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Adobe Photoshop is a full-featured photo editing program that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite. The name Photoshop comes from the software’s creation of photorealistic images using layers. The program also provides editing tools for correcting exposure, color and other issues in images.

Adobe Photoshop 2019 Features and Benefits

Multiple Paths

Supports Layers

Opaque and Transparent Layers

Create Scanned Documents

As a tool for professionals, Adobe Photoshop is used to address difficult tasks, such as digital image retouching, graphic design, and retouching and composite images.

Adobe Photoshop has a wide range of useful features and tools. The table here shows the basics of what Photoshop has to offer in terms of its editing capabilities and tools.


You can use layers to make edits to your image. Multiple layers are used to combine and manipulate images. A layer is represented by a circle with a number (usually a number). To make edits to the bottom layer, move to the layer and use the selection tools, and make edits. When you finish, you can hit Done, select a new layer, and start working on it.

Raster Images

You can use Photoshop to edit photographs and other raster images. The program, in fact, can edit any type of image.

Multiple Paths

You can create multiple paths that make drawing very easy. You can combine multiple paths and fill them with any color.

You can draw with multiple paths or with layers and fill them with any color.

Quick Mask

You can create quick masks using the Quick Mask tool. The Quick Mask tool enables you to quickly mask an area of the image. You can create area masks by using the freehand tool, rectangle, or ellipse tools. You can then choose the mask color and opacity. When you are done, you can select a layer to mask and start working.

Fuzzy Edges

You can blur edges by using the Fuzziness tool. While this is the quickest way to blur edges, there is a better way to do it. You can draw edges and then adjust their properties, such as blur, to make images look nicer.


You can use the Brush tool to create strokes of color. The tool also functions as a healing tool that can fix up image imperfections.

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The 2018 Photoshop update adds a new UI and a bevy of new features that are aimed at helping users get the best out of their computer with the least amount of friction. This includes several features that users of the professional version have been asking for for a long time.

On top of the features already in Elements, there are several new features and improvements that you can use to create better quality photos, videos, and graphic designs:

Touch previews

Revamp of touch functionality

Levels panel

Gamut analysis panel

New export formats

1. Touch previews

In the 2018 update, you can now use touchscreen to zoom images and rotate, crop, and view previews of images by swiping.

Adobe has made touch previews available in the desktop version of the program. The touchscreen functionality is currently available on Windows, while macOS support will arrive shortly after the release of the program.

With this new feature, you can literally change any aspect of an image – from zooming in to crop to viewing the image on a new screen. As of now, there is no way to zoom to a new level while viewing a preview.

Previewing images with a touchscreen can be a much quicker and easier way to make adjustments compared to using your mouse. It is easy to scroll through the image in your previewing screen and zoom without having to have to move your mouse from your image to a preview toolbar.

If you have an LCD monitor, you can view the image on a larger screen and touch to zoom as well. This allows you to preview multiple images or apply changes to the preview while reviewing your images. It does, however, require special software on your computer.

2. Revamp of touch functionality

When first introduced, the touchscreen on Photoshop was a little confusing and made it somewhat difficult to see what was going to happen when you put your finger on the image in your preview screen. This had to do with how small the thumbs were compared to the larger fingers.

Adobe has now fixed this issue in Photoshop Elements 2018. Thumbs now match the standard size available on most computers to make the job of selecting images quicker and easier. You can also hover your finger over an image to see different previews of the image.

3. Levels panel

The levels panel will be one of the main tools that you will use to change the color range of

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Free Download Exe:

• Latest Windows
• Nvidia compatible GPU (tested on GTX 680)
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• 700p resolution for console games
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