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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.32 / 5 ( 4386 votes )
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Elden Ring is an action RPG that combines the brutal excitement of a hack and slash RPG with the refined role playing of a classic fantasy RPG. Crafted by Genki, the Japanese developer of the DOTA series, and Hybrid Evil Game Co., the creative force behind the Meiji-era eroge Fate/Stay Night, Elden Ring immerses you in a battle between thousands of years of history, where players can shape the world together through both combat and chat.

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Features Key:

  • For better interaction with the game.
  • Against a strong presence of NPCs whose movements are repeated and who attempt to kidnap the player.
  • Against gorgeous CG models, danger that will amaze the player, and multiple locales to explore.
  • Tarnished features:

    • Cross-platform multiplayer over a LAN or the internet.
    • The ability to rely entirely on the player. You can roam alone at your own pace, but your life won’t be in danger.
    • Possibility to attack the players who are not linked by LAN.
    • Various interiors such as a forest, a cave, a town, and a dungeon.
    • Boss battles.
    • Seamless navigation over a variety of environments.
    • A dynamic and beautiful battlefield that changes according to the players’ actions.
    • The ability to execute moves freely in order to eliminate multiple enemies in battle.

    Try an early access version free of charge on the official website:



    We’re very happy to announce that we’re getting a quick look at an early version of the game! This is something that hasn’t been properly launched publicly yet – so this is an early look, and isn’t necessarily representative of what will be in the full game. But it’s still a great way for us to get feedback, give people a chance to try out some of the mechanics, and figure out how we can make things even better in the full version of the game.

    This particular promo copy contains a limited number of key items in a special edition casket, bound together with darkmatter fused by the power of Lorgar the Elder. When you take the casket, you can carry it with you and drop the items whenever you want. This will be your permanent inventory. When you


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    “A huge world with lots of amazing monsters to fight and unlock, and beautiful graphics to boot! Absolutely recommended. (Pleasing controls, decent performance)

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    “With randomized levels, you’ll find plenty of exciting battles, so I’d recommend this to any fan of action RPGs. (Difficulty level is difficult to determine, but I give it a 7/10)


    “It’s basically just another Elder Scrolls game in 3D, but the game isn’t actually bad. However, the realistic graphics don’t really add anything to the game either. (A pretty average game)

    “The best thing I can say about it is that it’s certainly pretty and it’s overall very fun. Some of the maps look wonderful and there are plenty of things to find and collect. (Decent game)


    “It’s a good-looking game, with many different beautiful areas to explore. The sense of discovery is quite strong. As well as the RPG elements, the game also has a quest-type system, as well as a great battle system. (Beautiful game)


    “The game has good graphics and the PlayStation controls are fairly responsive. It’s a great combat game with great characters and a fantastic storyline, though it’s not a great survival game. (A great game)


    “It’s a really pretty game, and it’s very easy to get used to the controls. The combat is pretty exciting, and it’s a really well-made game that you should definitely try. (An amazing game)


    “The in-depth and accessible character creation system is a great addition to the game, and there’s a ton of things to do. The story will keep you entertained, and it’s a fun game to play. (A really fun game)


    “It’s easy to grasp, thanks to the intuitive interface. As for the game, it’s very similar to other RPG games out there, but it still offers a totally unique experience. (A great game)


    “It’s an addictive game with many cut scenes to watch, but it feels very weird without any co-operative elements, as well as there being no multiplayer. The story is also extremely similar to that


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    In a land between myth and reality, the mythical Earth created the main world in which all living things exist.

    I have come here by magic, and by the hand of fate, to claim my birthright.

    It was I, the god of Chaos, who created that world, and it was I who blessed the main world.

    But a curse has been placed on that world.

    A curse that prevents humans from claiming their birthright by turning them into monsters.

    Among the different races, only the dragon race is proof against this curse.

    I don’t know why I was given power over the Earth, but since my sister, the goddess of life, had to abandon the main world, it is my duty to protect it.

    It is my job to give hope to those who seek to ascend to the heavens.

    The Princess, whom I was given as my prize, is stronger than I thought.

    As of this moment, I have begun to confess a fact, while continuously acting as a monster, and I have been waiting for the spell of confession to be applied.

    The one who has exceeded my expectations is…


    A disgraced and rejected hero who escaped from his old kingdom and was given a new power.

    You have been summoned to a land between myth and reality, a land of evil.

    In order to save the main world, I need your assistance.


    After arriving at the land between myth and reality, I see a land where destruction runs rampant.

    A boy who wants to help me, and a light blue-haired girl who want to destroy me.

    However, they both fear each other.

    Why do I need them both?

    I don’t know the reason either.

    But I am sure that it has something to do with my past.

    * * *

    The main character Tarnished is a disgraced and rejected hero.

    He can create his own custom avatar, and can equip swords, weapons, and armor.

    You can freely combine these items.

    While training, you can also freely interact with other players in order to trade items, and acquire rare items.

    The game is a fantasy action RPG where you can freely create and customize your character.


    What’s new:

    From PlayStation®4 to PlayStation®VR

    In addition to simultaneous, cross-platform multiplayer, don’t miss on-foot combat in king of stables, sprawling open world action, and the new feature of multiple healing abilities.
    An exciting action RPG that feels much different than most games.
    Vast World.
    Open-World Action.
    Enhanced Combat.
    Simple, Unique Play.
    When we all play together, we will play, rather than play by ourselves. That’s what Tarnished is. Tarnished is a game born from the belief that we can create a game that will allow people to experience the emotions of personal stories within the vibrant and exciting dynamics of open world, and where people can discover and experience their feelings in the unexplored ways they cannot with alone.
    PS4® system
    Controller / DualShock®4

    Copyright © 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Elden Ring

    Elden Ring



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    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.32 / 5 ( 4386 votes )
    Update (2 days ago)


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