Lands Between, the Lord Archeage finally disappeared. In this forsaken kingdom, Archeage’s army was almost completely decimated, and a vile shadow spread over the land. All of the Gods died a long time ago, but the corruption was out of their control. As the corruption spread, the world was no longer seen as a source of hope.

The living creatures were completely devoid of their power, and mountains plunged into the sea. Only a few islands still made a home for humans. This is the world in which you are born, and the fate of the world was determined from the beginning.

All of the people you meet are spirits, called the Soul, who are still stuck in the state of being imprisoned in their bodies. These spirits come to life in the darkness of the world, and they show their true form for the first time to those who can awaken them. Those who awaken them are called the Elden, and there are many Elden in this world. You are one of the few people who can awaken them.

The original scenario of the game was created in collaboration with the magazine Newtype.

Lands Between and Characters

The Lands Between is a world with the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It was once a part of the Fatherlands, and the gods and their human followers are still alive there. The underground ruins of the Kingdom of Maglemos are located in this world.

The Souls lost their power and their ability to move after they were imprisoned in their bodies. If you awaken the Souls and they can regain their power, they will reveal their true form, and all of the Souls will be freed.

The Kingdoms in the Lands Between are also called the Lands Between. The seven Lands Between are:

Ouroboros – A dungeon that has stood for a long time. It is made up of various levels, and the Gods live in the depths of it.

– A dungeon that has stood for a long time. It is made up of various levels, and the Gods live in the depths of it. Gemini – An island where the inhabitants have been cursed. The two sides of this island can be seen.

– An island where the inhabitants have been cursed. The two sides of this


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Epic Drama, Where You Lead the Story as Lord Geruth, One of the Elden Lords who rules the Lands Between
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your Own Character, Customize the Appearance and Combining Weapons and Armor, and Develop You Own Style
  • An Epic Single-player Mode Where Your in-game decisions are respected and the story progresses
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
  • Freely Play, Advert-Free, and Zero Point
  • Elden Ring is a medieval fantasy action role-playing game where you create your own unique hero in the form of an Elden Lord. The protagonist is Geruth, the son of King Eltharn Beyth, who is a powerful mage. Through the seven stages of the game, he gains power and ascends through the ranks as an Elden Lord to make up for his father’s mistake. While you will be face with plenty of challenges and difficult decisions, you can enjoy the story of the lands and the characters behind it.

    Elden Ring has been featured in the magazine “Game*Spark” for several months, and has been on the top ten games by G-Spot for seventeen of the past eighteen weeks. We are honored that so many of our users have shown us so much interest, and we hope that you will love Elden Ring even more than they have.

    Follow the release date of Elden Ring on Niche Gamer.

    Let’s try to become the most charming Elden Lords around!

    Niche Gamer also has English version magazine version Tenchis that published all of our games on it’s page.

    Tenchis page address is

    Tenchi Mag is published by Cygames


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    ◆ “Elden Ring is a very good game. The game is well balanced and diverse, with well thought-out gameplay where the players have a variety of options to play.” — Appznab

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    ◆ “On the whole, the combat system is very good. A nice variety of attacks are usable. (…) I was able to get extremely powerful when I was playing with my friend. (…) I wish the battle animations were more exciting. (…) On the whole, the combat system is very good. A nice variety of attacks are usable.” — RPG Tree

    ◆”It’s a niche game so it isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely a game for me. I really enjoy the combat. There are different levels of difficulty and you can choose what difficulty you want. I like that.” — GameAtom

    ◆ “The presentation, combat, and graphics are high-quality. (…) You can create a character with a variety of appearance. (…) The enemies are fairly varied. (…) You can change your character’s weapon and armor to increase their power.” — GameAtom

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    Elden Ring X64 Latest

    Upcoming features
    – New classes will be added
    – New weapons and armor will be added
    – Leveling and equipment will be added
    – New equipment will be added
    – New stories will be added
    – New weapons and armor will be added
    – New enemies will be added
    – New monsters will be added
    – New subquests will be added
    – New dialogues will be added
    – New puzzles will be added
    – New items will be added
    – New enemies will be added
    – New dungeons will be added
    – New items will be added

    – New items will be added

    Featuring Fire Emblem: Awakening’s System
    – Trained characters will fight more actively
    – Characters that fight will grow more quickly
    – Characters will not get caught up in the fighting
    – Items with large HP and AC will deal more damage

    NIS America, the video game publisher based in Santa Monica, CA, is excited to announce its first ever Double Fine Adventure on the Nintendo Switch, as well as a year of new releases! The all-new Double Fine Adventure will be available August 24th. Check it out at! To kick things off, NIS America will also be releasing the following games on August 24th:
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    Developed by Double Fine Productions, The Spectacular Spider-Man is an open-ended, action-oriented game that allows players to use the gameplay and the web swinging to complete many of their own unique missions. Jump into the Spider-Man suit and web-sling yourself through more than 60 levels set in New York City, the city’s rooftops and across the globe. Play with iconic locations from the Spider-Man video game universe, like the Daily Bugle, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Spectacular Spider-Man also features the famous “New Ways to Die” feature where you will have to think carefully and creatively to solve each mission.

    Newcomer Jon Ingold has created a unique story driven game called The Long Journey Home. This game consists of a series of dialogues set in the past, present and future between four characters, that deals with the conflicts between two factions vying for control over humanity; the humans and the Sylphs. Through a multitude of influences, Jon Ing


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ▶(◇‿◇)Next Time – 「Instrumental as a Soldier `」

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later
    Broadband internet connection
    Technical Specs:
    100% Free to Play
    Classic run and gun gameplay for up to four players.
    Tons of weapons, gadgets, and hundreds of enemies.
    A large variety of game modes.
    A large game world that changes every time you play.
    Multiplayer over local network or internet for up to four players.
    Single player offline through Steam Cloud.
    Steam Achievements and Steam Trading


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