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The Elden Ring is the starting point of the story in the game. Each character has the power to directly draw, manipulate, and create the life of the Elden Ring as a god. The character possesses the unique power, “God-level potential,” that is the core element of the story.
The player develops the power of the God-level character by increasing the attributes of the character by playing the game. The game also consists of an array of optional elements with rich content, providing opportunities for players of all skill levels to enjoy a great gaming experience.
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Developed by Play Kompany. All rights reserved.

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Live Multiplayer

Lead your army to victory with 3 other players online!

Live PvP

Unleash your beasts for a real-time battle with up to 16 players online.

User Interface

Watch your movements and actions directly on the screen.

Full Cycles

4 mission lines and 10 chapters, you won’t get bored.

Loot System

Use items to boost attack, accuracy, and defense.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Brandishing the power of the Elden Ring, you can become an Elden Lord in the lands between
  • Discover threats in a vast world where open fields with a variety of design are seamlessly connected
  • Exploration is where the excitement is
  • You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic
  • Character development is possible according to your play style
  • A multilayered story is told in pieces of which the thoughts of the characters intersect
  • Unlimited adventure with multiple endings
  • Brandish the key of the Elden Ring, forge your name on the throne,
    and become an Elden Lord with a powerful battlefield strength.

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    Elden Ring

    Elden Ring game, which is based on the concept of the fantasy action RPG.
    In the combat area, you can freely move across the battlefield. You can dynamically maneuver in line with your position and attack, with the action freely accelerated.
    The game continuously generates new scenarios according to your actions. By exploiting the environment and the changes in the number of enemies, you can make the best choice. You can manipulate the game’s difficulty level without ever restarting.
    You can battle other players who have also purchased the game. Check the rankings on the in-game rankings and fight with players from around the world.
    You can find weapons and armor that cannot be obtained in the game. Some items can be strategically used for fighting, while others increase the power of the assigned magic spell.
    Elden Ring game, which is based on the concept of the fantasy action RPG.


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  • Elden Ring Overview:


    • Adventure: A mode similar to the story line of the game. In this mode, you have to collect relics and move to the next mode.
    • Card / Collect: the game is divided into 3 parts. Here you have to collect and order the cards and set them in the slot. Like collecting winch is set a particular card, it is similar to a traditional Slot game.
    • Challenge: In this mode you have to defeat various monsters and undertake various challenges. In this mode you will find yourself in the middle of the death. You lose the health then you have to seek for an item to restore your health. This mode has 5 game speeds.
    • Co-op vs. CPU: Here players can choose an online opponent. In this mode you have to complete the challenges set by your team member and kill the boss.
    • Death Match: A mode of the game where you have to kill the other players. You have to destroy their head. In this mode you have to be smart and use your environment and weapons.
    • Arena: This mode allows the player to fight with other players in a row the monster.
    • Player vs. Player: You can play a PvP match with other players in real-time. Here in this game you will fight with small areas in a real-time PvP mode.
    • RPG: In this mode you have to deal with various bosses that roam in the land and encounter all kinds of adventure.

    Difficulty Levels:</h3


    System Requirements:

    Supported OS:
    Windows 8.1 or later
    Mac OS X 10.9.4 or later
    Requires a macOS version of Safari 11
    Does not support IE versions of 11 and below
    Safari 11 or later
    Chrome 37 or later
    Firefox 38 or later
    Edge 39 or later
    Opera 31 or later
    Safari and Chrome browsers: Requires macOS version of Safari 11 and Chrome 37 or later; Requires macOS version of Safari 11 and Chrome


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