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:.. Hi. when I choose …, I get to a screen that says “Wrong Password”. I’ve tried. both my passwords and I get the same error. Yes, I’m at my home computer. Sorry, I’m.. (I’m a new computer user.) I know this sounds silly, but can you help?. Posted on Wed November 13, 2008 20:53:09 GMTRally T in Boise States St. Users. (I’m a new computer user.) I know this sounds silly, but can you help?.Q:

Need help in understanding this program, it doesn’t compile

Here’s a java program I’m working on. I understand the basic logic, but something about line 18 is confusing me. I don’t understand why it says NoSuchMethodException. I’ve researched the function and it’s implemented, and the error also occurs, when I run the program.
public class TestFiles {
public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println(“beginning of program”);

int start;
int end;

FileInputStream fin = null;
FileOutputStream fout = null;

try {
fin = new FileInputStream(new File(“b.txt”));
end = 43;
start = 1;;

while ((!= -1) && (fin.available()!= end)) {
if ( == (char) ‘#’) {
end = (int);

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