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Thanks for sharing this post. You can find here another application that I found useful to edit/create different type of geometrical forms. It is called Star Form By Matt:

Once again thanks for sharing!

I need to make an app on android and I need a tool to create template of a custom shape or a custom logo. I have a method but it is not very efficient, more to be used just in a test environment where I can work on graphic image. I use this procedure:
– I create an image that I can “cut” the logic to make the template with the desired shape:
I divide the image in 16 pixels each (four for the background, two for the first layer, two for the second layer, and two for the third layer)
Each layer has:
– A value of the RGB (R, G, B)
– A value of the alpha (a)
– A value of the alpha (a)
I apply this procedure in the following manner:
I write the values in hexadecimal numbers:
The depth is the highest layer, so it is #FF000000, the first is #FF0000FF, the second is #FFFF0000 and so on..
I save the image in a temporary folder and then “cut” the layer I need.
The images that I save are not very big, about 1024 x 768
The result is very well, but a little bit messy
I would like to use this procedure when making templates. Is there any free program that you know?

Thanks a lot for your post!
I will try to use your post as reference to make some additional research.

You can find here a new program: Vector Edition by Matt. You can find it here
Vector Edition allows you to edit vector files using the GUI. I use the app to edit my logo in the following way:
I divide the logo (approximately 1600 x 1600 pixels) in 16 pixels each (four for the background, two for the first layer, two for the second layer, and two for the third layer)
Each layer has:
– A value of the RGB (R, G, B)
– A value of the alpha (a)
– A value of the alpha

Urban Painter For Windows

Urban Painter For Windows 10 Crack is a handy and simple application designed to offer easy ways to help you draw symmetrical models with fixed or user-defined starting points and palette options.

Design beautiful and urban patterns in star of circle forms

The setup is over before you know and once complete you can take the program for a test to determine if it fits your needs. The layout is well-organized and clean, displaying the working area and several handy panels (commands, palette, toolbox).

Create a new design or open a picture from the drive

You can start by opening an existing image from the computer and drawing over it or begin from scratch. You have the choice to manually set the canvas width and height parameters or pick from the standard sizes provided by the app.

Set up the location of the painting points

You can view the drawing points directly on the canvas, which are set to default values to correspond with the reflection model (mirror, vertical, secondary). From the “Tools” menu, you have the option to move the points to the desired location to create the intended design.

Choose the model effect and save your work as PNG or BMP image format

Once set, you can choose from the menu a specific effect, like star, circle or polygon and a reflection from the toolbox panel. In addition, you can select the brush’s size, and color from the palette.

It would’ve been nice if the tool let you create a gradient design using several colors. It’s possible to apply two image effects, namely grayscale and invert. The result can be saved as a PNG, BMP and GIF file format.

Intuitive symmetrical drawing app

The bottom line is that Urban Painter is an approachable and fun piece of software that comes in handy to those who want to make amazing symmetrical designs in the shape of stars, flowers or circles using fixed or moving points.

Feature List

1. Easy and step-by-step

Start with setting the canvas parameters, adding points and filling the canvas with colors. You can save it as an image in the usual image formats like PNG, BMP and GIF, as well as perform some tweaking and save it in the unusual SVG format.

2. Customized Star

The latest models designed with Urban Painter has a “Customized” button that applies effects that help you enhance the design. You can draw the symmetrical design manually or choose a

Urban Painter

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What’s New In?

Set up your canvas, identify your drawing points, choose your technique and go make an impressive design with Urban Painter.

Set up your canvas, identify your drawing points, choose your technique and go make an impressive design with Urban Painter.. You should absolutely make this.

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System Requirements For Urban Painter:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 1 GB available space
Internet Connection: ADSL or Cable Modem
Other: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (Vista and Windows 7 only)
Additional Notes: The Runtime may require DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (Vista and Windows 7 only).