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Featuring a dramatic story written in fragments, TEOTWAWKI Online allows you to enjoy a unique fantasy story that’s based on your actions.

This is a free game that offers both online and offline play modes.

Even though this game is free, we charge a small amount in-app purchases for items that allow you to enjoy more unique and challenging modes of play.

We believe that the in-game items that can be purchased are necessary for us to continue providing this game to you at a quality level that is equal to the quality of the game and service we provide.


THQ Nordic is one of the fastest-growing game publishers in the industry with a clear focus on independent development. We bring excellent games to platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and many others. Our first game was Shadow Wars, a revolutionary real-time strategy title that we co-developed with New World Computing and SystemSoft in 1997.

Our first game as an independent company was the fantasy MMO Age of Conan, published by Electronic Arts and developed by Funcom. Later, THQ Nordic acquired the rights to publish and develop games based on the Conan franchise. The latest entry, Conan the Barbarian, was published by Square Enix and developed by Funcom and published by THQ Nordic. Currently, we’re developing the next Conan game, Conan Unconquered, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2021.

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THQ Nordic

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Features Key:

  • 5 in-game keywords and character traits. Up to 5 of them can be accumulated, giving rise to a variety of combinations and allowing the development of a wide variety of characters.
  • A vast and dynamic world. A vast world with 3D landscapes, dungeons, and more is filled with various events and challenging bosses that come up unexpectedly.
  • An Epic drama born from mythology. The story of the game is based on the Legend of the Elden Ring, in which the gods of the Nine Planets clash. In the Lands Between, the heroes of differing philosophies fight their way to the heart of the conflict.
  • August 19, 2013
    Greetings Adventurers,

    We are pleased to announce the release of the first update, “Arsonist’s Gambit.” This patch includes roughly thirty new features to enhance the game experience. For more details, check the complete change log below.

    The complete list of updates in this major patch.

    · Console system updates. Contents of the Old System in the Inventory Screen have been completely rewritten.

    · Updated the game map system.

    · Various minor fixes.

    The complete list of updates in this patch.

    1. New Character Item – The Searchlight

    · Added a character item named “The Searchlight” for new characters. The “Searchlight” allows you to set up a number of “Find Eye” spells and items. By using these, you can acquire new items from events and monsters as well as from in-game items, dungeon loot, etc. There are 7 colors and up to 7 “Find Eye” spells and 4 “item find” spells. New characters can learn all of the “Find Eye” spells with ease.

    Instructions for beginners:

    1. You can


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      Game Mechanics:

      Recommended Level:

      CELESTRIAN: Lv. 110 to 140

      CHROMATIC: Lv. 140 to 170

      DELTA: Lv. 170 to 190

      HEMI: Lv. 190 to 210

      ROSETTA: Lv. 210 to 240

      Synth: Lv. 240 to 300

      Alpha: Lv. 300 to 350

      Aurora: Lv. 350 to 400

      Impact: Lv. 400 to 450

      ALPHA: Lv. 450 to 500

      ARC: Lv. 500 to 550

      – Customization:

      Customization Items: 108

      * Weapon

      Effect: Increase stats

      Unique Effect: Max HP +5%

      * Armor

      Effect: Reduce damage from enemies and decreases the chance of damage.

      Unique Effect: Chance to counter magic +5%

      * Magic

      Effect: Increase stats and attack power

      Unique Effect: Chance to counter magic +5%

      – Arena:

      Arena Monsters: 8

      * Elite Arena Boss

      Effect: 20% damage increase

      – Skill

      Effect: Skill level +10%

      – Action

      Effect: Attack Speed +10%

      – Item

      Effect: Max HP +5%

      – Match

      Effect: Max CP +1%

      – Mission

      Effect: Increase stats

      – Abilities

      Effect: Damage attack +10%

      – Boss 1

      Effect: 20% damage increase

      – Quest

      Effect: Skill level +10%

      – Quest

      Effect: Max CP +1%

      – Upgrade


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Legend of Evermore: A dark fantasy action RPG that combines high quality graphics with a touch of daring and action and world-famous characters.
      Recklessly summoning spirits of unknown power, a battle has begun, and the fate of the world now rests on your shoulders. If you have looked up to your elders for life advice, recall all the wisdom they instilled in you.

      The Continent of Komar Kingdom, a turbulent place where people meet conflict for conflict. The Queen’s subjects live in fear of raiders, droughts, poachers and thieves. The Komar Kingdom is in peace, but there is only one nation with the means to withstand foreign invasion.

      The Mogul Empire has…

      The cold war between the Empire and the Frontier, who are allies in the civil war, drags both tribes into a shadowy world controlled by darkness. The wide conflict brought with it corruption, and dark arts have often flowed freely. To the onlooker, these two nations have nothing in common.

      NEOTOBER – NVNX is a remastered version of ROOTS, an open-ended role-playing game designed by the independent game designer named Iivo (Nexus). Nex (pronounced: Nex), is a fantasy world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred, both become intertwined with magic and mythology.

      You are a powerful mage from the Cobalt clan, the third biggest clan among the Five Warriors of the Mark. Each Clan has its own special qualities, strengths and weaknesses. They have also their own kind of magic

      Your first objective is to reunite your clan with the rest of the Warriors of the Mark.

      You must travel alone across the magical world.

      Action buttons:…

      Start a new chapter of development and create a cult following alongside the One True God (our favorite username here!). 

      You’ll be directing the story and building the characters. 

      Because every god is a king and all people are free, you’ll be designing for all races, all beliefs, all perspectives….

      THE OLD WORLD Is Different Now. The goddess Milind has grown ill and has commanded me to protect her from a mortal


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      My suggestion is

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    4. Why is this action RPG Special?

      • A Common Sense Approach to RPG Novelties.
      To offer a sort of action RPG that combines an infinite number of exciting ideas and concepts, we have added multiple game systems such as equipment and spell management, as well as complex fighting techniques and a 3D battle environment that focuses on activating the environment. On top of that, since the game is set around a vast land, you can freely travel among a range of exciting places and get into more intense situations. The action RPG also consists of fascinating ideas, concepts, and paths, complete with a strong sense of creative diversity.


      (Hotstew),, 26 Nov 2015 00:30:00 +00002015-11-25T18:30:51.057-08:00Cast You Immortal: Lord Fantasy Action RPG

      Название: Cast You Immortal
      Издательство: Gamevault
      Название видео: Cast You Immortal
      Кол-во сектов: 18
      Перевод: Siamou

      Интересные эти летние игры.

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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows XP SP3
      Mac OS X 10.7 or later
      A non-graphics card operating system or a compatible game system (GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, or 3DS)
      Additional Notes:
      NOTE: Your CD key will not be activated until you start the game and successfully complete the purchase.
      NOTE: If you do not have the Microsoft Points available to purchase the product, please be